Well it has definitely been a case of easier said than done.  All my life I have wanted to travel the world.  And have done so in small increments of months at a time.  Both for work and play and now is the time to go for good! 

I have spent 67 years of learning, hard work, dedication, accomplishments and many setbacks.  All this to achieve what was expected in life by my parents and others and for me to be able to say that.  I have achieved the American Dream. 

Because I am a habitual worrier, anal about everything being done to perfection.  And very aggressive once I start on a chosen path.  It hasn’t been easy but has made it very interesting.  The only problem is now that I have been able to achieve it.  I realize it is not what I really have wanted out of life. 

It’s not the possessions, toys and other material things I have accumulated that count.  Fortunately in going for the dream the sideline benefits that came from all that hard work.  Trying to get there  were what I was really looking for. 

The people I have met, the travel and the adventures I have had along the way.  Have turned out to be what made it all worthwhile.  I have been very fortunate in my life to have experienced so many diverse and crazy adventures.  I have no intention on stopping and settling for less in my future plans. 

It has been a challenge and sometimes sad to liquidate all my belongs and start off on a totally new adventure.  Because at my age things don’t come as easily as they once did. 

Seeing things that you have collected and treasured for years go for peanuts at yard sales and Craigslist.  Giving things to friends to leave a part of me with them.  Then bringing all the excess left over stuff to the Homeless Shelter or the local animal shelter for rags. 

Pretending that you don’t live in your house.  Having to clean it constantly and up keep everything so that when it shows.  To potential buyers it looks bigger, better and cleaner than it ever has.  It’s pretty mind opening as to what the value of what you thought you had is and what you actually do have. 

I just can’t sit here surrounded with a bunch of material things and be content with them.  Or just be comfortable, it isn’t working.  Everything I thought would be hard to let go of I felt better when it was gone.  Every apprehension I had was gone once I did it.  Every move I made in the direction I wanted to go I have felt good about.  There has been very little looking back. 

It’s a big world out there and we live in such a small part of it.  It’s there to be explored, lived, felt and enjoyed.  There are so many adventures to be had if you look for them.  Some you wish you hadn’t but that’s all part of it. 

That is why I am doing what I am doing life is to short as so many say but so few do anything about.  There have been a lot of not so big words like stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights involved.  I’m hoping going forward I find all the big words when I do this.  like Peace, Tranquility, Freedom, Happiness and Love. 

I do know the one thing I will find for sure is ADVENTURE and to me that’s the biggest word of them all!! 

The house has sold and all my belongs are gone and in April I’m heading out!  I now have a small backpack with a camera, small laptop, small suitcase and a cellphone.  That I have never connected. 

We will see where life takes me from here.  I’m going to endeavor to persevere, kick ass and take names till I can’t.  Hopefully I go out fast in the end and will never have to settle for less.  Dave