So finally I have a plan after a month and hours and hours trying to find new places to go.  I just threw in the towel trying to find a place.  Mainly because of a lack of accommodations and prices everywhere.  It is prime time here now and everyone is on vacation. 

I will stay here in Bucharest and although very hot it is cheap right now and nice.  I will be here till the 31st then fly to Madrid on the 31st and fly back home from there on the 5th. 

That was a couple of weeks ago now and turned out to be too easy something had to go wrong! HAHA!!!  Jason quit his job and is no longer going to be in NH on the 5th.  That was the reason I was coming back so early to see the two of them and Alden!!!  Now they don’t know what they are doing yet just that they won’t be in NH.  They are going back to Hawaii to figure it out.  They just don’t know at this point. 

So I blew off the flights back home on the 5th!!!!! I am now thinking about going to Varna in September, Cadiz in October and Chania in November.  The trouble with that is trying to put all the flights, buses and trains together to do it.  I have one pad almost full and just started to transfer stuff over to the other one.  It is a real nightmare and I have had about enough for today. 

The thing of it is you spend a hour or two working on one way and come to a dead end after spending all that time. All because the last piece to the puzzle doesn’t fit!!!!!  YIKES I’m not having FUN!!!  I have literally sat here for days trying to figure it out.  I have tried a million  different ways of doing it and am still sitting here going which way do I go George which way do I go!

When you try to do something like this there are just so many things to consider.  There aren’t that many flights to these small places but I have tried every airport close to where I want to go.

Then every bus and train to get to my final destination and then how to get back to the next spot from there.  Trying to fit them all together makes me see double.  Plus the info on the web is sometimes or most of the times outdated and you have to spend hours just trying to find out where to get the info.  OH MY GOD!!!!!!  IYYIYIYIY!!!!! 

So the final pre plan plan goes something like this August 31st Bucharest to Varna.  Sept 20th Varna to Sofia spend the night couldn’t help it.  Then Sept 21st Sofia to Madrid, Madrid to Jerez (Cadiz).  Oct 25th Jerez to England, England to Chania.  Nov 18th Chania to Athens, Athens to Barcelona, Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale.  Plus some trains and buses!  Yikes!!  

I had to take the days that you see because they were the cheapest.  I looked a week on either side of them so I know they are the least money.  Makes a huge difference.  It would have cost me twice what it is to just pick certain days out of the blue and not look for the cheap ones. 

Every airline has their cheap and then expensive days that is what makes it so time consuming to figure out.  Not only that but you have to make sure you can get good connecting flights.  So you don’t end up having to spend the night waiting to fly out again in the morning.  That would make the cost jump way up! Room, Taxis or buses back and forth just to spend the night.  It really is crazy trying to put them all together! 

Other then wanting to see family and friends and having to do stuff like taxes and Doctor visits etc.  I have no desire to be in the states anymore.  The only other time I would want to leave here is to spend somewhere warm for a couple of months in the winter! 

Now that I know how to work out the 90 day visa thing by leaving the Schengen zone and going to a Non Schengen country for 90.  I can stay as long as I want just have to move around a little. 

This year I have found what I have been looking for for so long! Now I don’t have to spend anywhere near the amount of time bouncing around.  I have found 3 really really great places to stay for months at a time!!!  YAY!!!!  It’s a good thing because I have lost a lot of my get up and go this year.  The new place every 3 or 4 days is a thing of the past! 

I thought when I came here to this area it would just be a way to get out of the Schengen Zone.  Then go running back but what I have found is so amazing.  Here I get 90 days in each country and I love them. 

If you think all the mish mash of writing above is confusing to read.  You are absolutely right but is just where my mind is at the moment!!!!!!

So bottom line is.  I will be leaving Bucharest at the end of August and then going to Varna Bulgaria again till the end of September.  It is the place I have liked the most.  After that it will be getting cold here and time to leave. 

The good part is then I get to go to Cadiz for October which I loved.  Where I met the young couple that rented me the place I was staying and I enjoyed being with so much.  Then Chania on Crete at the end of October to the middle of November to see the family there that I rented from last year.  They took me in and made me feel like I had known them all my life.  After that it will be time to go home for Thanksgiving. 

Hopefully everyone is settled by then so I can get to see Alden!  The photo is of Garbis the man I met to let me into the room the first time when I came here a few months ago.  He, his sister, her grandson and the lady’s father I rent from invited me over because they wanted me to enjoy a traditional Romanian meal.  It was really really great and I was honored to be there!!  A real nice memory to remember! 

It’s hard to believe when I leave next week I will have been here a month.  Time goes by really really fast now a days!!!  Even with all the confusion!!!  I am totally Happy for the first time in my life and have never looked back since the day I left!!!!!  I wish the same for all of you!!!!  LIFE IS GOOD  Dave

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