I do not know who put this photo together but it is a Great one!  Love it!

So this is the the story of what has happened since my journey to Cadiz last year:  

While I was in Cadiz I was making plans that I had been thinking about the last half of my journey last year.  Thinking that maybe I needed a pink blanket, and a place to land and stay if something were to happen to me.  The last couple of years I have slowed down a lot.  Bottom line I started to look at places to buy while I was there in Cadiz last year. 

I looked all along the coast of Florida from Sarasota down around the bottom and back to North of Miami.  I wanted something on the water but didn’t want to pay a fortune because it was going to be a temporary residence for the winter months and I would then blow off my trips to Mexico. 

I found a great little cabin in Everglades City and couldn’t get it off my mind from the day I found it on the internet.  When I came back I had a list of only 5-6 places I wanted to see.  A day or two after I got back I went looking at what I picked out. 

I eliminated most of them right away for whatever reason but still hadn’t seen the one I was the most interested in.  Wanted to look at the others first because I was pretty sure this one was the one and I wanted to eliminate the others first before I made the 2 hour trip to here.  Got here, loved it, went back home and thought about it overnight and signed a contract the next day.  It is absolutely perfect for me. 

It is a tiny home kind of thing that has wheels underneath but don’t think you could ever use them again.  It has wide cedar clapboard on the outside and a cathedral ceiling the whole length.  It looks like it should be in Maine not here.  It is 400 sq ft inside and the lanai is about 300 Sq ft.  The population here is 420.  They are very laid back and friendly.  You have to stop and bullshit if you go anywhere to do business of any kind.  The people at the area I stay are super friendly and always partying and having a good time.  Not crazy stuff but down to earth!  

My place came with half a dock so I can get a boat and go fishing.  I haven’t yet because I have been making the place mine and fixing all the little things to my liking.  The sky is so black at night it looks like you can reach out and touch them.  The fishing is probably the best in America and maybe the world.  People come from all over the world to fish it.  I really couldn’t have lucked out any better.  The Gods were looking out for me.  I am very very content here!  Again to make a long story short. 

After the virus thing started I as in constant turmoil of what to do about the trip I had planned back to Cadiz.  I had a flight out the 29th of March and here is the story about that.  I canceled it 2 weeks before the trip after spending much time wondering which way do I go George which way do I go.  TAP was letting people cancel and get a voucher for a future trip supposedly can’t get a hold of anyone from TAP.  The European Union is talking about total restrictions for nonessential travel.  They gave a time frame of cancellation 2 weeks before travel or lose it.  It was complicated to try to figure out.  I just got frustrated and canceled for a future voucher I think.  No way to verify with TAP just guessing that is what they are saying.  

If I lose the money OK but if I get it that much the better.  They do not really have to pay anything because it is the government not them shutting down flights although they are shutting flights to.  It is Crazy and I just didn’t even know if I could get a train from Seville if I got there.  Then would have to stay inside my room!  

OH WELL just figured it was too too confusing for me to figure out and best to wait till I am sure I can get to where I am going and not be on lockdown or in quarantine.  I am now surrounded by almost 2 1/2 million acres of swamp.  Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Park and Ten Thousand Islands Wildlife Preserve and many smaller ones.  Closest big city Naples 45 min all through the swamp.  Signs on road say beware of Panther crossing.  HAHAHA!

So the bottom line now is that I lucked out by doing all this this year.  If I had waited till now and this virus came.  I would be in deep trouble without a place to live.  At least now I have a safe place to weather the storm and hopefully get back to my love of TRAVEL soon!  Until then I am locked down in my cage in the Everglades!  It is a Great place to spend the down time in!  Life is Good Dave

So my Thanksgiving was Great Great Great more than I could ever ask for!!!!  Jason and his family and his wife Chris’ parents came to my sisters for Thanksgiving staying 5 days.  It was so good to see Alden my grandson and everyone!!!  Haven’t seen him much because of being on the road all the time.  

It is amazing how much he has grown from being a baby and just starting to walk when I saw him last Thanksgiving.  To being a little boy this year and running and talking helter skelter this year.  Huge difference!!!  He is amazing even if he is my grandson and I am biased!!!!!  

Spent the week before making all the deserts and goodies getting ready for the big 5 days of eating and celebration!!  I spent all day cooking and it all turned out great!  Which is amazing considering of how little I can concentrate and remember anymore.  

