Well I left Cadiz today and went to Jerez to catch my early morning flight to Chania!  The place I stayed in was nice and had a beautiful little Spanish tiled courtyard to sit in outside my room.  I think most of them do after looking in a couple places around town.

After my walk around town and getting something to eat.  I came back to the room and was sitting in the courtyard having a drink.

This pretty young lady came out of the room next to mine and sat at a table nearby.  Since I am 71 most people I meet are much younger than me.  We talked from across the way in Spanish a little because that is all I know is a little Spanish unfortunately.  She asked if she could sit with me and of course I was delighted to have her to talk to.

When she came over we realized we both spoke English.  We were having a little trouble with the Spanish conversation.  It was a great surprise.  She was very pleasant and we had a great time talking the rest of the late afternoon.  

Later in the evening she said she was going to go have a drink and would I come.  It was not to late then so I said yes I will go for just one because I have a very very early flight in the morning.  We went and of course ended up with more then one drink but not by much.  It was getting late so I said I needed to get back because the morning flight was at 4:00 AM.  

When we got back I sat up for another drink with her and looked at the clock and it was after midnight.  YIKES!!!  I had to go to sleep but wasn’t going to get much!!!!!  I hated to leave and go to bed we were having such a great time talking.  But I did!!!!!!!

Morning came very very fast but it was worth it to have met such a nice person to spend my day with!  Here’s to her she made my day!!!!!!

The first few photos are of Jerez.  One of the courtyard at the hotel and a couple in town.  

Well it is great to be back in Chania!!!!!!!!  I have never felt more welcome!!!!!!  Brings tears to my eyes if I get to thinking about it!!!!  They are my second family here for sure!!!!!!!

The last photos are of the little party the night I got here on the penthouse of Julie’s dad.  Julie made an amazing snail dish from snails they harvest under the rocks in the orange groves near there cabin in the mountains not far from here.  

Lunch the next day with her dad and Nikos the old guy who lives down the hall from me.  My first sunset from my balcony.  The mountains that separate the north side from the south side of Crete are still covered with snow.  

The other day I was sitting at a bench in the harbor staring off at the buildings and sea around the harbor.  

I looked and there was this big sea turtle that came up to the surface to have a look around and get some air.  His head was the size of a softball.  I think he winked at me to give me luck and dove back down.  Could be my imagination of course! HAHAHA!  

I watched him swim away under the crystal clear waters here.  Stopping to eat sea urchins, crabs and shellfish along the way.  I never did see him come back up after that.

Guess they can stay underwater for a long long time.  I thought for sure I would see him again. But no such luck.  I guess he already gave the good luck he was going to give to me for that day!!!!!!!!  

From what I read it was probably the loggerhead it is supposedly the only Mediterranean sea turtle that nests on Crete!  They come here in May-June to mate and lay their eggs!  They can live to be 70 years old.  Two of the largest nesting sites on Crete are found in Chania and Rethymnon!

One thing for sure Chania is a beautiful place!  The view from my balcony at Julie’s is unbeatable!!!  The first 5 photos are of Jerez the rest Chania.  For many more photos and stories of Chania type in Chania in search box

I was invited to a party with Julie and family to some friends I had met at a party at Kostas and Julies a week ago.  They wanted them to bring me to see their house and have a party for me.  Pretty nice of them!

It is in this little village of Kria Vrisi in the back country of Crete in among the olive trees in the heart of the olive oil country.  It was pretty amazing this big old place with many separate buildings.

It had a big basin where they said they used to stomp on the grapes with their feet to make wine. In another building they had a press to squeeze the olives from their trees for the oil.  The guy said he now uses the grape crushing basin for a swimming pool for the kids in the summer.  

There is another very old building that is preserved as it was when his grandfather and grandmother lived there.  It still is preserved as it was the day they left.  The grandparents live in Athens now and only come back to stay there on a couple holidays.  Looks like it hasn’t been lived in for a hundred years with all the old pictures hanging and things just left where they were way back when they left.  

Pretty cool stuff wish it had been during the day so I could see more and take more photos.  These are some photos of the party and the beehive shaped very old wood stove they used to cook the food in.  It was some of the best lamb I have tasted on Crete.  It melted in your mouth!!!!!!!! 

