Dave is not there yet!  I have been there, gone up there, down there, over there, under there and around there.  I have been here there and every there but there is always another there to go to!  Everytime I get there there is nothing there to show or tell me I am really there!  I am hoping I will get there soon because there is nothing worse than getting there and there not being there when I get there!  I have not been to every there yet so there is still hope of getting there!  There is a there isn’t there?  There is a reason out there why I am not there.  I am having trouble finding there because there is no road map to show where there is on all the maps out there!  I will let you know when I am there so you can come there and be there too!  I also think it is because Dave will probably never be all there!  HOPE TO BE THERE SOON!  SEE YOU THERE!  Dave  

It’s like this for me now!  One side wants to stop and look at what I have learned from all the good things I have seen and done in the last few years.  Then to regroup and start off again.  

The other side thinks that if I do stop and take that time.  That I may not only be losing that time.  I may not be able to do whatever I come up with in the time I spend taking to decide what it is!!!!!!!  Does that sound Crazy or what!!!!!!!!!!

The trouble is that even though I have all this free time.  So many things have now become unavailable to me to decide or choose.  For instance my strength, health and stamina to do the things that I didn’t have to think about when I was young.  Then all I had to do is just decide if that is the direction and take it.  

My avenues for being able to pursue what I want now pretty much comes down to what am I capable of doing even if I want to.  

That is where all the down time comes in.  I just don’t have the energy to keep up doing what I was able to in the past.  So needing all the rest that I do.  My body is saying it needs the down time.  I am caught between a rock and a hard spot.  

Why I do what I do is to keep my mind and body active as much as I can.  The naps and down time are just what my body needs, but not so much what my mind wants it to do!  

Like if I try to do more today because I feel I am not doing enough.  Tomorrow I will only be capable of doing less because I wore myself out today!  

A good example is today the day after my trip here to Cadiz.  I wore myself out yesterday getting here because it was a real long trip and by the time I got here it was late.  Today I got up and had breakfast and was exhausted so fought it for a bit.  Then said the hell with it and went back to bed!!!!  All I did today was sleep and go stock up on groceries!  HAHA!  

The boat is sinking and there is no way to keep my finger in the hole!  My body is getting back at my mind for telling it what to do all my life.  Now my body is taking over and telling my mind what I can and can not do!!!  It is it’s turn to be the top dog and it is taking advantage of it by hook or by crook, like it or not!!!

Made it to the ripe old age of 70!!!  Pretty amazing in my book!  Never thought I’d make it to 60 let alone 70!  I’m In the beautiful city of Cadiz, Spain for my birthday!  Couldn’t think of a place I would rather be.

I feel very very gifted to have been able to see and experience what I have so far in life.  I have no regrets about getting older.  The regrets I do have from the past were all a part of learning.  My biggest regret is not having known what I know today many years ago.

I look forward to many exciting new adventures in the future and all that life has to offer!!!!  There are many many many things in life to be Thankful for! 

You do not have to look very far to see them and to see how much better off you are then others!  Just waking up in the morning is one of the best ones!

One of the others is being able to take a photo like this of this very beautiful old lady from Monopoli, Italy.  She was so full of life just made you smile inside!  If I can have the smile she has when I get that old I will be fine with that!!!

Take Time To Smell The Roses and Don’t Eat Yellow Snow!!!!!!!!!  I am Endeavoring to Persevere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!  Dave

Well with all the rainy days here in Cadiz.  I have accomplished what I have been trying to do to make a simple link between two words on a page in my website.

After hundreds of hours over two years time reading watching videos and calling Tech support.  Then putting it down for a while after getting too frustrated.  They make it look so easy when you see and read the instructions.

The thing of it is if you aren’t aware of all the terminology then it is meaningless.  Also most figure you are aware so many things you should know are skipped over.  Finally found a video today by a lady and the light bulb came on.  That combined with the many other things I read and looked at.  YAY! 

Whoever figured this HTML stuff out is way way way beyond my capabilities.  If you have ever seen a HTML page you will know what I mean.  CRAZY stuff!  At least now I know a tiny tiny little piece.  I’ll take a hammer and saw any day over this stuff. 

But I have finally figured out how to insert links on pages.  So that it makes it easier to navigate the long pages from one to the other and back to the top in my website.  Seems like it has taken forever.  Even after figuring it out yesterday.  When I tried to do the same thing today it didn’t work. 

Could have been because I was half or more in the bag when I finally got it late last night.  At least I slept good knowing I did it.  So I messed with it from early morning today to mid afternoon and figured it out again.  I was doing two little tiny things wrong! 

After I got it in my head I finished the one page I was working on in 30 min maybe less.  Now hopefully I can complete the rest of the pages in coming days.  Probably do another page tomorrow just to refresh my mind again!  YIKES it was a big learning curve! 

So if you want to see what took me all this time to do you can see my fancy work in Nicaragua.  Hopefully the other pages will be completed soon.  Doesn’t look like much for after two years of on and off trying. 

All I did was make it so you click on a town at the top of the page and it will take you right to the town instead of having to scroll down to get there.  Then I put in TOP at the end of the photo’s of each town to get you straight back to the selection of towns at the top again. 