We spent our days at the many beaches and parks in the area.  Alden loves loves loves the water.  He had a great old time!!!  He was in the water every chance he could get.   Clothes and all sand all over him didn’t bother him a bit.  Building sand castles and playing in the waves in the harbor!!!

The photos are of the Thanksgiving Day Turkey and family at the table and the spots we spent our days at.  Didn’t put food on the table because Alden likes to play in it.  So put it on the counter for everyone to fix there plates from there and bring to the table.  Plus we  celebrated Alden’s birthday on December 5th a little early at our friends Linda and Ray’s house.  HAHA!  

It was a great time had by all!!!!!  Really really really Loved it!!!  He is too much couldn’t ask for more!!!  I will always remember it!!!  Can’t get enough!!!  HAHAHA WONDERFUL!!!  LIFE IS GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!!!!!!!

Well it has been a really pleasant time spent here in Brasov.  I love the apartment.  It has everything I need plus some.  The sunsets are drop dead gorgeous from the balcony at night. The weather has been perfect the whole time and the days very relaxing.  It is a very homey kind of place.  It is a beautifully well preserved small city in the mountains.  I am really glad I made this choice and wouldn’t hesitate to come back again.

It has given me the opportunity to plan the last leg of my trip before I go home in November.  The WIFI is super here.  Unlike the hotel in Varna where it was just about impossible to do anything other then send an email and sometimes not even that worked!  It takes me a lot of time to figure out where I want to go because I am like a kid in a candy shop with so much to choose from.

Doing this full time means I have to try and get the biggest bang for my buck.  There are many many variables to choose from to make it all come together.

I first start with the places I am interested in and then find the cost of what a decent place to stay is going to cost.  Then I find the cheapest flights to and from them and on what days they are on.  I always check out as many ways as there are possible to get there.  Which means checking out multiple airports etc.

The bottom line is I want the most direct flight and best place to stay for the least money doesn’t matter what day just as long as the price is right.  Time is on my side money isn’t.  I save hundreds of dollars every year by doing it this way.  There are always a couple of flights each month that are super cheap going or coming from most places.  I mean like $50 dollars including a check in bag.  I got one earlier this year for $25 including a check in bag.  That was amazing to me!  Just have to spend hours and hours looking to make it all come together.  Like I said time is on my side.

In saying that I am a little late in figuring out this last leg of the trip.  I should have had it done when I was in Varna but just couldn’t with the shit WIFI.  I started right away when I got here but my first plan fell apart.  When I decided I had it all figured out and went to book it all.  The prices of a couple of the flights I was going to take in October doubled what they were.  I was pissed but such is life just had to start over.  At least I got it booked through September.

So all I have left is October to figure and then home after that.  The biggest deal was getting the September bookings.  July through September are the prime months here.  So September 1st I head out for Bucharest to catch a plane to Budapest.  Budapest and Bucharest are really good places to find cheap direct flights to and out of.  It was the cheapest way to go to Skopje in Macedonia where I will be staying for a few weeks.

I haven’t been to Budapest before so decided to spend 5 days there to see it.  Before heading to Skopje.  Was figuring if I liked it I would stay longer on the way back.  There was a really cheap flight direct to Cyprus from there then to Chania on Crete.  But those are the flights that doubled.  I just waited too long because of the shit WIFI and me procrastinating too long when I got here to book them.  Bummer Dude!

One thing I am really really good at is procrastinating!  Either way I save money but could save more if only I could make a damn decision!  I think a lot of people would love to have this be their only problem in their life.  So I have nothing to complain about!

Well have booked all my fights from now till I get home the end of October.  I was going to stay till the first week in November but those fights went up big time too.  At any rate I am booked and can take a breather doing all this research to get flights to places.  

I leave for Budapest in three days.  I am going to miss these Gorgeous sunsets it was a real pleasure!!!!!!!!

Well I’m back in the USA for Alden’s first Thanksgiving.  It is the first time I have been able to see him.  Things just did not work out before this so I am really glad they did this time! 

When Alden first arrived last December in Hawaii. It was my son Jason’s and my daughter in law Chris’ first baby so things were pretty hectic going thru the learning process of having a newborn.  When March came around I was going to go see them before it was time for me to leave to go to Europe. 

