I do not know who put this photo together but it is a Great one!  Love it!

So this is the the story of what has happened since my journey to Cadiz last year:  

While I was in Cadiz I was making plans that I had been thinking about the last half of my journey last year.  Thinking that maybe I needed a pink blanket, and a place to land and stay if something were to happen to me.  The last couple of years I have slowed down a lot.  Bottom line I started to look at places to buy while I was there in Cadiz last year. 

I looked all along the coast of Florida from Sarasota down around the bottom and back to North of Miami.  I wanted something on the water but didn’t want to pay a fortune because it was going to be a temporary residence for the winter months and I would then blow off my trips to Mexico. 

I found a great little cabin in Everglades City and couldn’t get it off my mind from the day I found it on the internet.  When I came back I had a list of only 5-6 places I wanted to see.  A day or two after I got back I went looking at what I picked out. 

I eliminated most of them right away for whatever reason but still hadn’t seen the one I was the most interested in.  Wanted to look at the others first because I was pretty sure this one was the one and I wanted to eliminate the others first before I made the 2 hour trip to here.  Got here, loved it, went back home and thought about it overnight and signed a contract the next day.  It is absolutely perfect for me. 

It is a tiny home kind of thing that has wheels underneath but don’t think you could ever use them again.  It has wide cedar clapboard on the outside and a cathedral ceiling the whole length.  It looks like it should be in Maine not here.  It is 400 sq ft inside and the lanai is about 300 Sq ft.  The population here is 420.  They are very laid back and friendly.  You have to stop and bullshit if you go anywhere to do business of any kind.  The people at the area I stay are super friendly and always partying and having a good time.  Not crazy stuff but down to earth!  

My place came with half a dock so I can get a boat and go fishing.  I haven’t yet because I have been making the place mine and fixing all the little things to my liking.  The sky is so black at night it looks like you can reach out and touch them.  The fishing is probably the best in America and maybe the world.  People come from all over the world to fish it.  I really couldn’t have lucked out any better.  The Gods were looking out for me.  I am very very content here!  Again to make a long story short. 

After the virus thing started I as in constant turmoil of what to do about the trip I had planned back to Cadiz.  I had a flight out the 29th of March and here is the story about that.  I canceled it 2 weeks before the trip after spending much time wondering which way do I go George which way do I go.  TAP was letting people cancel and get a voucher for a future trip supposedly can’t get a hold of anyone from TAP.  The European Union is talking about total restrictions for nonessential travel.  They gave a time frame of cancellation 2 weeks before travel or lose it.  It was complicated to try to figure out.  I just got frustrated and canceled for a future voucher I think.  No way to verify with TAP just guessing that is what they are saying.  

If I lose the money OK but if I get it that much the better.  They do not really have to pay anything because it is the government not them shutting down flights although they are shutting flights to.  It is Crazy and I just didn’t even know if I could get a train from Seville if I got there.  Then would have to stay inside my room!  

OH WELL just figured it was too too confusing for me to figure out and best to wait till I am sure I can get to where I am going and not be on lockdown or in quarantine.  I am now surrounded by almost 2 1/2 million acres of swamp.  Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Park and Ten Thousand Islands Wildlife Preserve and many smaller ones.  Closest big city Naples 45 min all through the swamp.  Signs on road say beware of Panther crossing.  HAHAHA!

So the bottom line now is that I lucked out by doing all this this year.  If I had waited till now and this virus came.  I would be in deep trouble without a place to live.  At least now I have a safe place to weather the storm and hopefully get back to my love of TRAVEL soon!  Until then I am locked down in my cage in the Everglades!  It is a Great place to spend the down time in!  Life is Good Dave

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