Well I’m in Cancun the final stop of this trip.  It is exactly as I figured it would be a totally faceless city.  Other than the people of course like every other place I have been in Mexico.  The people here are very nice also. 

I am super glad I choose to spend only enough time here to have a day.  To relax and do enough walking to verify what I was thinking it would be.  Before getting on a plane and heading home.   

I just got back from a 2 hour 4 mile walk around town.  I had picked what I thought might be the most interesting way to go.  It was pretty much a total waste of time other than for the exercise!!!  I did not find one bench to sit at the whole trip.  The dividers in the middle of the road had some trees for shade.  But there was no walkway to take advantage of the shade they provided. 

I choose the way I went because on Google Earth.  It looked like there was a beautiful park next to the Gulf with a view across the water to the outer beaches where the high rises are.  When I got there there were barrels blocking the road in and it looked totally deserted.  Like a wasteland actually felt a little weird even being there. 

There were only a couple people for as far as I walked on it running or riding their bikes.  It looked like a big plan that never came together.  The only semi interesting thing I saw I took a picture of.  Oh well so much for Cancun!!! 

I’m sure on the outer peninsula where the the high rises are it is much nicer.  But I had absolutely no desire to go there.  It was a long ways from me and nothing but high rises as far as you could see.  I’m sure the beaches were beautiful but to me it takes more than that to make a place. 

Why anyone would want to come and spend big money and I mean big money.  In the $300 to $500 per night range to stay out there is beyond me. 

My advice is if you are coming here other than to stay at one of those fancy places is get here early in the day.  Then get a bus the same day to wherever you’re going.  Don’t waste your time!!! 

To me it is the difference between a place putting their money back into the town.  Or some fat cats stuffing their pockets like in Veracruz!  About the only good thing about it is it has super cheap flights from most countries and that is the sole reason I am here!!!


2 thoughts on “CANCUN MEXICO

  1. Well Cancun was a bust! We went there a number of years ago and wouldn’t go back. Food was good, that was about it. Are you in Florida now?

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