I think it is the hardest simplest thing I have ever done!  HAHAHA!  PS the other pages are now completed!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!   Below is a guide from what I have learned hope it Helps Someone!!!                                                               


 (The LINK) using TEXT

<a href=”#1″>LEON</a>


(A) (IDENTIFIER is a number or anything else) (Example #1) (B) (LINK NAME) Name or Number in text wanted to link) (example LEON)

 The Link can be made much easier using the Link button at the top of your Visual edit page it is the Chain symbol.  Simply highlight the word you want to make the link to then click the Chain button and type in the # sign then the IDENTIFIER (A)in the URL box.  Then hit ADD LINK. BAM your done and it doesn’t move or add spaces or anything extra which can be a problem in a header with lots of Text you want to LINK   


 <a NAME=”1″></a> 

(ID) (A)

(A) IDENTIFIER a number or anything else) (Example 1) same as IDENTIFIER at top of page but without the hashtag in front of 1) The Number or whatever you use for the Identifier must be the same in both links.  Using a number is easier if you have a lot of links for the Identifier.  You just use the next number up to give them a different Identity every time.  That way you don’t need to spend so much time typing

A CELEBRATION for the Newborn Baby Girl GEORGIA!  At the Grandparent’s Nektaria and George’s house.  They are Julie’s brother Lefteri’s wife Eleni’s parents.  It is the same place where the making of the Raki is done.  Great place to have a celebration!  Unfortunately the three of them couldn’t come because Georgia is just a week old. 

There was as always enough food and drink for a small army.  The grill was in constant use all day cooking incredible grilled meats till dark.  The wine and Raki flowed like water and I don’t think anyone left without wobbling a little or a lot. 

There were about 30 people that came and we Celebrated and Celebrated and Celebrated IYIYIYI!!!!  It was another great and amazing day on the mountain!

Here’s to GEORGIA!  She has a great family and a extremely beautiful place to grow up in!!!  It has been a very great honor to me to have been able to see and be a part of this.  I will never ever forget it! 

WHAT A GREAT WAY TO CELEBRATE A NEW LIFE!  Life gets no better than this!!!!!!!!!!  LIFE IS GOOD


It is time to harvest the grapes and make Raki here in Chania.  The grapes have been harvested now and made into wine.  The mash from making the wine has now been fermenting for a few weeks to make the Raki. 

Julie took me to taste the first batch coming from the still.  We went to her sister in laws families house high in the mountains.  There of course was a big party to celebrate the event. 

Unfortunately her husband Kostas was unable to come because he was busy harvesting the olives on their farm all day and then had to milk the sheep after all that.  They have 200 sheep.  IYIYI what a lot of work!  They are both very hard workers.  Good thing they are young.  They are also just as hard partiers.  The Greeks love to celebrate everything any chance they get.  They are such happy crazy fun loving people.  I Love them all. 

She also asked Bernhard a really nice Austrian man who is also staying at her place to come too.  He is jolly, happy and full of life!  We have become friends since we met here.  It has been nice to have someone to talk too and share some Raki with.  It was a really great great time of course and there was a ton of food and drink all afternoon. 

I got very very drunk because I forgot that when the Raki comes straight from the tap it is much much much stronger.  I passed out in my chair and fell over twice.  BAD BAD BAD!!!!!  Julie and Bern had to help me get into the car and up the stairs to my room.  She stayed a little bit to make sure I was going to be alright then went home.  I of course remember none of that part! 

They all thought is was very funny when they came to check on me today.  I am paying dearly for it now.  HAHAHA!!!  After all these years I have never learned how to pace myself.  Chances are looking slim to none that I ever will.  CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!!!

I’m in Cadiz, Spain the oldest town in western Europe.  The same spot and apartment I was in in the spring.  I love it here!  I’m here at Victor and Carmen’s place.  The young couple that run the place for a guy from Madrid.  It is great to be back! 

I even looked at a couple of places to buy and rent long term this past week.  I don’t know about buying but the vacation rents here are high except for this place.  Even they are high in the main season and early fall.  I have slowed down a lot this year so that is why I was thinking about it.  Less moving and more long term stays.  It is a super town!

The old town where I am is pretty big takes up the whole peninsula.  There are really no bad areas and plenty of places to walk and enjoy life.  It’s another great place!

Victor and Carmen wanted to buy a place and we’re just getting to the position of being able to afford it.  But a couple of really big Germain real estate conglomerates came in this summer and bought every cheap place in town.  Prices went from 40k -70k to them being over a100k and most closer to 200k now.  There are still a couple cheap ones but they need tons of work. 

It really sucks for them and me.  Hate seeing things like that happen.  The English and Germans did the same thing in Portugal and ruined it for the people living there too.  Likewise in Central America with the Americans and Canadians.  So Bummer Dude!  I was thinking about buying here but now the cost I think is more than I want to spend.  I really really like it here so I may bite the bullet and do it. 

On the other hand it will take away my freedom again!  I am not so into losing that now that I really have it for the first time in my life.  No worries, no big problems is great for me so lots to think about.  Victor said the taxes are crazy high!  It costs them over a $1-2 thousand to get a driver’s license and the income taxes etc I guess are outrageous.  So we will see.

Long term rents are fairly cheap like many for under $500- 700 a month and quite a few to choose from.  I could apply for a 2 year visa but it is a pain in the ass and all has to be done in Miami.  So multiple trips back and forth to there.  It would mean hanging in Florida for a couple months and I don’t think I’m into that anymore.  I am just figuring life is too short now to be hanging around in a place I would rather not be. 

I really don’t need to get a long term visa if I don’t buy a place here and expect to stay all year.  I can do what I am doing with 90 days in and 90 days out of the Schengen zone by going to the Balkans.  That way I can work around the whole visa thing and not need to worry about getting the two year one.  The only time I would need that is if I wanted to stay longer than 90 days in a row in the Schengen zone or the whole year. 

Next year I will come to Cadiz first then I want to go to Serbia to see a couple friends I met in Chania.  Then check out a  couple of places in northern Romania that I didn’t get to go to.  Because they were booked up in August when I wanted to go this year.  If I leave Cadiz in June it is the perfect time to go.  Because it is cool there then and there should be plenty of places to stay. 

