Well it has been a really pleasant time spent here in Brasov.  I love the apartment.  It has everything I need plus some.  The sunsets are drop dead gorgeous from the balcony at night. The weather has been perfect the whole time and the days very relaxing.  It is a very homey kind of place.  It is a beautifully well preserved small city in the mountains.  I am really glad I made this choice and wouldn’t hesitate to come back again.

It has given me the opportunity to plan the last leg of my trip before I go home in November.  The WIFI is super here.  Unlike the hotel in Varna where it was just about impossible to do anything other then send an email and sometimes not even that worked!  It takes me a lot of time to figure out where I want to go because I am like a kid in a candy shop with so much to choose from.

Doing this full time means I have to try and get the biggest bang for my buck.  There are many many variables to choose from to make it all come together.

I first start with the places I am interested in and then find the cost of what a decent place to stay is going to cost.  Then I find the cheapest flights to and from them and on what days they are on.  I always check out as many ways as there are possible to get there.  Which means checking out multiple airports etc.

The bottom line is I want the most direct flight and best place to stay for the least money doesn’t matter what day just as long as the price is right.  Time is on my side money isn’t.  I save hundreds of dollars every year by doing it this way.  There are always a couple of flights each month that are super cheap going or coming from most places.  I mean like $50 dollars including a check in bag.  I got one earlier this year for $25 including a check in bag.  That was amazing to me!  Just have to spend hours and hours looking to make it all come together.  Like I said time is on my side.

In saying that I am a little late in figuring out this last leg of the trip.  I should have had it done when I was in Varna but just couldn’t with the shit WIFI.  I started right away when I got here but my first plan fell apart.  When I decided I had it all figured out and went to book it all.  The prices of a couple of the flights I was going to take in October doubled what they were.  I was pissed but such is life just had to start over.  At least I got it booked through September.

So all I have left is October to figure and then home after that.  The biggest deal was getting the September bookings.  July through September are the prime months here.  So September 1st I head out for Bucharest to catch a plane to Budapest.  Budapest and Bucharest are really good places to find cheap direct flights to and out of.  It was the cheapest way to go to Skopje in Macedonia where I will be staying for a few weeks.

I haven’t been to Budapest before so decided to spend 5 days there to see it.  Before heading to Skopje.  Was figuring if I liked it I would stay longer on the way back.  There was a really cheap flight direct to Cyprus from there then to Chania on Crete.  But those are the flights that doubled.  I just waited too long because of the shit WIFI and me procrastinating too long when I got here to book them.  Bummer Dude!

One thing I am really really good at is procrastinating!  Either way I save money but could save more if only I could make a damn decision!  I think a lot of people would love to have this be their only problem in their life.  So I have nothing to complain about!

Well have booked all my fights from now till I get home the end of October.  I was going to stay till the first week in November but those fights went up big time too.  At any rate I am booked and can take a breather doing all this research to get flights to places.  

I leave for Budapest in three days.  I am going to miss these Gorgeous sunsets it was a real pleasure!!!!!!!!

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