Alden is now up running around and terrorising the whole house.  Nothing is out of reach now!!!!!!  Saw the change coming when I was there for Thanksgiving.  It went from I think I can do this to yes I know I can!  Watch out everyone here he comes!!!  HAHA! 

Me I’m just sitting back and listening now that I have what it takes for me to Hear!!!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “ALDEN Up Running and Ready to Go

  1. Hi Dave,

    How are you ?

    I met you last July in the St George Hotel, Nessebar, Bulgaria and thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you, I’ve followed your diary ever since and noticed you were in Chania Crete in November, as a coincidence my ex boss has retired to Kolymbari closeby to Chania and asked me to visit him in the Spring, so hopefully I will go in March/April time, he reckons the local white wine is great and extremely cheap.

    Anyway good to see you’re still working your way around the world and your grandson seems to have grown a lot, no longer a baby.

    Anyway keep travelinghappyfree.

    Cheers Mike

    • Hi Mike Sorry not exactly sure if you are who I think you are because I met several people there that I really liked. Memory sucks as far as names go now a days! I think you will have a great time on Crete it is a super place to me. I have very good friends there in Chania. I really like the Raki there especially when it comes straight from the still. The only trouble is standing up after drinking it for a while. Thanks for the comment I am sure you will enjoy your time there!!!

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