Well I had a really shitty day going to Seville.  Started out me getting to the bus station in Albufeira and finding out they had changed the clocks ahead last night and I missed the bus. 

I was so pissed finally got tired of waiting there and took a bus back to Faro.  It was along the way of the bus to Seville and figured I could figure out something else on the way.  If not still catch the late bus. 

Well that didn’t work either so I spent the day waiting for the late bus to Seville.  I guess I should have been glad there was one.  It was cold and rainy and no heat in the bus stations.  I was frozen by the time I got to Seville. 

I just got into my new place in Seville it is beautiful.  Brand new everything in a beautiful really old building two small balconies one in bedroom and one in living room.  Right in the heart of the old town all the sights minutes away!!!

A elevator brings me right to the room when the door to the elevator opens you are in your room.  The door to the elevator is the door to the room.  Pretty cool PERFECT!!  It has a code you have to enter into it before it takes you to the room.  So no one else pops in uninvited. 

They really did a nice job mixing the old with modern things.  I am very happy after a terrible day waiting for buses!!  It was almost worth it getting here and having such a nice place to stay!! 

Well I can’t really give a good opinion of Seville.  I only stayed for three days and 1½ of those days it rained.  The place I was staying in was booked after that and the prices jumped through the roof because of the festivities leading up to Easter. 

I guess Seville really puts on quite a show and people come from everywhere.  Places are booked up months in advance and those that are left go sky high with their rents. 

It is a very beautiful city in the old part of town but the greatness seems to be spread far and apart.  In between it is fairly modern.  I haven’t really had a chance to see to much of it except the greatest parts.  So I have to think about it. 

It’s like there are really fantastic and incredible things and then not a lot else around it.  It’s really nice but I am not sure how great it really is.  That would take much more time to see. 

The main attractions are stunning that’s for sure they really are totally awesome a couple of them.  Yes there were a lot of old buildings nicely decorated but few and far between that were stunning.  For one of the richests cities in the New World I guess I expected more. 

Even the main bus station which is huge in the Plaza de Armas where buses come in from the West and South.  Was totally run down and very hollow.  It was definitely a get in and get out of kind of thing.  So I left kind of wondering what I missed. 

I really didn’t have too much of a desire to stay even if I could have.  From what little I saw I think Granada and Valencia have a lot more incredible examples of architecture. 

Like I said and I will say it again.  I just didn’t have the time to see it.  So I can say I am in no position to make even the statements I have made.  They are more of gut feelings then explored and tested ones. 

Although in the time I had I walked so much every bone in body hurt and I was as stiff as an old horse the day I left.  All the things I have read about it were great so I just must have missed it!


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