Also never got to the Ukraine.  There are a couple places there I want to see.  So the pre plan plan goes something like this.  First Cadiz then to the Belgrade area of Serbia to see my friends.  Then to the north of Romania after leaving there to find a place to stay for August ahead of time.  Then to the Ukraine from there. 

Then back to Varna Bulgaria until August it is one of my three most favorite places in Europe so far.  Then hopefully to a place I find to stay in the spring in Northern Romania for August.  That is if I find one seeing as I don’t really know if I will like the area or not yet.  Then maybe to Varna or Chania and probably back to Cadiz in the fall. 

Really all the places I was in this year the weather was perfect.  Except for August getting too hot everywhere.  The heat really gets to me now and takes away from me being able to walk around as much as I do.  I just decided to wait it out in Bucharest this year.  The temps are perfect here now so back to life as normal with lots of walking around and enjoying the days!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!


For more photos of Cadiz go to: Cadiz 2017

Well 5am yesterday standing in line at the airport in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Standing in  a really long line I think the biggest one I have ever been in.  I thought I was going to miss my flight and almost did.

Just when we were getting pretty close to the end.  These three Bulgarian or Russian heavy duty looking thugs walked up aways in front of us deciding they were just going to cut off the huge line.  This guy next me to walks out of line and goes up to them and starts giving them shit big time for cutting into line. 

Now looking at this guy you would think he was a clean cut dude in what looked like Carhartt light brown pants and black dress shirt.  You could tell he was probably built fairly well underneath it all. 

So anyways he is going back and forth with these guys one had already crossed under the line and cut people off.  He looked like the meanest of the bunch and really big.  The other two never went under just bantered back and forth with the guy in line giving the kid shit and this hellashish stare down.  It was getting pretty intense! 

The kid never blinked an eye or backed off.  I’m thinking and everyone else in line is thinking these guys are going to kill this kid.  Some of the older ladies in line are trying to get him to stop.  Just saying stuff like just leave them alone you will get hurt it’s not worth it kind of thing.  I THINK!  Because I didn’t understand what they were saying! 

Didn’t even phase this guy at all he just kept at them.  I’m going OH OH this is not going to be pretty.  I mean this guy was like perfectly calm these guys didn’t scare him in the least little bit.  He made me feel cold inside and he wasn’t talking to me. 

Anyways the two on the outside came over but kept their distance and continued with the threats to him.  I don’t know what the last things he said to them were but his last gesture was to blow them each a kiss.  Whatever it was they decided to leave pointing at him making threats but leaving. 

So the only one left is the big guy still in line but not going anywhere.  The line with me and the kid getting closer and he is still harassing this guy.  I’m going OH shit I am going to miss my flight!!!  Fortunately when we got about 4 or 5 people from him and us.  This big guy and I mean he looked mean as sin ducked under the rope and left.  With this guy blowing him a kiss too. 

I was like holy shit that was close.  I don’t know who he was but he never raised his voice too loud but just enough so he could be heard.  He never flinched a muscle or blinked an eye.  He was super composed the whole time.  I’m going what the hell who is this guy.  I didn’t know who he was but knew I wanted him on my side.

When we got a little further down the line.  I figured I needed to say something to him so just said nice job dude!  He said Thank you but that there were only three and smiled.  I’m going really IYYIYI! 

Then we were at the end of the line.  He looked at me and said you go ahead of me my flight is later.  Because we had been talking about it earlier.  I said no that’s OK but he insisted so I said Thanks and went on my way. 

I don’t know who he was but he had to be some kind of heavy duty military dude I figured.  I guess so did the three thugs!  Shit never saw anything like it before.  When I was leaving I looked and the three of them were at the end of the line waiting like everyone else.  I just shook my head and smiled!!  All at 5am what a way to start the day!!!  CRAZY!!!!!


So finally I have a plan after a month and hours and hours trying to find new places to go.  I just threw in the towel trying to find a place.  Mainly because of a lack of accommodations and prices everywhere.  It is prime time here now and everyone is on vacation. 

I will stay here in Bucharest and although very hot it is cheap right now and nice.  I will be here till the 31st then fly to Madrid on the 31st and fly back home from there on the 5th. 

That was a couple of weeks ago now and turned out to be too easy something had to go wrong! HAHA!!!  Jason quit his job and is no longer going to be in NH on the 5th.  That was the reason I was coming back so early to see the two of them and Alden!!!  Now they don’t know what they are doing yet just that they won’t be in NH.  They are going back to Hawaii to figure it out.  They just don’t know at this point. 

So I blew off the flights back home on the 5th!!!!! I am now thinking about going to Varna in September, Cadiz in October and Chania in November.  The trouble with that is trying to put all the flights, buses and trains together to do it.  I have one pad almost full and just started to transfer stuff over to the other one.  It is a real nightmare and I have had about enough for today. 

The thing of it is you spend a hour or two working on one way and come to a dead end after spending all that time. All because the last piece to the puzzle doesn’t fit!!!!!  YIKES I’m not having FUN!!!  I have literally sat here for days trying to figure it out.  I have tried a million  different ways of doing it and am still sitting here going which way do I go George which way do I go!

When you try to do something like this there are just so many things to consider.  There aren’t that many flights to these small places but I have tried every airport close to where I want to go.

Then every bus and train to get to my final destination and then how to get back to the next spot from there.  Trying to fit them all together makes me see double.  Plus the info on the web is sometimes or most of the times outdated and you have to spend hours just trying to find out where to get the info.  OH MY GOD!!!!!!  IYYIYIYIY!!!!! 

So the final pre plan plan goes something like this August 31st Bucharest to Varna.  Sept 20th Varna to Sofia spend the night couldn’t help it.  Then Sept 21st Sofia to Madrid, Madrid to Jerez (Cadiz).  Oct 25th Jerez to England, England to Chania.  Nov 18th Chania to Athens, Athens to Barcelona, Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale.  Plus some trains and buses!  Yikes!!  

