I am Happier than I have been in my whole life knowing that I have finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up.  This is exactly what to me life is about. 

My mind is filled with stimulation and experiences everyday.   From sitting, walking and observing the many different and exciting things that are happening around me.  I have never been so content to while away the day in this way before. 

It brings great peace of mind to me!  I am absolutely loving being a part of all this life around me even though I am just an observer.  I am seeing it today and everyday. 

The children chasing the pigeons and playing in the fountains in the park.  Climbing the steps and hanging off of everything with no regard for their well being.  Only loving life carefree and fancy free and going for it.  Everything a new and exciting experience for them! 

I think there is a lot to be learned from the children.  Because they are truly free of having to worry about what the future holds and the animosities that we all develop as we grow older. 

The many mimes, musicians, singers and artists some good some not so good all trying to get a jump on life and make a buck.  Without them we wouldn’t have the many pauses along the way and the constant flow of music as we walk.  They are also free in their own minds but not to the same degree as the children.  It is truly what was meant by the saying to stop and smell the roses. 

All though I truly wish I would have done this many years sooner you can’t look back and I am doing it now.  It has become a driving force in me to get up every day and experience all these great and wonderful things.  That if you look for you will see. 

I try to make the utmost of everyday never knowing whether it will be my last.  If it is I will know that it was my best!  Life is a wonderful thing live it!!!!! 

After writing this I had this huge urge to go out on my balcony and scream out to the city.  YAHAHAHA!!!!  AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!! 

For those that know me you know how loud that can be!!  I woke up the homeless Bummer Dude!  I wish I could have done the howler monkey but I just don’t have it in me anymore!!!  HAHAHA! YEA HA!!  LIFE IS GOODimg_20161022_105306070dsc_0027dsc_0048dsc_0115img_20161021_185355324img_20161030_182254708_hdr-1img_20161019_185424824_burst000_cover_topdsc_0050dsc_0043dsc_0001

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