At that point Jason decided to take a new job and they were in the process of selling their house on Hawaii and getting ready to move to New Hampshire to live on a small Island off the coast of Maine.  He was going to direct and teach marine biology to students at UNH for the summer months.  I then made plans to see them at the end of the summer after they left the Island for the mainland for the rest of the year.   

Well as much as it looked like this super great romantic adventure.  It turned out to be just way too isolated and rocky to even push a stroller around on.  So it turned into a nightmare instead of a dream. YIKES!!!!  Bummer Dude.  Never know until you try kind of thing!  So as it turned out he resigned and they flew back to Hawaii a week before I was flying back to see them. 

I decided to stay in Europe and blew off my fights back.  The reason I was coming back was to see Alden and he was now on his way back to Hawaii with the family to regroup and move on from there.  After the rest of the summer regrouping Jason decided to take a job offer in Washington, DC so in November they moved there. 

It worked out great because my sister was back from a earlier trip up North and was able to go to DC and help them unpack and get up and running in their new house there.  I was coming back from my trip and we were all including Chris’ mom and dad going to be able to get together for Thanksgiving at the new home. 

It is going to be great to have them so close to Florida and a short flight away.  YAY!  It was a great time had by all!!!!  Nothing like Thanksgiving with the whole family!

Not that I am biased or anything but Alden of course has the most incredible smile I have ever seen.  He just beams from ear to ear.  What a very very HAPPY Boy!!!!  It was a Great Great Great visit and long overdue!!!!!!!!!


YAY!  Alden the first half year of the rest of your life!  He decided it would be a good idea to celebrate by taking his Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa on an Alaskan Cruise. 

He said it would be great to see Alaska and thought it would be a good way to start getting acclimated for the cooler weather ahead of them in New Hampshire.  Because when they move from Hawaii to there it is going to be a big change. 

Said he didn’t think he would mind living on an island off the coast of Maine for the summer and the mainland in the winter.  He will be helping his dad coordinate a program to teach students about marine biology and the ability to have a hands on experience with the diverse marine life of the area.  Plus just being able to play in the sea every day will be well worth it! 

He said there is a great ice cream shop on the next island over so he’ll be all set there.  Said he is excited to be going on a new adventure in life and anticipating many more in his bright and long future ahead. 

Before Alden turns 7 months old, he will have been to Hawaii, California, Washington state, Canada, Alaska, South Carolina, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine!!  Think he has the travel bug all ready!!  Here’s to Alden may he for ever have that really really really great smile on his face!!!

Alden on his first flight decided to take a break from his very active life in Hawaii.  And go to San Francisco for a little R&R!!!  At the ripe old age of 3 months old.  He is starting off carrying on the family tradition of travellers in grand fashion!!!  He told his parents they could come along to as long as they didn’t cramp his styling!!!  Looks like he is LOVING it!!!  He’s got the babe magnet thing going on already!  Pretty COOL HUH!!!!

So I am back from Istanbul at my sister’s place.  It has taken a lot longer than I thought to get back on the road again.  I have had a really good time visiting with her and it has been great! 

But I am chomping at the bit to hit the road again.  It took a lot longer than I thought.  Because while I was here I decided to get all the formalities of getting old out of the way. 

Like going to my Doctors for check ups etc.  They always turn it into a long affair of take this or that for a couple of weeks.  Then come back for them to check if it is working.  Then they have tests that want also.  So a long story short it took what felt like forever. 

Also my sister wanted to take a quick trip to see old friends.  So I was more than willing to stay and watch my cat while she was gone.  Because after all it is my cat and she has been taking care of him since I left.  I was very very happy that she offered to take him because I could rest assured he was in good hands.  I figured that is the least I could do for her. 

So bottom line she was able to get away for a bit.  And I was able to get all my yearly Doctor stuff out of the way for another year. 

I have my new destination picked out.  My flight booked and am now ready to get the Hell out of Dodge!!!  I will be heading to Puerto Escondido Mexico.  I am really really READY!!!!

So I am sitting at the airport in Miami waiting for my flight to Greece.

It is going to be a long wait because I had to take a shuttle from Port Charlotte to here.  And the fight isn’t for quite a few hours.

I’m walking around all over the airport killing time.  So I’m sitting watching all the people arrive for their flights.  In the door comes this really good looking women she walks by me.  And as she is walking by someone else comes in the door.  This very strong breeze comes with them. 

