Left for the airport in Timisoara this morning at 6AM.  It was lightning and pouring like a cow pissing on a flat rock.  Decided good day to take a cab DUH!!!!!  I went the short distance to where they all were yesterday and there was not a one there.  Shit!!!

Oh well good thing I had a rain parker!  It was 20 minutes or more to the bus stop but part way there the rain let up.  I thought for sure everything in my suitcase and backpack would be wet. Checked at the airport but it wasn’t.  Great!  

Short flight to Bucharest then met a shuttle I had ordered to go to Brasov.  The guy was waiting when I arrived and was very friendly and spoke good english.  $20 for a 3 hour trip to Brasov in a Mercedes van with WIFI not bad.  The driver was super nice and the time passed quick.  

Met the wife of the guy that rented the apartment to me.  She was waiting when we got there. When I walked in my eyes lit up.  I was like WOW this place is beautiful.  Everything was new and really really tastefully done all first rate stuff.  From rain shower to mood lights in the bathroom. Beautiful kitchen, Huge balcony on the 6th floor overlooking the mountains and city.  Doesn’t get any better!  I think it is the nicest place I have ever rented. Amazing!

Brasov is beautiful!  A good size old town.  Lots of parks full of roses, fountains, evergreens and benches to sit and while away the day.  Only came for 3 days to see it so I could find somewhere to get out of the heat in August.  This fit the bill perfectly.

The owner had saved the month for me till I came to look at it.  Boy am I glad he did.  Gave me a super deal on it!  So it worked out perfect made all the extra time and money to get there just to look for a place early worth every penny!  Wow it is nice!  Both the owners the guy and his wife are really really nice.  Very mellow and down to earth kind of folks.  He’s a software designer and travels all over the world for work.  The morning I was leaving He came by and gave me a ride to the train station.  Saved me a 20+ minute walk.  

Bottom line is I have a really amazing place for August instead of the heat and fumes of Bucharest where I stayed last year.  August is not a good time of year to be in Bucharest it is super hot there then. 

So I got a couple of good days to look around!  I am very pleased and happy I am going to have such a great place for the month of August!!!  WOW did I say it was a great place!!!!!!!!!  Life Is Good!!!!!!!!!!!

For more photos of Brasov click link below

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