Well I’m back in the USA for Alden’s first Thanksgiving.  It is the first time I have been able to see him.  Things just did not work out before this so I am really glad they did this time! 

When Alden first arrived last December in Hawaii. It was my son Jason’s and my daughter in law Chris’ first baby so things were pretty hectic going thru the learning process of having a newborn.  When March came around I was going to go see them before it was time for me to leave to go to Europe. 

At that point Jason decided to take a new job and they were in the process of selling their house on Hawaii and getting ready to move to New Hampshire to live on a small Island off the coast of Maine.  He was going to direct and teach marine biology to students at UNH for the summer months.  I then made plans to see them at the end of the summer after they left the Island for the mainland for the rest of the year.   

Well as much as it looked like this super great romantic adventure.  It turned out to be just way too isolated and rocky to even push a stroller around on.  So it turned into a nightmare instead of a dream. YIKES!!!!  Bummer Dude.  Never know until you try kind of thing!  So as it turned out he resigned and they flew back to Hawaii a week before I was flying back to see them. 

I decided to stay in Europe and blew off my fights back.  The reason I was coming back was to see Alden and he was now on his way back to Hawaii with the family to regroup and move on from there.  After the rest of the summer regrouping Jason decided to take a job offer in Washington, DC so in November they moved there. 

It worked out great because my sister was back from a earlier trip up North and was able to go to DC and help them unpack and get up and running in their new house there.  I was coming back from my trip and we were all including Chris’ mom and dad going to be able to get together for Thanksgiving at the new home. 

It is going to be great to have them so close to Florida and a short flight away.  YAY!  It was a great time had by all!!!!  Nothing like Thanksgiving with the whole family!

Not that I am biased or anything but Alden of course has the most incredible smile I have ever seen.  He just beams from ear to ear.  What a very very HAPPY Boy!!!!  It was a Great Great Great visit and long overdue!!!!!!!!!


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