Towards the end of the party they started to sing the old traditional Cretan songs that most times accompany a party on Crete.  The songs they sing go back to 1000 A.D.  I’ll put in some info below. It is awesome to feel the vibe from them.  I have also written about them before.  They are mesmerizing when you are there and listening to them.  As they get into it it gets better and better and the more people join in.  It was an incredible experience for me.  One that I will never forget. Thank you all Loved it!!!!!!!!

The rizitika songs form a separate category of the Cretan folksongs. As the name indicates, the place of their origin is at the foot (rizes) of the mountains, especially the Lefka Ori in Western Crete.
Nobody knows exactly when the first rizitika songs came into existence, but at least they can be traced back to the Byzantine period (about 1.000 A.D.). The rizitika tradition has survived both the Venetian and the Turkish domination of the island, and is still alive in the 21st century. As a matter of fact there are a number of songs about the German occupation of Crete during the Second World War. Even today new rizitika songs are being composed, and their content and style do indeed live up to that of the old songs.
Besides the chronological classification, the songs are also divided into the two categories tis tavlas (at the table) and tis stratas (on the road).
The songs of the tis tavlas category are sung during banquets, at parties, baptisms, weddings and on other lesser occasions – and they are always sung without musical accompaniment.
The tis stratas songs are rarely sung nowadays, but in former times people sang them when they were walking or riding from one place to another. Often the songs were accompanied by a lyra (or a fiddle in Eastern Crete) and a laouto. This category also includes some of the wedding songs that were sung when the bridegroom set out for his parents-in-law’s home, and later when he brought his bride to their common home. Furthermore there are wedding songs where the bridegroom’s mother welcomes the bride, as well as when the dowry was exhibited.
The songs did change in the course of time. In Byzantine time a popular subject was the dying border soldier Digenis Akritas. Often the descriptions in the songs were exaggerated, as for instance in the well-known song about Digenis Akritas:  For other photos of Crete click the links below>  

So Thessaloniki is the only city or place I have been in Greece that I have very little good to say about it.  Or would I ever want to come back.  The only good thing about it is the cheap flight to Chania on Crete.

I have looked around for 4 days now and am staying for 5 unfortunately.  I have only taken 2 photos so far.  The old town what there is of it is on the top of the hill behind the old city walls.  It is OK but is a fairly steep long climb from the center to get to it.

The rest of the city burned to the ground in 1917.  In the main part of the city by the sea there is very little to like about it it is awful.  The developers that came in after the fire.  Slammed together all these faceless buildings.  Doesn’t look at all like Greece.  

All the buildings are Dirty.  Sidewalks are dirty.  If you lean on a wall you are covered in black grim where you touched the wall.  On the side streets there is garbage falling out of containers everywhere.

The traffic on the main roads through town is horrific all day and night long.  There is so much exhaust fumes from vehicles it gives you a sore throat and I can hardly breath.  

What historic sites they do have left.  Most are surrounded in scaffolding and covered with screen cloth.  No one is working on them and it looks like they have been that way for years.  The ones that aren’t being repaired are surrounded by tall fences some permanent some not.  It is like you are at the zoo looking at animals but they are buildings.  It is almost impossible to get a decent photo of what is behind them or to even see them.  

The parks and plazas are stark with few benches, flowers or plant life.   If they have a water fountain or feature it is usually not working and green with algae.  The buildings along the waterfront are all 8 to 10 stories tall and in much need of paint and repair.  

There are sidewalk cafes all along the waterfront but in the 2 Kilometer or more walk I did.  I only counted 14 benches to sit at by the edge of the sea and there is at any given time several hundred or more people walking.  I guess the idea is if there are no benches you have to sit at a cafe.

I apologize to those of you that live here because the people I have met have been very very very nice.  Super in fact!  It is the cities only saving grace!  A younger person more interested in having a good time for a weekend in all the cafes.  Would probably have a whole different opinion of it.

The prices they get to stay here do not warrant what they have to offer!!!  The only reason to come here is to get a ferry to the islands or a cheap flight somewhere else in Greece!!!  Greece has so so so many beautiful gems of places to see you are wasting your time coming here!

