Well had a great time at my sisters house was real good to see her, Tigger our cat and all my old friends from my neighborhood and hers.  Quite a few good parties were had by all!!!!!  The month went by super fast!  Time seems to move by in the blink of an eye now. 

Just got back to Cadiz on the 7th.  Great to be back!  It was a super long trip 30 hours Yikes!  Half the time was sitting waiting in the airports in Miami and Madrid!  The rest a shuttle to Miami the two flights and a train ride to here.  I was exhausted by the time I got here.  It has taken 3 days to start to feel normal again!  Never had jet lag before this time I did for sure! 

A little damp here today but suppose to clear up soon.  That is what March is here it’s their spring.  I don’t mind as long as it is not cold.  It is so good to be back!  Went out and stocked up with food and drink yesterday morning.  So I am in and ready to to live life in Cadiz.  I am exhausted from the trip and ready to lay back for a while. 

Today I will start my walking again I think just woke up but the sun’s out!  Still pretty wiped from trip!  Well by the time I washed up and was ready to go for my walk a big cloud came over and it is now raining like a Cow Pissing on a Flat Rock!!!!!!  HAHAHA OH Well so much for the walk for now! 

Sun comes out again went out for a quick walk to a park I like.  Saw big black clouds coming so headed back to the room just got in and it started to pour rain and hail stones! Just made it YAY!  Needed that walk it felt good to get out in the fresh air!  Even if it was short lived. 

Well today I woke up to a beautiful sunny day got my ass up and ready and out to take advantage of it.  Did my usual old walk all over through the parks and plazas that are my favorite.  Still sunny and I feel great really needed a nice long walk and a sunny day!!  It brought me back to life again!

This afternoon after they finished cleaning up the rooms for the next round of guests.  Victor and Carmen the managers of the place I stay and her sister came up and spent some time hanging out talking and laughing.  It made my day!  LIFE IS GOOD!

For more photos of Cadiz go to CADIZ 2017 and CADIZ thoughts now and next year

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