It blows this women’s light mini skirt that she has on up over her ass.  I just happen to be looking and at first I thought she was naked.  But then realized I could see the thong coming out of the top of the crack of her butt. 

She didn’t even try to pull it down just kept walking and once she was out of the breeze it came down on it’s own. 

I am sitting there thinking that if this is how the trip is going go it is going to be a good one!!!  Being 68 it doesn’t take much to make my day!

As I sat there the other night in a melancholy moment slowly shedding tears and breathing deep and letting it all out. 

Thinking of all the people that have touched my life in the few short years I have been here.  And all the great times we have had together.  It made me pause to wonder if what I’m doing is the right thing. 

But only momentarily as memories are the only thing we can carry with us as we go.  And new ones are as important as the old.  I am sad to leave but happy to begin and I hope in the future we will meet again.  If not!  

Know that I will remember you and hope that you will remember me.  Life’s too short and I’ve got to live it to its fullest and I totally intend to do that.  The outcome may or may not be what I’m looking for but it is a new beginning for me.  The end of an old. 

It is an adventure that I can not let pass me by.  To me life has always been an adventure and to stop now would be my ending.  I’m not ready to do that. 

Life comes and life goes it’s the way it is.  We have no say.  Maybe if I stay one step ahead of the grim reaper.  I will get one more day of life. 

I wish you all a good journey and may we meet again!  YA HAH HAH HAH HAH!  I’M FREE

Well I started selling and getting rid of things in September of 2015.  It is now complete and took much longer than I thought.  It is now the 1st of February.  It has definitely been a case of easier said than done. 

All my life I have wanted to travel the world  and have done so in small increments of months at a time both for work and play.  Now is the time to go for good! 

I have spent 67 years of learning, hard work, dedication, accomplishments and many setbacks.  All this to achieve what was expected in life by my parents.  And others and for me to be able to say that I have achieved the American Dream. 

Because I am a habitual worrier, anal about everything being done to perfection.  And very aggressive once I start on a chosen path.  it hasn’t been easy but has made it very interesting. 

The only problem is now that I have been able to achieve it I realize it is not what I really have wanted out of life.  It’s not the possessions, toys and other material things I have accumulated that count. 

Fortunately in going for the dream the sideline benefits.  That came from all that hard work trying to get there.  Was what I was really looking for. 

The people I have met.  The travel and the adventures I have had along the way.  Have turned out to be what made it all worthwhile.  I have been very fortunate in my life to have experienced so many diverse and crazy adventures.  And have no intention on stopping and settling for less in my future plans.

It has been a challenge and sometimes sad to liquidate all my belongs.  And start off on a totally new adventure at my age.  Because things don’t come as easily as they once did. 

Seeing things that you have collected and treasured for years go for peanuts at yard sales.  And Craigslist.  Giving things to friends to leave a part of me with them.  And then bringing all the excess left over stuff to the Homeless Shelter.  Or the local animal shelter for rags. 

Pretending that you don’t live in your house having to clean it constantly and up keep everything.  So that when it shows to potential buyers it looks bigger, better and cleaner than it ever has. 

It’s pretty mind opening as to what the value of what you thought you had is and what you actually do have.  I just can’t sit here surrounded with a bunch of material things and be content with them.  Or just be comfortable it isn’t working. 

Everything I thought would be hard to let go of I felt better when it was gone.  Every apprehension I had was gone once I did it.  Every move I made in the direction I wanted to go I have felt good about.  There has been very little looking back. 

It’s a big world out there and we live in such a small part of it.  It’s there to be explored, lived, felt and enjoyed.  There are so many adventures to be had if you look for them.  And some you wish you hadn’t but that’s all part of it. 

That is why I am doing what I am doing life’s to short.  As so many say but so few do anything about. 

There have been a lot of not so big words.  like stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights involved.  I’m hoping going forward I find all the big words when I do this.  like Peace, Tranquility, Freedom, Happiness and Love.  But if nothing else I do know the one word I will find for sure is ADVENTURE.  And to me that’s the biggest word of them all!! 

The house has sold and all my belongs are gone.  In April I’m heading out! 

I now have a small backpack with a camera, small laptop and a cell phone.  That I have never connected along with a small suitcase.  We will see where life takes me from here. 

I’m going to endeavor to persevere, kick ass and take names.  Till I can’t.  Hopefully I go out fast in the end.  And I will never have to settle for less.  Dave