Well Burgas is a really nice town and if I hadn’t just come from Varna I would have been more impressed.  It is a about the same size as Varna but with more foreign tourists than Bulgarians making it not have quite the same vibe as Varna. 

One nice thing was the buildings outside and inside the main tourist area seemed to be in much better shape than in Varna.  I was only there 3 days and really one of those was mostly travel.  So really didn’t get to spend enough time walking around and checking things out.  I would need to be there longer before making a real good description. 

Part of the reason why I didn’t stay longer was I waited too long to make a decision to go there and everything was pretty much booked up.  It is prime time here now.  I don’t book places for more than 2 or 3 days now because of all the problems I’ve had this year with people giving false descriptions of the rooms they have. 

The other reason for wishing I could stay longer is I met the girl that rents the place I am staying at for lunch one day.  So one of the 3 days was spent with her.  She took me to a special pizza place in town a little out of the touristy part.  It was great pizza not that I cared I’d have been happy if it was bad. 

She invited me last night when she came by to meet me after spending quite a while talking.  She was so easy to talk to and very pleasant.  She is a single mom who has a son that was with his father for a week or so.  Very nice speaks perfect English and is beautiful it was definitely up lifting for me.  Super nice made my day! 

So that was the Burgas I saw and why I didn’t get many photos I did get the most important one though!   Needless to say you should be able to figure out what part of my stay I liked the most.  So Burgas did turn out to be special just in a different way!


2 thoughts on “BURGAS BULGARIA

    • I am in Nessebar only an hour or so from Burgas it is a very old city. Yes she was very pretty and we had a great time together. Yes I left to early but the best places were booked so I didn’t have much choice.

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