Well Playa del Carmen has been a bust.  I wish I had some better things to say about it but I just don’t like tourist traps and this is a big one.  

There is no old part of the city with nice architecture.  There are thousands of tourists.  Only one pedestrian zone that goes for a mile and is hard to walk through the crowd.  Wall to wall businesses with very few benches to sit on.

A beach that is narrow and on the waters edge covered with grass being washed up from the sea. Unless you are in a hotel right on it.  There are very few places to get to it except side streets that end at it.  One small section in the center that you can actually sit and stare out over it.  If you come only for a week to party and carry on!  Then you will like it!!!

I for one couldn’t wait to leave!  

So the good!  I have a nice balcony to sit on and people watch.  Yes there is a beach and it is soft sand.  There are plenty of places to eat,  drink and other shops to spend your money on trinkets in.  There is some entertainment every night in the center.  It is kept sort of clean.  There is a really nice bus system to and from the airport in Cancun.  There are interesting ruins to see close to here.  You can get cheap flights to Cancun!  If you walk a couple of blocks from the strip.  You can find nice meals for half to a third less than the strip

I guess I should be more positive but it is hard for me here.  I pretty much thought it would be like this but wanted to see it for myself.  MY BAD!!!!  NEXT PLEASE!!!

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