It has been a little more than two months now.  And the stress, little bouts of depression, anxiety, restlessness to get on with the journey have left me behind. 

My days are now filled with a great calming, peaceful and relaxing feeling of having finally arrived where I should be.  The very kind people.  The laid back atmosphere the smiles and laughter all in different languages make it a very special place. 

Today like every day now I spend 3 -4 hours walking around.  I first head uptown to get my double Cappuccino.  From this coffee shop next to a nice little park in the center of town.  The girls there are always smiling and now have it started when they see me coming. 

I sit in the park and watch the people walk by for a while and then head down to the harbor.  Stopping first in the cathedral plaza for a little more people watching.  I take little sips in each spot till it is gone.  It doesn’t seem to buzz me out like regular coffee. 

Today it was blowing a full gale from the Cretan sea.  So much so in certain places along my walk you had to lean into it. The Sea is warming now so the wind is only slightly cool just about perfect. 

Each place I go and sit at a bench along the way offers something different for the eye to see.  Feast on and absorb good thoughts.  Today I went to the park just outside the wall of the old city.  Along the entrance of the harbor.  The wind was blowing so hard where I was sitting it was like getting this amazingly great massage. 

When I went to get up after being there for quite some time.  It was like coming out of a trance.  Even a little dizzying WHEW pretty nice.  So many different spots to sit at and each and everyone like a dream.  If I close my eyes I feel like I am drifting off into space.  Then have to open them to come back. 

I now know the names of Julie’s little girls there are three.  And when they come by they always have a new word for me to say.  They laugh when I can’t pronounce it correctly.  Then they do it broken down into pieces so I can get it. 

Julie brings me meal after meal even though I tell her not to.  Because I know she is very busy with this place and family but she insists.  They are all fantastic with animals from their farm Lamb, Pork, Chicken.  It just doesn’t get any better than this. 

I don’t remember if I told you or not but Julie has the second floor with 4 rooms Julie’s studios.  Her brother has the first floor with 4 rooms Blue Studios.  Her father has the third floor with rooms.  Don’t know what the name of that is yet. 

Because he doesn’t rent till later in season prime time.  So the kids can rent theirs off season.  He also has the ground floor that is commercial.  He lives in the penthouse on top where I had the first party with the family.  Pretty sweet arrangement and all are nice as can be!! 

I also go by and visit Katrina the lady from the last place I stayed for a while.  Usually on Thursday when they have the big market over by there.  They also have it on Saturday next to where I am now.  All the vegetables are fresh from the ground.  She has nothing but I have never seen her when she isn’t smiling and happy! 

I am very CONTENT here.  It is a word that has escaped me for a very long time!!!  LIFE IS REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!!




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