I had to take the days that you see because they were the cheapest.  I looked a week on either side of them so I know they are the least money.  Makes a huge difference.  It would have cost me twice what it is to just pick certain days out of the blue and not look for the cheap ones. 

Every airline has their cheap and then expensive days that is what makes it so time consuming to figure out.  Not only that but you have to make sure you can get good connecting flights.  So you don’t end up having to spend the night waiting to fly out again in the morning.  That would make the cost jump way up! Room, Taxis or buses back and forth just to spend the night.  It really is crazy trying to put them all together! 

Other then wanting to see family and friends and having to do stuff like taxes and Doctor visits etc.  I have no desire to be in the states anymore.  The only other time I would want to leave here is to spend somewhere warm for a couple of months in the winter! 

Now that I know how to work out the 90 day visa thing by leaving the Schengen zone and going to a Non Schengen country for 90.  I can stay as long as I want just have to move around a little. 

This year I have found what I have been looking for for so long! Now I don’t have to spend anywhere near the amount of time bouncing around.  I have found 3 really really great places to stay for months at a time!!!  YAY!!!!  It’s a good thing because I have lost a lot of my get up and go this year.  The new place every 3 or 4 days is a thing of the past! 

I thought when I came here to this area it would just be a way to get out of the Schengen Zone.  Then go running back but what I have found is so amazing.  Here I get 90 days in each country and I love them. 

If you think all the mish mash of writing above is confusing to read.  You are absolutely right but is just where my mind is at the moment!!!!!!

So bottom line is.  I will be leaving Bucharest at the end of August and then going to Varna Bulgaria again till the end of September.  It is the place I have liked the most.  After that it will be getting cold here and time to leave. 

The good part is then I get to go to Cadiz for October which I loved.  Where I met the young couple that rented me the place I was staying and I enjoyed being with so much.  Then Chania on Crete at the end of October to the middle of November to see the family there that I rented from last year.  They took me in and made me feel like I had known them all my life.  After that it will be time to go home for Thanksgiving. 

Hopefully everyone is settled by then so I can get to see Alden!  The photo is of Garbis the man I met to let me into the room the first time when I came here a few months ago.  He, his sister, her grandson and the lady’s father I rent from invited me over because they wanted me to enjoy a traditional Romanian meal.  It was really really great and I was honored to be there!!  A real nice memory to remember! 

It’s hard to believe when I leave next week I will have been here a month.  Time goes by really really fast now a days!!!  Even with all the confusion!!!  I am totally Happy for the first time in my life and have never looked back since the day I left!!!!!  I wish the same for all of you!!!!  LIFE IS GOOD  Dave

First day back in Bucharest.  I just got back and into my room.  Got up at 5AM to catch the bus in Sofia.  Long long 8 hour trip in a bus.  Met a girl on it though her name was Loretta.  We hit it off right away so the time passed fairly fast. 

When we went to a different bus station here then we thought we were going.  She called her dad and had him pick her up.  She then offered me a ride to the closest Metro. 

When I met her dad right away he tried to give me money for the Metro.  But Loretta had already given me a ticket she had with rides left on it for me to use.  I offered to pay her but she said no way it is a gift for you.  Told me what to do and how many stops it would be to get to where I was going perfect.  Pretty amazing in my book! 

Garbis the old guy I met last time I was here met me here again.  I had mentioned to the women that rents the place last time I was here that the pillows sucked.  When Garbis came to meet me he brought two brand new pillows.  Pretty cool she remembered and did that for me.  Amazing!  

Then after getting moved in Garbis wanted to buy me a drink so we went to the old town and had a drink and came back.  When we got back I was going to make us a cup of coffee but the kettle didn’t work so he decided he was going to go get a new one. 

I told him it could wait another day but no he was off to get it.  He came back about 10:00 PM at night on a bus dropped it off and grabbed the last bus back to wherever he lives outside the city.  Pretty cool stuff!  I am exhausted!!!! 

You know there is no channel on the tube you can turn too.  That can get you what I see here and from my balcony every day and night!!!  It is so amazing!   I have not turned on the TV since the day I left! 

The little old lady in the nightgown with her dogs that I saw the last time I was here still comes every night.  I think she has four of them and brings two at a time.  Two at around 9PM and again around 11PM with the other two.  She lets them run in the fenced in area for them across the street from me.  It is a small park just for dogs! 

She is all hunched over and waits outside the fence and sometimes walks along it watching them waiting for them to do their thing.  It always made me smile when I saw her and still does.  Here in the dead center of the city and her in her nightgown walking her dogs.  Simple but perfect! 

Gotta Love it!!!  Good start to the day and what a nice way to be greeted on arriving back in Bucharest!  For more photos of Bucharest go to links below.  LIFE IS GOOD

This saying fits me and is so right on!  It was sent by a very close friend.  Like the Quote he sent I have never for more than a moment given any thought of going back to what I had.  I am still much happier doing this then I ever was doing what I was doing in the states. 

After quite a few years doing this.  I now have found a couple of really really great places to say I would stay in for months at a time.  I am hoping to find 1 or 2 more before I am done this year.  Then I will be able to settle in those places for much longer lengths of time and have a real life.  Without all the constant moving.  Knowing that I have done my homework and have found the best there is to offer up. 

I still will do side trips just to make sure but for the most part I will have satisfied myself that the ones I have chosen are the best there is for me.  Although there will always be that alternative of going back and getting something back home.  There is no way that is ever going to happen unless they are carting my ass off the playing field in a stretcher!!!  HAHAHA!!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!

Well been planning where to go from here.  I leave on the 15th 4 days from now.  I have really enjoyed this town it has been a very peaceful, relaxing stay and I am now reinvigorated for the next part of my journey. 

