Well I’m in my room in Budapest left this morning from Bucharest.  Went there for two days from Brasov.  One to get from Brasov to Bucharest one to figure out where to get the bus etc to the airport on the second morning.   To catch the very early morning flight to Budapest.

The room is very small but nice and has a small kitchen.  It is right next to the Danube river.  To bad the balcony doesn’t look over it.  I am on the 6th floor and the balcony overlooks a nice inner court of which I only see the rooftops because I am at the very top of the building.  Kind of neat to look at.

So far from the walk here this morning there is going to be way more than I can see and do in the time I will have.  It will keep me very busy trying to see as much as I can!!   Very beautiful old huge buildings everywhere. 

Left the room this morning and went across the street and walked alongside the Danube into the center.  It is incredibly gorgeous along the river with the long tourist boats easily the length of a football field sailing up and down.  Looking across the river at the scenery of the Pest side is beautiful with the huge government buildings and churches.  The walk is great nice little parks and benches all along the way.  When you come to the center on the Buda side there are these amazingly huge government buildings absolutely incredible in size and design. 

I walked for 3-4 hours every morning and for 1 or 2 in the evening.  With only 5 days to see it I really had my work cut out for me.  The buildings in the center of the city are really massive and many are ornately decorated with beautiful stone carvings of every imaginable manner of people, gargoyles, gods and animals.  Still can see bullet holes from the wars on some of the buildings!  You could also see them in Belgrade and Brasov on the buildings there.  Crazy to see took me awhile to recognize what they were!  

The buildings here are so massive it is impossible to get far enough back to take photos of the cravings.  The only other problem I had is from the fumes from the vehicles because there is nowhere for the air to escape.   Unless there is a strong wind blowing through and even then the fumes are strong.  No different than any other large city.  At least down by the river it is open and the fumes aren’t a bother.  I spent the largest share of my time there. 

I am sure I still didn’t put a dent in all there is to see but think I saw the most grandiose of them all at least!  The food has been excellent and the price of things are much cheaper than I anticipated so that has been great to find out.  Probably on the line of the prices in Cadiz.  Won’t hesitate to come back again and see some more of it. 

I leave Saturday morning at 2:30 am to walk to the bus for the airport takes about 40 min or so then another 35min to airport for flight at 6:25.  Hate those very early morning flights but such is life.  They are always the cheapest way to fly.  It will be a very short flight to Skopje in Macedonia.  Get there early and will have to wait till room is cleaned in afternoon.  Bummer Dude!!!  Then next day move to new place.  Crazy.  LIFE IS GOOD Dave