YAY!  Back in Cadiz again!  Been here 2 weeks now and the time is flying by!  I will be here for a total of 2 months.  I love it here!  My walks through the parks and plazas.  Sitting at the many benches along the way.  Staring off at the sea and thousand year old Fig trees.  The little beach and small fishing boat harbor, people, statues, beautiful architecture, many birds and the occasional cat laying in a tall bush!  

It is Spring here.  It is sunny and cool with a little rain throw in and the flowers are beginning to bloom and loving it.  The scents in the air from all the many different blooms is incredible.  Nothing like spring for the masses of flowers blooming.  

The parakeets that migrated here from the Canary Islands are doing their spring mating ritual and squawking away.  Along with many other birds.  It is a Great time of year to be here.  Although it is still cool it is warm enough to go for long walks and enjoy the many sights along the way.  

They are now preparing for the onslaught of tourists and locals that come every year for the Easter Processions.  The Processions come from all over this area of Spain.  They last the entire week leading up to Easter Sunday.  It is a pretty amazing celebration to be able to see.  

There are 4 or 5 large processions each with a hundred people or more with assorted bands playing everyday leading up to the final day.  They go from the afternoon to the wee hours of the next day and then begin again the next afternoon.  Incredible and Spectacular!!!!!

People come from all over Spain and other countries around the world to see it.  There is not a room left at the many inns, apartments and hotels in town!

There are comfortable seating areas cordoned off all along the way through the main plazas of the city to the main cathedral.  They can be reserved at a small price so you have a comfortable front row seat and a first hand view of the passing procession.  

I prefer to walk along with the processions and stop at different viewing areas to get a better feel of what is going on.  You can usually find a good spot to stop and check things out when you want.  Although talk about super large crowds it is wall to wall people.  YIKES!!!

Last year I saw a homeless guy who was frustrated trying to get through the crowd.  He was crossing the parade route and where he was going was totally blocked by people.  Probably 10-15 deep.  No one wanted to move aside.  Finally he just stuck one arm out straight and pointed his finger at the crowd.  Stared straight ahead at them and started walking towards them.  Amazingly enough they immediately let him through.  It was like Moses parting the Red Sea!!!!!!!!!! Interesting Concept and it worked!!!!!!!  Who’d a Thunk!!!!!!!!!  I got a big chuckle out of that one!!!!

Needless to say I am very very content here.  There is no place I like better!  It is the perfect spot for someone of my age to be able to just walk around aimlessly and have interesting things to see and do.  All without a whole lot of effort and getting some exercise in at the same time!!!!!!!!  Perfect!!!

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2 thoughts on “CADIZ SPAIN 2019

  1. Linda an Ray says:

    Abbbsssooolluuttely…gorgeous, but we still miss you here in Paradise!
    Enjoy your celebrations coming…we’ll be thinking of you!
    Love ya brother ❤️Ray an Linda

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