Antonio the guy that owns the place where I’m staying is great.  He has brought me many home cooked meals that he and his mom have made for his family.  Super nice of him!! 

I have also been here long enough now to get to know many people that I meet along the way in my daily walks.  At least by a buongiorno or arrivederci, a smile and a nod and a couple speak a little English. 

I love watching the catch come in and everyone meeting the boat to get first dibs on the best of the catch.  The guy at the produce stand I go to didn’t want to change a 20 the other day so just gave me the couple of apples I had picked and said catch him later with the money.  It has made the time spent here very worthwhile. 

Just woke up been sleeping a lot today it has been a lazy rainy day first in a very long time.  Feel a little more alive now.  Seemed like every time I woke up I was still tired.  Anyways decided to go to Bucharest, Romania after Polignano Mare close to here and then Bari to get the plane. 

Antonio the guy that owns the place here had mentioned it when I first came and showed me an airline from Bari which is real close from here and super cheap.  Wizz Airlines!  I don’t know if you get the Cheeze with it or not.  I guess maybe I just gave it to you!!!  HAHA! 

I had thought about Bucharest but figured it sounded like a cold place so put it out of my mind till the day before yesterday.  I was talking with Antonio again and he said it was very warm there and now was the time of year to go.

Anyways I forgot about it and just woke up thinking I should look.  Mainly because I didn’t like having to wait for the ferries till 11pm or 12am to leave from here to cross over to Albania.  It would mean either getting a room for the day and not staying all night or hanging around all afternoon and night with my luggage.  Plus I would have to share a cabin and I didn’t like that and it was a 120 bucks. 

Just looked and I can get a really decent daytime flight to Bucharest and be there early afternoon for like $60.  Checked out the rooms and they are good prices and the photos look great.  The flight, photos and the fact that it has a pretty big old city center made the choice for me.  So that’s what I’m going to do at least today anyways. 

Just couldn’t wrap my head around Albania.  The photos just didn’t look so good to much older modern not enough real old.  But I still might pass through it when I go back to that side along the coast.  Bucharest looks interesting and I like the mystique of the name! 

The last photo is of the very special meal I had with Antonio and his family just before I left!  One of his sons is named Aldo so Alden meet Aldo!  I will always remember it!  CHOW!!!  Monopoli a Great time was had by all!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!


I’m in Monopoli now.  It has been terrible booking rooms here in Italy with booking.com.  Finally in a B&B to stay that is exactly how it was described. You can’t know how good that feels right now!!! 

I just can’t believe how much trouble I am having with even booking a room here in Italy.  People say they have a balcony and private bathroom in the room in the room description.  When I make the booking it is always the first thing I ask them in special requests.  It is the first time you have the chance to ask them a question. That is do you have a balcony and private bathroom in the room.  Please if you do not.  Do not book me the room. 

Then they email you OH that room doesn’t have a balcony or that room doesn’t have a private bathroom in the room that room has been booked.  They clearly state on their booking site in the description of the room that it does and when booking.com sends you a confirmation it does.  But when you hear back from the people they do not. 

Then if it is a non refundable reservation I either have to take what they have or call booking.com and hassle with them for half an hour or more to get my money refunded.  If anywhere it says under the description of the room some rooms have this or that.  You can rest assured your room is not going to have it unless you are very lucky. 

It has been a real big pain in the ass here.  Last night I couldn’t sleep I was so mad about it.  I don’t know what to do it has been a very frustrating time for me here.  Lecce was the first town I have really really liked but I stayed in two places that did not have what they said they had.  I just got tired of fighting about it.  I guess I am not doing something right. 

I think a lot of it has to do with booking.com having a lot of B&B’s now and the people not knowing how to set it up right on their site.  Because when you ask they tell you.  Also you see the people from most of these places 10 minutes and they are gone.  They meet you at the room or some at the train or bus station to take you to the room.  Show you how the keys work tell you a couple of things about the city.  Then you don’t see them till the next morning.  Sometimes you don’t see them again.  They tell you just leave the keys here or there and go. 

Very weird to me and impersonal not what I think of in a B&B.  I am saying these things so that you are very very very careful with booking a room here in Italy.  It has left a constant bad taste in my mouth since I arrived!  Make sure in special requests when you reserve the room on booking.com.  You ask if what you want is there and if not for them not to book the room.  Otherwise you do not have a leg to stand on with booking.com.  I am very very careful and do this all the time and I’m still getting taken for a ride!!!  HOPE this helps someone!!!

Well looking back at the last two opinions I’ve given on the places I’ve stayed.  I feel like a downer so sorry about that!!  I would much rather have been able to say they were great. 

I’m just not into the big cities or the glitz.  Should have known better!!!  But thought I would give them a try.  In big cities everyone is in a hurry like any big city in the world.  Everyone pretty much keeps to themselves and either looks the other way or straight ahead never acknowledging anyone else is there. 

I stopped to ask this fairly young guy something about direction today and he never looked or acknowledged I was even there let alone talking to him.  Didn’t think he heard me at first asked again same response nothing.  ASSHOLE!  Not what I’m used to in smaller cities that’s for sure! 

Walked for 3 hours today took 5 photos 3 of them were of the same thing.  That about sums up what I found of interest to me here. 

Don’t get me wrong the buildings are really nice and very old but because of the mass amount of dirt they have accumulated thru the years.  They just look and are dirty and for some reason feel cold and very governmental with straight lines and totally uniform.  I don’t know how else to explain it. 

They are everywhere so there is no lack of the old.  It’s just after seeing them for a while they all kind of look the same.  I’m sure there are many things I missed because in 3 hours you can’t get that much area covered especially in an old city this size but it was enough for me. 

