Well after my really great time at Danas and Kents!  I have headed out to Belgrade and from there I will go to Timisoara, Romania.  Branka the lady that runs the place I stayed in Belgrade met me on arrival as planned.  

She was so so pleasant and was always smiling.  She took me to the room and then for a drink at her brothers cafe just below my room on the beautiful pedestrian zone there.  We talked for a long time and then I headed back to my room. 

I needed some help from her to arrange transportation to Timisoara and she went out of her way to help.  Dana had already contacted the shuttle people I was going to take so it was all set up.  I tried to make contact with the shuttle service but we had a hard time understanding each other. Dana and Branka got together by phone and took care of everything to make it a very smooth and stressless experience for me.  I get so nerved up when I travel from place to place now it is like I never traveled before.  

Belgrade was not the most interesting of places I have been but it was nice nevertheless.  Not somewhere I would make a destination out of but good for a stop over and a look around.  The trouble with it is and no fault of their own.  It was bombed flat to the ground so many times in the last 100 years there is very little of the old that has survived.  I could still see bullet holes in a few of the buildings from all the conflicts. 

What has survived though is very beautiful and I can imagine what it would have looked like if all these great old buildings were still standing.  Serbia is a very poor country so you can’t expect the cities like Belgrade to be as well kept as other more affluent places.  There are many parks throughout the city and the old buildings that are left are beautiful but not so well kept as other places I have been.  The potential is there just not the money to make it happen.

The tourist areas like the pedestrian zones of which there are many are well kept up but that is about it.  The city is not dirty but could use some more care to be taken of it.  All and all it was very interesting and I made a couple of very nice long walking tours of the different neighborhoods to check them out. 

My room was in the perfect location so I was content to just look down at all the people going by in the pedestrian zone and enjoyed my time doing just that.  I am glad I saw it and glad to be moving on.  The people in Serbia were very very kind and many went out of their way to help!  It was a really great experience for me!  Life Is Good!  Dave

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