A CELEBRATION for the Newborn Baby Girl GEORGIA!  At the Grandparent’s Nektaria and George’s house.  They are Julie’s brother Lefteri’s wife Eleni’s parents.  It is the same place where the making of the Raki is done.  Great place to have a celebration!  Unfortunately the three of them couldn’t come because Georgia is just a week old. 

There was as always enough food and drink for a small army.  The grill was in constant use all day cooking incredible grilled meats till dark.  The wine and Raki flowed like water and I don’t think anyone left without wobbling a little or a lot. 

There were about 30 people that came and we Celebrated and Celebrated and Celebrated IYIYIYI!!!!  It was another great and amazing day on the mountain!

Here’s to GEORGIA!  She has a great family and a extremely beautiful place to grow up in!!!  It has been a very great honor to me to have been able to see and be a part of this.  I will never ever forget it! 

WHAT A GREAT WAY TO CELEBRATE A NEW LIFE!  Life gets no better than this!!!!!!!!!!  LIFE IS GOOD


Went to Kostas and Julie’s new cabin today.  It is not finished yet but it is close to being done.  Just needs the finishing touches!  LOVE IT!!! 

Julie picked us up in the afternoon.  Along with Nikos the 86 year old man in the room down the hall from me.  He is like their grandfather he has been here so long.  Kostas dad Manousos and me plus the 3 children.  We all headed off to the mountain for the day in this tiny little car packed like sardines.  There was not one inch of space left.  HAHAHA 

It is a cabin they are building on the mountain so Kostas her husband can stay there all day and tend to the sheep and that they can use as a little getaway.  He and his brother Nikos have to milk 200 sheep 3 times a day on two different mountains.  The cabin is on one of them.  It is so he does not have to travel back and forth to their home in town to eat and rest.  It saves them a lot of time and money for gas etc. 

Plus this time of year he, his brother Nikos and his mom Despoina need to be there all day to harvest the Olives on top of milking the sheep.  It gives him and them a place to sit and eat and relax or lay down a few moments.  It takes about 45 min to drive there on winding roads. 

The house is a combination cabin and sheep shelter.  The upper floor is for them to live in and where they make the cheeses and yogurt.  Underneath the upper floor is for the sheep and where Kosta’s feeds them and milks them.  Julie spent all afternoon cooking for us and then again when Kostas his mom and brother came in from collecting olives at the end of the day.  She is a great cook and the food was delicious as always! 

Then Kostas and his brother had to go back out and milk the sheep.  Kostas’ dad the children and me did a little side trip down the dirt road and gathered oranges, lemons and limes to bring back while they were doing that.  They didn’t get done until well after dark.  What really really hard workers they are.  IYYIYI! 

Pretty cool place and what a fantastic view over the mountains and valleys.  It was a great time!  Loved every minute of it!   Just one more day here I will never forget!!!  This is one place life makes the world go around not money.  I am honored to be a part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!

It is time to harvest the grapes and make Raki here in Chania.  The grapes have been harvested now and made into wine.  The mash from making the wine has now been fermenting for a few weeks to make the Raki. 

Julie took me to taste the first batch coming from the still.  We went to her sister in laws families house high in the mountains.  There of course was a big party to celebrate the event. 

Unfortunately her husband Kostas was unable to come because he was busy harvesting the olives on their farm all day and then had to milk the sheep after all that.  They have 200 sheep.  IYIYI what a lot of work!  They are both very hard workers.  Good thing they are young.  They are also just as hard partiers.  The Greeks love to celebrate everything any chance they get.  They are such happy crazy fun loving people.  I Love them all. 

She also asked Bernhard a really nice Austrian man who is also staying at her place to come too.  He is jolly, happy and full of life!  We have become friends since we met here.  It has been nice to have someone to talk too and share some Raki with.  It was a really great great time of course and there was a ton of food and drink all afternoon. 

I got very very drunk because I forgot that when the Raki comes straight from the tap it is much much much stronger.  I passed out in my chair and fell over twice.  BAD BAD BAD!!!!!  Julie and Bern had to help me get into the car and up the stairs to my room.  She stayed a little bit to make sure I was going to be alright then went home.  I of course remember none of that part! 