I did cover a fair amount of ground though because there was very little sitting and watching people go by.  I was on a mission to see the city.  Not just the tourist attractions of which there are many.  I will go and spend another few hours tomorrow but my expectations aren’t high. 

What monuments, cathedrals etc I did see today were just kind of ok but not spectacular in any way.  I guess really it is  just a different type of architecture then I am used to.  It is kind of minimalist or something like that.  I did really see the beauty in it but it was different.  It was hard or cold not warm at all. 

I just couldn’t get that same feeling from it as other places.  Where so much work has gone into decorative and beautiful features and clean not filthy with dirt.  I guess the dirty part was the prevailing factor.  I’m sure if I looked beyond the dirt it would be a very different point of view for me. 

The only problem is because of the mass scale of the buildings.  It would take a hundred years to pressure wash the place to bring it back to the beauty it once was.  Just my opinion and I’m sure some will love it. 

It is a World Heritage city and has the largest historic city center in Europe.  It is also one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in Europe.   Although a lot of places have that same claim to fame.  It also has one of the most important Ports in Europe plus many other cudos so who am I to be the  judge.  Just not my cup of tea! 

You have to remember I am looking for some place I might be interested in settling for a while.  I would like to find 3 or so places to spend a few months at a time instead of spending all my time looking and in trains, planes and buses.  I am not just looking for a place to spend a week or two having a good time!  Even if I was this is not the place to do it! 

Well for the first time in Europe I had money taken from me.  I do not know if it was when I got on the busy sardine packed crowded bus when I arrived or what but it is gone.  I have no way of proving or even knowing what day it disappeared. 

I have been using my credit card to buy stuff and had some cash in my pocket for small stuff.  So hadn’t opened up my wallet to get money till today 3 days  after getting here.  They left me 100 US and 20 Euro.  Weird that if it was a pickpocket they put my wallet back with some money left. 

I had my hand on my pocket on the bus because I was worried about just that, being pickpocketed.  But they are slick and it could of happened.  There were a lot of distractions on the bus from the rocking back and forth to the crowd pushing and shoving. 

I have other thoughts on who got it too but I won’t go there.  They did not take my credit cards so that’s a Good thing.  I would be in trouble if they had. 

Oh well such is life.  I guess I should feel lucky they left me anything.  HAHA! Another learning experience I think it is called the law of averages!  My own fault for keeping it all in one place I knew better!!  Learned that years ago just got lax about it.  Never ever do that!!! 

Now someone is sitting around counting my hard earned money and their easy take.  Just remember this in any big city or anywhere in the world you are not back on the farm any more!!!  MY BAD!!!  Out of here in the morning!  Not a good start to my Italian adventure!  Shit!!!  Dave



I have now reached the ripe old age of 69.  Used to be a good number but now it doesn’t have anywhere near the meaning to me and is actually a little depressing! 

The reason I am writing these stories is so that Alden my new grandson has something to remember me by when I am gone.  I was never a father to my son Jason from the time he was born.  So I have deep regrets about it.  I know I blew it with him growing up and have no way to change that. 

I can only try to be a better person in what little time I have left considering each year goes by in the blink of an eye now.  Knowing who I was then I truly believe it worked out best for Jason.  I am just glad that his Mom and Perry were such good influences on him.  I truly owe them a debt of gratitude for being there for him and guiding him along the way.  They did an amazing job of raising him. 

He has turned out to be everything I wasn’t.  In my eyes a very amazing individual.  I am very proud of him even if I wasn’t a part of it.  I really have made a mess of my life till now. 

Although the theme of the 70’s was peace and love.  It was also about free love, drugs, rock and roll and rebellion against all values of the past.  Unfortunately I took the bad side of that coin and went with it. 

It is really sad that it takes some people like me so many years to realize that we went down the wrong highway in life.  The thing of it is once we have chosen the path we are going to take in life it is very hard to change it along the way. 

You get caught up in the security of making money and surviving as best you can with what you know.  Once you have put so much time in one direction.  It is hard to abandon it and choose another direction even if you know the one you have chosen is wrong. 

I spent all my life living and working on the road.  Traveling from place to place with a bunch of hardened construction workers who only saw home once in a great while.  It is not exactly conducive to a family type of environment. 

Your environment becomes the bars after work and the partying till late in the night.  Night after night after night.  I did try my hand at many different businesses and although I was able to make a living it was nowhere near what I could make on the road.  So of course I always gave up on the businesses and went back to work for the big companies that paid the most.  

I have to say that I did get to see many beautiful places in the USA that I never would have otherwise.  It also gave me what I have today to be able to enjoy the freedom I now have. 

The problem with it was it destroyed all my relationships in the process and in my mind everything else I ended up with.  It all seemed so hollow in the end.  In those years it was all about Dave and I didn’t take the time to consider anyone else’s feelings in the process. 

Stupid but I am very guilty of it and sorry for having done it.  Unfortunately it took me 60 something years of my life to figure out what I really have wanted in life.  I now believe I am on the right path unfortunately I don’t have a long life left to live it.  The only thing I have to say for myself is better late than never!!! 

Jason now has his greatest gift in life his new son Alden and his beautifully sweet wife Chris.  They are the perfect trio in my book not that I am biased or anything.  He will be everything to Alden that I wasn’t to him. 

I am just glad that he has accepted me as I am all these years!  Learning a lesson in life is a very hard thing sometimes but I do believe I have finally learned it.  I want Alden to understand who I have become in my old age not what I did when I was young and foolish. 

Now that I am in a better place in my mind and life.  I am just trying to leave these good memories of who I am now behind for him to see. 

I got started on this path early this morning and could not let it go.  I spent the night before and the whole early morning walk thinking about it!  Sometimes it helps to put it in writing and get it behind you! 

