I’m in Monopoli now.  It has been terrible booking rooms here in Italy with booking.com.  Finally in a B&B to stay that is exactly how it was described. You can’t know how good that feels right now!!! 

I just can’t believe how much trouble I am having with even booking a room here in Italy.  People say they have a balcony and private bathroom in the room in the room description.  When I make the booking it is always the first thing I ask them in special requests.  It is the first time you have the chance to ask them a question. That is do you have a balcony and private bathroom in the room.  Please if you do not.  Do not book me the room. 

Then they email you OH that room doesn’t have a balcony or that room doesn’t have a private bathroom in the room that room has been booked.  They clearly state on their booking site in the description of the room that it does and when booking.com sends you a confirmation it does.  But when you hear back from the people they do not. 

Then if it is a non refundable reservation I either have to take what they have or call booking.com and hassle with them for half an hour or more to get my money refunded.  If anywhere it says under the description of the room some rooms have this or that.  You can rest assured your room is not going to have it unless you are very lucky. 

It has been a real big pain in the ass here.  Last night I couldn’t sleep I was so mad about it.  I don’t know what to do it has been a very frustrating time for me here.  Lecce was the first town I have really really liked but I stayed in two places that did not have what they said they had.  I just got tired of fighting about it.  I guess I am not doing something right. 

I think a lot of it has to do with booking.com having a lot of B&B’s now and the people not knowing how to set it up right on their site.  Because when you ask they tell you.  Also you see the people from most of these places 10 minutes and they are gone.  They meet you at the room or some at the train or bus station to take you to the room.  Show you how the keys work tell you a couple of things about the city.  Then you don’t see them till the next morning.  Sometimes you don’t see them again.  They tell you just leave the keys here or there and go. 

Very weird to me and impersonal not what I think of in a B&B.  I am saying these things so that you are very very very careful with booking a room here in Italy.  It has left a constant bad taste in my mouth since I arrived!  Make sure in special requests when you reserve the room on booking.com.  You ask if what you want is there and if not for them not to book the room.  Otherwise you do not have a leg to stand on with booking.com.  I am very very careful and do this all the time and I’m still getting taken for a ride!!!  HOPE this helps someone!!!

2 thoughts on “BOOKING a Room

  1. Lol I’ll keep this is mind next time I book a b&b in Italy!!! But seriously I can imagine it would be frustrating as hell. Part of the journey, I guess ??

    • Italy left a lot to be desired in my book but I only saw a small part! It’s like who am I to say these things and many would disagree!!!

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