They all thought is was very funny when they came to check on me today.  I am paying dearly for it now.  HAHAHA!!!  After all these years I have never learned how to pace myself.  Chances are looking slim to none that I ever will.  CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!!!

Well my first day back in Chania has made me feel like I never left.  Nikos the 80+ year old man and close friend down the hall from me made a big lunch for me as a welcome back.  Julie the lady that owns the place I am staying, Eleni her sister in law with her about to be born new daughter and two other guests that were staying in the room next to me came. 

It was a SUPER GREAT time and made me feel OH SO WELCOME and glad to be back with such GREAT friends.  It meant the world to me both literally and emotionally.  My only regret is not being able to speak the language that I would so love to be able to do.  It didn’t hurt a thing though Julie speaks great English and the others spoke a little we all laughed and carried on for the afternoon. 

Julie brought me three huge containers one of Greek yogurt, one of honey and the other of a Greek cheese Mizithra. That tastes something close to feta and yogurt combined and has a texture in between the two.  All that she and her husband Kostas make from their sheep in their village near here. 

She also brought what she considered a meal for me tonight.  It of course was a monster plate that will take me three days to eat.  It is just the way it is here and I LOVE it.  I couldn’t have asked for anything else as GREAT as what they did for me.  It has totally made my day and made me smile ear to ear!!!!!  LIFE IS GOOD REAL GOOD!!!


It has been a little more than two months now.  And the stress, little bouts of depression, anxiety, restlessness to get on with the journey have left me behind. 

My days are now filled with a great calming, peaceful and relaxing feeling of having finally arrived where I should be.  The very kind people.  The laid back atmosphere the smiles and laughter all in different languages make it a very special place. 

Today like every day now I spend 3 -4 hours walking around.  I first head uptown to get my double Cappuccino.  From this coffee shop next to a nice little park in the center of town.  The girls there are always smiling and now have it started when they see me coming. 

I sit in the park and watch the people walk by for a while and then head down to the harbor.  Stopping first in the cathedral plaza for a little more people watching.  I take little sips in each spot till it is gone.  It doesn’t seem to buzz me out like regular coffee. 

Today it was blowing a full gale from the Cretan sea.  So much so in certain places along my walk you had to lean into it. The Sea is warming now so the wind is only slightly cool just about perfect. 

Each place I go and sit at a bench along the way offers something different for the eye to see.  Feast on and absorb good thoughts.  Today I went to the park just outside the wall of the old city.  Along the entrance of the harbor.  The wind was blowing so hard where I was sitting it was like getting this amazingly great massage. 

When I went to get up after being there for quite some time.  It was like coming out of a trance.  Even a little dizzying WHEW pretty nice.  So many different spots to sit at and each and everyone like a dream.  If I close my eyes I feel like I am drifting off into space.  Then have to open them to come back. 

I now know the names of Julie’s little girls there are three.  And when they come by they always have a new word for me to say.  They laugh when I can’t pronounce it correctly.  Then they do it broken down into pieces so I can get it. 

Julie brings me meal after meal even though I tell her not to.  Because I know she is very busy with this place and family but she insists.  They are all fantastic with animals from their farm Lamb, Pork, Chicken.  It just doesn’t get any better than this. 

I don’t remember if I told you or not but Julie has the second floor with 4 rooms Julie’s studios.  Her brother has the first floor with 4 rooms Blue Studios.  Her father has the third floor with rooms.  Don’t know what the name of that is yet. 

Because he doesn’t rent till later in season prime time.  So the kids can rent theirs off season.  He also has the ground floor that is commercial.  He lives in the penthouse on top where I had the first party with the family.  Pretty sweet arrangement and all are nice as can be!! 

I also go by and visit Katrina the lady from the last place I stayed for a while.  Usually on Thursday when they have the big market over by there.  They also have it on Saturday next to where I am now.  All the vegetables are fresh from the ground.  She has nothing but I have never seen her when she isn’t smiling and happy! 

I am very CONTENT here.  It is a word that has escaped me for a very long time!!!  LIFE IS REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!!




So my adventure and day putting up what Julie said would be a corral for their sheep.  My picture of a corral and hers turned out to be two totally different things!!  In my mind I pictured a pen because she said it was to hold their sheep in. 