I hope if nothing else this inspires him to get out and see the WORLD there is so much to learn out there!!!  Most of the cents I have now are passed hand to hand in the market if that makes any cents to you!  I don’t know where I am going or what I am doing next.  But I do know I will be going somewhere and doing something!!!  LIFE IS GOOD  Dave

So after most of day yesterday and again this afternoon trying to figure out what to do about Morocco decided to blow it off for now.  I just couldn’t find information on anything like buses, trains or anything else. 

There was vague stuff like train goes here or there but no schedules of any kind.  It just started to sound like too much hassle and I haven’t even got there.  Most of what is on the web is 2011 or older so things may have changed by now. 

They speak French so it would be a problem unless I find someone to speak English.  Plus you don’t know if what they are saying is right because there are so many scammers.  I guess I should have done it when I was younger just seems to confusing for me now.  Know I could do it but don’t think I want the hassle of it and by the time I paid for ferries, trains, taxis, changing money Etc. 

It won’t have been any cheaper than staying in Spain so new plan coming up.  I have still yet to speak with Victor he is making a list of nice places to see In Morocco and maybe can better explain it to me and how to get around.  He has been a great help while I have been here.  He and his wife are super nice. 

There is nothing like talking to someone who has been there many times.  If he can show me a good way to do it then I will rethink the Moroccan adventure. 

Made a booking at this place in Vejer De La Frontera in the mountains a small village that is supposed to be picture perfect till after the holidays.  If I decide I want to change my mind again it will only cost me one night rent at $28.  But at least now I know I have something for the holidays. 

It is hard to find a place now that isn’t off the chart money wise.   At least now it isn’t so stressful worrying about it.  I figured it looked like a real peaceful place to just relax and get my thoughts about where I am going next.  It is pretty hilly so that could be a problem but I am in better shape after Albufeira. 

Plus it gets me through the holiday crazy prices.  Just seemed like I am spending all my time here trying to figure it out and I wanted to be able to enjoy it here.  Instead of worrying about what is next. 

I will still be able to go to Morocco or anywhere else from here.  So staying here longer I will have more time to think about it without having to rush into it.  Morocco is supposed to be real nice!  Yes just confusing myself at the moment.  So figured I needed to regroup!

I am trying to narrow down my search in Portugal from lessons learned along the way.  I have decided I am looking for more of a medium sized city then a large one.  The medium size cities seem to be more laid back then the large ones. 

I am looking for one with a large old town center.  Long esplanades along the sea.  Many pedestrian zones and parks with benches to sit on and whileaway the day.  Top on the list is having a nice balcony to hang out on.  To me that is the hub of attractions. 

Some of these towns like Albufeira, Faro and Lagos are pretty big but most of that is the new urban sprawl of recent years.  They are the biggest towns on the map of the coast.  That is why I go to check them out. 

Just because they are big doesn’t mean they have a large old town.  Like Albufeira it is hard to distinguish old from new.  It just blends together.  I like seeing these places but they are not somewhere I would want to live. 

I have been thinking about it for a long time now.  I choose these places I have gone to so far because they are the biggest on the map.  I thought they would in turn have older bigger centers but they do not. 

It is because most were just sleepy little fishing villages in the old days before tourism built them up to what they are today.  Most just have a lot of urban area but not much of a old center.  It just doesn’t look like there are any larger than these along the Southern coast of Portugal that I haven’t seen. 

Maybe North of Lisbon there is but it is colder there and I do not like cold.  I did like Lisbon a lot and am thinking about going back but it is a ways from here so I’m not sure yet what to do.  I will spend some time thinking about it. 

I since have been to Seville and am now in Cadiz.  So I have decided to stay here till after Easter weekend then leave on the 16th.  Everywhere except here the prices go up huge for the week.  They do go up though a little.  I guess everyone heads to the bigger cities. 

I am tired of moving so much and really don’t know where I want go next.  I have to many ideas and just want to sit for a while and think about it.  Instead of having to figure out where the next place will be the moment I get to a place. 

I walked around the old town here today and thru the middle of it.  I am at the farthest point in the old town out at the end on the peninsula.  The old town is surrounded by the old city wall.  I’m on a very narrow street and it is another beautiful apartment it is almost like a deja vu from Seville. 

The walk was nice.  I went along a really long park with fountains by the sea on the one side then walked thru the center and along the sea on the other back to here.  It’s only about 3 miles to go around the whole old town.  It’s a pretty little spot not monstrous like Seville and more laid back. 

The nice thing here is that almost everything is old not fancy but old.  The 3 or 4 story buildings with balconies and nice narrow little streets.  The old wrought iron street lanterns on the sides of the buildings really feels old. 

There are some newer buildings built for the tourist trade that are pretty faceless in the old town along the sea but not super high rises.  They have some design to them and there are very few. 

There is nothing but high rises  in the southern newer part of town outside the old city wall.  It is pretty much the norm everywhere in Spain along the sea some places more than others.  This place caught on to the destruction fast thank god and put an end to it before they ruined the look of the old town. 

The guy here offered me a deal if I wanted to stay more than the 4 days I had already booked.  He gave me 10 euro off a night so that is a really good price here 32 euro a night. 

So I decided or at least I am almost sure I will stay an additional 2 weeks.  I told him one week for sure and probably the other one and that I would let him know tomorrow.  I’m 99% sure just wanted a little time to get my head straight on it. 

The guy I am renting from will check tonight to see if I can.  Well had decided to stay but after going back to his house to look at his bookings the guy here said he was booked after the 7th.  So 7th it is.  At least that gives me a week to figure it out. 

I am now thinking about going to Morocco for a bit so this is the place to do it from if I decide to.  The ferries cross over from a couple of towns near to here. 

