Brindisi is a port town where ferries leave for Greece and Albania.  It is a mishmash of very old and new buildings all kind of melded together in the old town.  Some sections have more old others more new.  The old town is somewhat interesting and can pretty much be covered in a few hours walking it. 

The esplanade along the sea is what I am now considering to be Roman stark!  I stopped here for a couple of days as I was passing by it heading South to Lecce.  I wanted to see if it would be worth stopping again on my return trip or just to pass it by and head north to other places.  I will choose the later and pass it by. 

It’s not bad but like I said after two days walking I have pretty much seen enough to make a decision.  I think the main reason tourists come here is to catch the ferries of which there are many. 

Glad I saw it glad I’m leaving.  Not enough to keep me entertained!  Not many places have been lately!  Hope I find one soon I am really tired of bouncing around but life goes on.  Just have to keep trying never say never. Time will tell the tale!  Out of here in the morning!


2 thoughts on “BRINDISI ITALY

    • So do I they have this great beauty about them can’t explain it. They just had this feeling and beauty about them!!

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