Her father picked me up in the morning and off we went and drove up into the mountains to a little village.  We stopped at a house it was Julie’s brothers wife’s family.  We waited there and had coffee and some had shots of RAKI.  I refrained while waiting for everyone else to come.  There ended up being a lot of people to help.   

We loaded a bunch of fence on 4 or 5 trucks and everyone into the trucks.  And headed down a rough dirt road further into the mountains.  I’m thinking well this isn’t going to be a very big coral.  By the amount of fence we loaded this will be a piece of cake. 

We stopped on the top of the mountain because that is where the road ended.  You could see the Cretan sea off in the distance it was so high.  I’m wondering how we are going to build a corral here because there was no flat place. 

Everyone gets out and heads down this path and at the end there is this huge pile of 20′ long lengths of fence.  And a big pile of rebar alongside a path cut down the side of this mountain. 

I then realized this was going to be no small pen!!!  To make a long story short we ended up building a fence around this whole side of a mountain.  From the top to the gorge down at the bottom and back up again!!!  It was so steep you could hardly stand up.  I YAI YAI YAI YAI !!!! 

I thought I was going to have the big one before I finally got back up to the top again.  My hands were bleeding from all the cuts from the fence and blistered.  From tying so many pieces of wire around the fence to the rebar!  OH GOD WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO THIS TIME. 

But it all ended well and I did make it back to the top albeit very slowly!!!  We stopped for a couple of beers at the house we started at. Then headed to Julie’s house for the big meal she was making.  With the 2 sheep and 2 lambs they had killed from their farm. 

I never saw any sheep so don’t even know where they were!  On a different mountain no doubt!  I didn’t ask either. 

We headed back into town but not before stopping along a orange orchard to fill bags full of oranges.  Then turned over rocks picking up escargot for the meal.   

The party after the day on the mountain was great!   These photos are of the men after many gallons of wine have been drank.  And I mean many at different tables singing these songs.  That they sing at feasts like this.  It has happened every party just forgot to say. 

One starts and then it goes around from table to table.  Each taking his turn in a very trance like song or so it sounds to me anyway.  They all sing like they are bringing the sound from deep inside.  And most sing it with their eyes shut most of the time pretty cool stuff!!  I didn’t know what they were saying.  It  just felt really really good to hear!!  It was amazing and is something I will never forget. 

It was just this really really amazing day and lasted into the evening with an amazing bunch of people!  If only I could have understood all that was said it would have been the icing on the cake!!! 

So today it is back to my walking, swimming in the sea and trying to recoup from the party.  When I jumped in the sea today.  The salt from the sea made me almost yell when it hit my hands and all the cuts and blisters on them.  After I got out they did feel better so I guess it was good for them!!!!





So I have moved from Katerina’s To Julie’s.  I found this place on the other side of the old town for 30 Eur a night.  So jumped at it because all the rents go up in May.
Young pretty lady that just opened up this place.  I had a great time talking to her.  She and the place are super nice and it is overlooking the esplanade and harbor. 
She asked me when she found out how old I was.  How do Americans all look so young and that she had a grandfather my age that really looked old!  I THINK that made me feel better!! 
She came and picked me up the last day at Katerina’s.  Anyways I’m now here for a month or more and just may go for the last month too.  When I was walking over here trying to find the place.  I came across a farmer’s market going on.  On this side of town turned out to be the same one different day of the week. 
So it worked out real good got all kinds of good veggies to bring back here.  I was pissed that the one over at Katerina’s was the day before I got here.  I didn’t want to lug all my stuff plus food so I didn’t buy. 
It was going to be a 20 or more minute walk.  Julie picked me up anyways so it wouldn’t have mattered.  But I didn’t know she was going to then. 
I mean I bought 3 tomatoes and 5 cucumbers for 50 cents along with some other stuff!!  All the restaurants I eat at the meals are meat and fries and a couple slices of tomato and lettuce. 
I mean you can order vegetables as a side but then you double the bill.  And of course I’m too cheap to do that and it is way more than I can eat even if I did. 
So tonight I eat lots of VEGETABLES YAY!!!  So that’s life here and it is real good and getting better all the time!!!  I am so into this it’s scary!!!


