Cadiz is a really really nice town and it has a super good vibe about it.  It is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain.  It is also one of the oldest still surviving cities in Western Europe. 

I wish I could have stayed a little longer but such is life.  The only thing about it that I thought was to bad was the fact that big development did get to sneak in and change the look of the most important part before they caught on.  That being the very farthest point of land in town.  I like to call it the point because that is what it is. 

Unfortunately they managed to throw up a few nondescript semi high rise buildings most about 12 stories tall so they stand out above all the other older places.  Most of old are 5-6 stories.  All done for the tourist trade taking up most of the two sides of the point.  At least they are well kept and a few did add nice touches to help them blend in. 

Fortunately the area in front of the harbor was spared but they came pretty close to it!  BUMMER DUDE!!!!  Really really to bad!  But for the most part like I said in the last post at least they caught on before it was all gone.  It has happened to so much of Spain it is a shame.

Spain was a poor country for years and big money took advantage of them just like in so many other places!  It would not stop me from coming back though!  It is one of the few places in my travels I would not hesitate to return to. 

A great vibe, beautiful esplanades along the sea.  Many parks to sit in filled with exotic plants supposedly brought back by Columbus.  Lots of statues, a great market and lots of green Canaries flying around! 

Everything you could ask for is close by groceries, booze and cigarettes what more could you ask for!!!  They also have some nice beaches if that’s your thing.  A small one in the harbor of the old city and bigger ones in the new town just outside the old city walls. 

It’s funny here people that let their dog out to piss always follow with a jug of water to wash down the area they pissed in.  Interesting!!!  VERY NICE!!!  YAY!!  Cadiz

For more photos of Cadiz go to:  Cadiz thought’s now and next year

6 thoughts on “CADIZ SPAIN 2017

  1. Hey David…quite interesting this place you are staying! Beautiful and love the markets.
    Glad you get to shop and cook, that is what I would love to do.
    Think I’m going to buy one of those virtual reality sets an travel online…
    Ha… miss you…keep traveling happy free…

    • Thanks Linda it is a real nice spot in life to be. I don’t know why I am not getting emails when someone makes a post I used to. I will have to figure out what I did wrong with this site again. Some little wrong button pushed or box left unchecked. This thing makes me crazy

    • Thanks Julie I am just now realizing I have had comments. They used to email when I had one so I could reply right away but for some reason not getting them now. Tell everyone there Hi for me. It reminds me of Chania a lot!. It has the same good vibe about it.

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