Well the architecture is big and bold here lots of massive buildings but other little ones spread throughout.  All the huge ornately decorated sheet metal domes and roofs.  Something I haven’t seen much of anywhere else.  They all stem from many different cultures.  It’s has touches from Romania, Turkey, Greece and Russia.  Pretty impressive! 

So it’s like 10:30 and I was just sitting on my balcony and this little old lady was across the road walking her dogs.  She was dressed in her pink silk pajamas of shirt and pants with her two dogs in tow.  There is this little fenced in park across the street for dogs to do their thing and be able to run around.  There is a little gate for her to open and let them run free. 

Watched her leave after and she apparently lives on the other side of the main highway.  A six lane road through town at the end of this road which isn’t far.  I watched her go across the highway till she was out of sight but figure she lives in the apartment building across the way. 

It just seemed so out of place.  Not something I was expecting to see in the heart of a big city!  I mean there is a good size bus stop here too with quite a few people.  Made me look twice guess if you live here it is no different than anywhere else.  HAHA it made me laugh inside!!  She’s like what the hell do I care! 

It’s time for the homeless etc to come out so that was quite a change up on that!  It is a very safe neighborhood the Old Palace is just down the street a couple buildings from here.  Doesn’t take much to entertain me anymore!!!  Gotta Love It!! 

The last 3 days have been rain so haven’t done much.  Met this scientist a old guy that met me to let me into the new place I am staying.  We talked for a long while that day and I really liked meeting him.  He had a lot of good things to say.  He is a friend of the owner and she was out of town so he came by to do it for her. 

His name is Garbiz and he came by the other day again to bring some supplies and spent about 3 hours more talking with me.  He is a super nice old guy really jovial and happy.  Very well dressed with shirt, tie, sweater, wool coat, wool hat and umbrella should have got a picture.  Looked liked the perfect gentleman straight out of London.  It was quite a contrast from me in my jeans and tee shirt etc. 

It was fun talking to him he knows so much about so many things.  His specialty is plants and animals that coexist together and survive off one another.  One hand feeding the other.  Plus how their shapes evolved to be able to blend into their surroundings.  Like so many moths and butterflies that only survive because of specific plants and visa versa and can hide just by sitting still and blending in. 

He is pretty sharp and knows I don’t know how many languages English, Russian, Greek, Latin, Chinese and a lot of others. Pretty cool!  Told him we will have to get together again after the rains which should be over tomorrow. 

Bucharest has been a very pleasant surprise from what I was expecting!  Every time I go for a walk I go in a different direction and there are parks all along the way.  Still can’t believe how many huge treed parks there are here.  They are everywhere. 

Another really nice thing is people actually stop for you in the crosswalks.  Interesting concept HUH!!  Unlike the totally out of control mess in Italy.  Very glad I came and may have to add it to my lists of places to return.  Although it will always just be a stop over.  I’m just not into big cities.  It does get very hot here in the summer. 

Right now I am looking for a place that I could come for the 3 summer months out of the Schengen Zone and not have it be sweltering.  So we will see have many more stops to make.  Know I probably won’t be able to be by the sea then it will be just too crowded, hot and expensive.  I need something inland thinking something a fair bit smaller than this.  To many emissions here even with all the green it makes my throat burn this is a big city. 

The hardest part here has been getting used to the money difference.  The dollar here is worth 25 cents so I am always thinking the price is high but in fact it is so much cheaper.  It is half or less of what it would cost in Italy or even Spain.  I still have to stop and think about it.  I see 12 Rom for something and I’m thinking 12 Euro but it is 3. 

Just like for the longest time I was looking at these real nice pastries and thinking I wish they weren’t 3 Euro I’d buy one right away but 3 is just too high.  Then I realized you dummy they are 75 cents.  The pasties in Italy were 2-3 Euro so it just stuck in my mind.  The only problem now is walking by and not buying one!!! 

It’s pretty nice they have many little places that put out trays of different foods and you pick what you want.  They put it in a container to microwave later and for $3.50- $5.00 you have a nice meal for dinner!!!  I don’t like to go out to eat because I always feel alone when I do.  Sitting there at a table all by yourself never has appealed to me for that reason.  It’s like sticking it in your face that you are alone. 

The meals tend to be a little better eating out but what I have been getting take out has been great.  It is all home cooked. 

Looking forward to checking out the Black Sea area.  Will start in Constanta here and then head South into Bulgaria it is even cheaper there and looks like the places on the coast may be nicer from the photos.  Not expecting much from Constanta after looking at the photos but it is the starting point and may be I will be surprised.




6 thoughts on “BUCHAREST ROMANIA Leaving

  1. K. Aschauer says:

    Great Story…very ejoyable to read and am so happy Buharest is different…better than we imagined!!! The pictures of the buildings and sculptures amazing. Am anxious to hear/read what you think about Bulgaria.
    ENJOY! K & A

    • I really enjoyed the visit here. I didn’t really have any idea what it would be like but it was much better then expected. It’s not somewhere I could spend long lengths of time but is a great stop over. I’m just not that into big cities. But for those that are this is a nice one.

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