So I found a nice spot to rent on my return to Chania.  I am sitting here on my balcony overlooking the Aegean sea with my tunes cranked up listening to the blues. 

The balcony is big enough for a dining room table and I’m 50 or so feet in the air.  Plus I have another small balcony on the back side still with a water view.  What’s not to like about this. 

Went down to talk to Katerina the landlady tonight.  But she had some guy who was like these two cats that were in heat in the street.  And the male trying to mount up the female every chance he got.  And the female wasn’t having anything to do with it. 

So came back up to my room poured another drink.  And am sitting here really enjoying life and all it’s pleasure’s.  I have this place for a week. 

Today I found another place for a month.  Katrina is booked up.  Plus she couldn’t do me this place as cheap as she gave it to me.  Any how I would have paid up.  But like I said she’s booked up at twice what’s she’s charging me. 

Katerina is so sweet everyone that walks by she is greeting and going into the street to hug them.  The other day a couple of women friends one was  pretty old with a cane came by.  She was out there in the street dancing with them.  I don’t know what about but they were all having fun. 

This morning I go down to have a coffee because she always wants me too.  And then I have to have cheese, bread and pound cake etc.  And then fruit to take back to the room. 

She greets me all upset I guess she had rented this room I’m in to some people.  They were pissed because she put them in another room.  Hell she gave me the best room in the place half of what she was getting from them. 

So of course I said I didn’t care if I had to move.  That I was just happy she gave it to me it in the first place so cheap.  She was almost in tears because she felt like she was messing me up moving me to this room. 

I actually like it better because I don’t have to climb 3 flights of stairs to get to it.  And the kitchen is bigger.  I would never say that to her because she was so excited to give me her best room. 

She is so full of life and feelings I think she is 70.  Tonight I think her husband has come to spend the night they have a house in the country and he works there and her here.  Of course she has to stay here and him there. 

I saw a picture of him and it looked like him who came.  Because she ran out and greeted him and was all excited.  Simple people with nothing that will give you everything for nothing in return. 

I tried to get her to take more after getting to know her but she will have none of it.  And looks at me with a mad face if I keep up about giving more.  She just says I wanted to do and that’s it.  Pretty amazing to me what a sweetheart!!!acordiancafe dsc_0011-2 dsc_0020 dsc_0030 dsc_0104-2dsc_0013dsc_0011-3dsc_0010dsc_0005-3100_0823100_0809-2

For more photos only of Chania click here: CHANIA

In 2016  after leaving Chania I stopped in Rethymno and Heraklion before going to Sita.  I did a little blurb on Sitia in a previous post it is pretty nice.  From there I was going to the last good size town I had not been to before Ierapetra. 

It was a bit of a disappointment because I was hoping it would be the perfect stop.  I was looking for a larger town to stay in for 3 months.  It is a good size town on the South coast but I just didn’t care for it.  It wasn’t bad just not good.  The photos I saw were better than it looked. 

I had been to both Rethymno and Heraklion on two other occasions and wanted to make sure I had remembered them correctly.  So stopped again.  They both leave a lot to be desired.  Rethymno has a very small old section and harbor.  I found it to be very run down and not so clean meaning trash along streets Etc.  And the further out you go the worse it gets. 

The same was true of Heraklion only it did have more of an old part of town and better harbor.  It too had a lot of graffiti and wasn’t that clean.  Heraklion is more of a stop over to catch the ferries to other Islands. 

As is Rethymno to break up the long bus rides across the North coast to and from other towns.  Part of the reason for the dirtiness could have been because it wasn’t the tourist season. 

I have also stopped for short visits at the towns of Kissamos.  And on the South side of the island Frangokastello, Makry Gialos, Ierapetra And Ag Nikolaos on the North side. 

The first Kissamos is the first town you come into where the ferry from the mainland lands.  It is not real interesting other than it has a nice beach and is a place to spend the night when the ferry lands. 

The next three are very small beach towns on the South coast.  Ierapetra being the largest.  But just didn’t cut it for me.  If you want solitude and very nice beaches they fit the bill but like I said very small.  I liked Frangokastello the best of the two.  It was a lot more scenic.

Ag Nikolaos is a pretty nice size town I think second only to Chania in beauty, comfort and atmosphere.  If I had to choose a place to stay again I would choose either of them but I think Chania is the best of all. 

