I am now in my apartment in Timisoara.  It is right on the main old town square.  The square is huge and surrounded with beautiful giant old buildings a Cathedral and fountains.  It is very very beautiful.  My balcony overlooks it all.  I could ask for nothing more.  Beautiful first night here. From the balcony I can hear a live concert filling the square with music from several singers all Great!!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!​  

Went for a long walk around what I could find of the old town center today.  The first impression from my balcony was the best of it.  The rest that I saw was really nice but not near as spectacular as the square I am staying on.   As it turned out I have the best view in town just sitting on my balcony.   Which is fine with me I was tired from the trip yesterday.

So now I can just sit and relax today.  Other than walking to and checking out where to get the bus to the airport.  Plus checking out a few more areas just to make sure I didn’t miss anything close by.  I won’t have to do much else.

Mind you I didn’t do a major search here.  I was only here two days so I am sure there are many things I probably missed.  I am not really sure.  It’s a nice city but from what little I saw it was very similar to Belgrade.  It was a little dirty meaning trash from people that can’t make it to a garbage can and need to leave everything where they are sitting kind of thing.  They do not seem to have the money here to pay people to cleanup which is very necessary in a place they want tourism.

The main reason I came was to catch a plane to Bucharest because the difference in the cost of a flight from Belgrade versus here was $100+.  I got the flight from here for $23 so figured it would be worth seeing this city as I had thought about it last year.  Now I know and have seen it.  It was worth coming to for the flight alone.   Seeing the city was an added bonus!

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