Well Cadiz is a  very very beautiful and peaceful place.   I have really enjoyed the 3 months I’ve been here.  I think I have now explored every nook and cranny there is to be seen.  I’m sure there are a few I missed but not many.  I wish the weather had been better but can’t have everything and it was unusually cold most places this year!  

The friends I met from last year Victor and Carmen have been a big part of my stay.  They are really nice and I enjoy their company.  Not to mention eating Tapas with them in the outside cafes.  The place I rent from them is perfect for me and I am quite comfortable in it.  I hope I will be back again next year but time will tell on that one.

I have thought many times since my first trip here that it would be a perfect place to live.  If I were 10 years younger I definitely would consider taking on one of the few old fixer uppers left in town.  I have always loved old houses and doing that type of thing.  I have always been good at picturing the before and after in my mind!  

As I walk along through the many streets.  I often stop and look at the old places I see and think of what they would look like if given a new life.  The problem with it now is.  You need a lot of energy to do a project like that.  I just don’t think I have it in me anymore!  Not only that but I’m not sure I want to spend what time I have left doing it.  The years go by so so so fast now!

The cool windy days when I first came gave me the incentive I have needed.  To get the long overdue work on my website done!  It was a mess and a totally frustrating project to do.  

I am glad I could step away when I needed to.  Go for a nice long walk through the many Parks and Plazas.  Checking out the ducks, stray cats, feeding the birds with my stale bread.  People watching sitting at the many benches along the way.  It really helped me come back to life.  Then coming back and giving it another go around.  Till it starts beating me again.

I have to hand it to all the people who do this kind of thing for a living.  It is one of the hardest and most complicated things I have ever done.  If it hadn’t been for all the many articles and advice I have received from others.  It would have never happened.  Thank You All!  It was just way way over my head!

The big IF ONLY is.  I should have taken the time to learn before I started.  The only problem with that is.  I didn’t know what I needed to do or learn until after two years of working on it has shown what needed to be done!  That’s the Catch 22!  It’s like most things you do in life.  Live and Learn as you go.

I am sure in most professionals eyes my website is a very long ways from perfection.  But I am only trying to have a nice presentable site.  To leave a diary and a memory of my travels behind for my new Grandson and anyone else who may stumble across it.  At this point in my life I am having a hard time figuring out what I went into the next room for!  Never mind how to write HTML!  YIKES!

All things considered it has been a really really GREAT time.  I am a little Sad to be leaving but Happy to be starting a new adventure! 

My time is up here in the Schengen Zone!  You only get 90 days then you have to leave for 90 before you can come back.  I am heading to Serbia to see some really good friends!  Then to Romania and Bulgaria for the summer months!  YAY!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!

The first photo below is of the giant Phoenix that Victors great grandfather designed and cast in Bronze.  He was a really great artist at the time with iron!  He made many many of the intricate old street lights, railings and the elaborate doors on the old houses in town.  Which are still here and just as beautiful to this day!

Unfortunately he had his two ironworks businesses confiscated from him by the Franco Regime.  Fortunately they didn’t kill him too!  He is very lucky because Victors other great grandfather was taken away and killed by them!  They even had the audacity to send the family a bill for the bullet!  That’s how they know he was killed!  They have never found out where he was buried.  It was a Horrible Dictatorship!!  A Very sad time for Spain!  It was of course a much longer story then this. 

The second photo is of the massive building the Phoenix is on.

For more photos of Cadiz go to  CADIZ 2017and  CADIZ thoughts now and next year

6 thoughts on “CADIZ Time To Go May 2018

  1. Edward A Chuplis says:

    Man you’re living the life. I’m really tied up here right now, but I wish I could hook up with you man. I’m trying for Bulgaria in a summer buddy. I really miss hanging out with my friend.

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