You have to understand that I am looking at these places as extended places to stay.  All would be alright for a short term stay.










Just when you think you have seen it all you realise there is so much more to see.  This harbor with it lights shining across the water at night is truly magical.  It’s like seeing notes electronically played on a computer.  Only in multiple colors depending on how the the wind is blowing they are long or short!!!  Pretty Amazing!!  
So there’s these guys that walk around the harbor day and night.  It’s 12:30 AM now and this guy is walking around with a trident spear like Neptune has.  They have been trying to spear some kind of fish or something don’t know what.  Because I’ve yet to see them hit what they have been aiming for.  Even if they did I wouldn’t be able to see from here what it was.  I figure it is probably octopus that they are after.  
This place has a really good vibe about it but is a little too small for me and short on people and action for me.  But the good feeling that it has is hard to overlook!  I’m going to find it hard to leave here.But feel like I’m the only one here kind of supernatural or bazaar.  Haven’t really pinpointed it other then it is not tourist season yet!!  Little traffic few people crazy.  If only I had a tab of acid!!  NEXT!
So forgot I was going to give you a little history of the place and surroundings where I am staying here in Chania.  On the island of Crete.
The house was a part of a Venetian Palace from 1200 AD and the hill it is on overlooks the harbor and the surrounding sea.  It is the highest spot in town.  It is what was part of the first settlement on Crete.
Kydonia as it was called was the third largest city established by King Minos of Crete between 3650 and 3000 BC.  At the bottom of the hill are the remains of that settlement.  It is a World Heritage Site. 
Chania I think is the nicest town on Crete and I have been to all of the larger ones.

So I am back at the first place I stayed on Crete because the lady offered me a good deal if I stayed a week.  This is my first night back. 

So I am passed out from all the Raki I’ve been drinking and it is 2am.  I hear this weird sound like scraping or tapping on my bathroom window.  It woke me up and so I got up to take a piss and I hear it again on the window. 

Now I’m 3 floors up so I’m wondering what kind of animal is out there.  So I open the window and here’s this pretty little woman sitting on the ledge of the window.  

I’m going what the fuck in my mind and wondering what Greek God sent me this.  I figured I was seeing things.  Then I look down and I see two guys on the top deck 10’ below.  On the house that adjoins this house. 

They are telling me the landlady left the key to their room in the room and they had no way to get in.  Because no one was letting them in from the rooms on the ground floor.  And they couldn’t get a hold of the landlady. 

One was the neighbor and the other this girls boyfriend.  So I’m standing there naked looking at this girl and she is looking at me trying to explain.  HOLY SHIT AM I DREAMING OR WHAT. 

So I tell her I have to put some clothes on and then I come back and let her in.  She says have a good vacation and thanks a lot and goes out the door to their room!  Pretty crazy HUH!!!!  Life’s good and it keeps getting better!!!!

So I have arrived in Chania Crete and this is the second place I am staying.  I am sitting on my balcony overlooking the sea it is dark. 

I am looking down over this little bar restaurant down below me.  I see this really really really huge Saint Bernard and a beautiful women walking down the esplanade. 

She comes over and takes a seat on one of the tables next to the outside wall of the place.  There are two rows of tables all set up with tablecloths and dishes etc. between her and the esplanade. 

She orders a drink and is just hanging out chatting on her phone and relaxing having a peaceful night out.  She has a  ¾ “ rope wrapped around her wrist attached to the dog.  And the dog is just laying there quietly. 

Along comes 3 stray dogs down the esplanade.  They are barking and carrying on at every passing dog and owner like it is their territory.  They get opposite the lady with the Saint Bernard and decide they are going to harass her and her dog too. 

Big mistake the Saint Bernard leaps up dragging the lady and all through the tables that are set up going after them.  There are tables overturned and glass everywhere.  Whoa what a mess! 

The poor women finally gets control of the dog and the strays go screaming off down the street. 

She brushes herself off like nothing ever happened and comes back to the table where she was sitting as it is one of the few left standing. 

The waiters in the restaurant are all out cleaning up the mess.  She sits down orders another drink and carries on with her night out.  PRETTY CRAZY!  like out of a movie!!!

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