Well moved back into my usual little apartment in Cadiz a couple of days ago.   Stocked up with food and ready to enjoy the next couple of months here.  Of all my travels it is the nicest place I have ever been.  It is one of the few places in Spain to have not been slaughtered by mass development.  

To me it is like a fairy tale.  It is a small city with great things in it.  All the old still remains as it was and is in good shape.  It suits me perfect or as perfect as it can get.  

I have been thinking about getting a year long visa so I can just stay here and get a yearly rental for the past couple of years.  I just haven’t wanted to go through the hassle to get one and the time it takes.  

This year I have been thinking about it again and decided I would take the time and do it.  

Then I was reading about it which I have done a lot of and found something I had missed in past searches of info on the move.  Seems as though if I live in Spain for longer than 180 days Spain is going to want to tax me on my income made in the USA.  That turned me off to the idea right away because I do not want to be double taxed.  

I am totally unsure if they intend to do that so need to get with a professional here and figure it out before I make the move for the visa.  I just can not get the info I need on it over the internet and Spain’s government websites.  I have spent hours looking.  

I have a good friend here who has a friend who is a big time economist here in town so I am going to try and get up with him and get things figured out if I can.  My friend says this guy gives advice to companies and people who are looking to make the move here.  

He does it mostly for big companies but this friend is a friend of his and he can set me up with him.  That is if the cost isn’t going to blow my mind!  HAHA!  It will take a little while to set it up so we’ll see!  

I really really love it here it is the perfect place if I have to choose one.  It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities and the most ancient city still standing in western Europe.  It is surrounded by an old city wall and the Atlantic on three sides.  

The inside of the city is super clean and the old houses are all well kept.  The tiny narrow streets have few cars because people do not move out of their way.  So unless you need to drive through you don’t.  It is mostly delivery people that have to.  

They wash the streets every few days and people carry bottles of watered down detergent to wash where their dogs piss and bags for their shit.  It is kept impeccably clean.  

The University of Cadiz is huge and occupies many of the very old buildings here.  They are all over town.  The only problem with the university is most people that have rentals choose to rent in the winter to students and then in the summer months to tourists.  So it makes it real hard to find year round housing!  

There are a lot of beautiful little plazas and a huge park all around one side of the city wall overlooking the sea.  It is gorgeous!  There are many fountains and Canaries that have migrated from the Canary Islands.  

The main road for traffic is around the outside perimeter and an esplanade and bike lane next to the old wall that goes around the whole place.  You can see Morocco from the old lookout towers in town.  

It is way more then I have found anywhere.  It is not to big just the right size for me.  

It takes me a couple of hours every day walking around it sitting at the different spots I like and staring off at the fountains the birds and the sea.  It has 8 large plazas with landmark buildings and many smaller ones.  It has a huge market for fresh meat, fish and veggies in the center.  It also has a pretty temperate climate all year.  The beauty of the place just blows me away everytime I come.  

So long story short, I found the place just now have to figure out how to make it work.  I love the way of life here!!!  Life Is Good Dave!!!! 

If you want to see the many photos of Cadiz type Cadiz in the search bar at top of blog

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