The guy here Victor is a fairly young guy and he knows a lot about it.  He has been there many times with his girl friend so he is going to get together with me so we can go over the best spots to go.  Tomorrow I am going to meet him and a friend from Morocco to figure it out. 

I have always wanted to go and almost did when I was coming to Lagos all those years ago.  One year I got to the ferry in Algeciras to go there and decided the girls were more interesting in Lagos.  So went to Gibraltar and then back to Lagos. 

So I have another chance and think I will take it.  I’ve seen most of the places I have wanted to see in Spain on the coast.  There is only a couple of more iffy ones left to see and I will have seen enough to make me happy that I covered them. 

I can do that after Morocco and the time there does not count toward my stay in the Schengen zone.  So that’s the pre plan plan. 

Went to the market here this morning got a nice fillet of Cod to bring back with some asparagus to go with it.  The market was incredible probably 50 or more vendors selling all kinds of fish, shellfish etc another 50 selling veggies. 

It is just so amazing to have fresh stuff at the market everyday a few blocks from here.  I love this about Europe it is one of my favorite things to do. 

I am comfortable here and the time spent will give me a chance to relax and get my thoughts together.  Even if it is not as long as I wanted to.  Can’t ask for more than that!

Loneliness is something we all have to deal with at certain points in our lives triggered by one thing or another.  Although being a single full time traveler is what I believe at this point in my life is the right thing to do. 

I didn’t choose it to be alone.  But because I am, the one way I have found to overcome it is being out there in the world with people living life around me. 

This time of year being alone and the loneliness that comes from it is a very hard thing to deal with.  The Holiday season that is meant to be spent with family and friends passes you by once again.  What family of mine is left is spread out 1000’s of miles apart.  All in a different direction.  Making it almost impossible to all get together. 

As much as you try to ignore this feeling of being alone it is impossible to do.  Everywhere you look you see families sharing this time together.  Enjoying the companionship of each other’s company.  Celebrating, laughing, smiling, talking and holding each other close. 

It makes it very hard knowing that you are missing these very important times in life.  Although in choosing this way of life and placing myself where I can constantly observe people passing by.  I at least get to feel by virtue of others some of the things I miss. 

It just isn’t the same as having your own loved ones to share it with but it is better than having nothing.  Many times during the year I have wished that I had someone in my life to share and enjoy these adventures with.  But it is like wishing for anything!  Would it be nice yes! Is it going to happen who knows! 

At my age the chances get slimmer every year that passes!  It will always be one of those things that looks greener on the other side!  Life is full of surprises!!!  Never say never!!!   Life Is Good!!!  Dave

If you look at all the innocent men, women and children.  That have been slaughtered in the name of religion throughout the centuries.  You will see that it is the number one reason for most of the people slaughtered on earth. 

Religious leaders were controlled by the rulers in power.  To gain wealth and make the people of the land succumb to them.  Believe or die that was the only choice and in return the rulers and religious leaders gained great wealth. 

Religion is based on fear.  You are taught it from the time you step foot in the door to fear this or that.  If you don’t do this or that this will happen to you.  They all have the same basic guidelines different name. 

They don’t teach you to live.  They teach you to fear living your life or you will not get to this eternal life in the sky.  In years past you could do anything you wanted here on earth from kill to rape to pillage.  As long as it was for your religious beliefs. 

You were told you will be rewarded in some way when you get to this place in the sky.  No matter what you do wrong in life all you have to do is ask for forgiveness afterwards.  Then you can go back to doing the same thing as long as you ask for forgiveness again before you die or are killed yourself.  You then will be allowed into this place called heaven.

How can any religion justify the reason so many newborn and young children have been killed in their mother’s arms.  Then the mother along with them.  All because they didn’t believe the way the killers do! 

Almost all major religious organizations today stem from the slaughter, raping and pillaging of innocent men, women and children. 

It is how they obtained the great wealth and power that they have.  And how they built the huge temples, shrines, cathedrals and mosques that are standing all over the world. 

They were built on human bloodshed and to make people believe that their way is the only way.  Because they are the biggest the best and the most powerful.  That if you don’t believe they will kill you. 

It has only been in the last hundred years out of thousands that the various religions on earth.  Have changed to believing in peace, kindness and helping others what they were suppose to be about in the beginning. 

They have been terrorizing people for centuries by forcing them to make offerings.  And justifying killing and stealing from others in the name of God.  That is how so many people came to believe by intimidation not by desire. 

It is only in the present that we forget what was done by them to get to where they are.  We are now faced with the few holdouts that still believe terror is the only answer.  It was once the norm. 

If Religions had practiced what they preached right along we wouldn’t be facing what we are today.  Where a bunch of extremists have taken one of the largest religious organizations in the world.  And turned it in a completely opposite direction then it was meant to be. 

Even their clergy stand idle from fear and do not condemn what is happening.  It is why America and the rest of the free world became great.  Because they are based on freedom of choice, freedom of life, freedom to dream and learn of a better way of doing things.  We call it civilized!

If you look back thru the past you will see that all good things.  That were created to help one another have been taken to extremes.  By people trying to attain wealth and power!  It is nothing new just a different day! 

Life will always be too short no matter how long you live!  I do not approve or disapprove of any one religion.  I approve only of the good values for mankind that have been written to follow that were created by them.  I want to know nothing else! 

It is very sad to think that in this day and age there are hundreds of thousands of innocent people living in fear for their lives everyday because of Government and Religion!! 

I am not trying to offend anyone out there.  Interpretation of all the good books can be to anyone’s liking.  And is indeed used that way.  But to me everything good that is said in all the books and is truly valuable in life.  Can be put on a couple of pages!! 

Wealth and Power whether it be Religion or Government will always rule us.  It is a shame that these few are succeeding in putting fear into everyone in the world. 

Even I now have second thoughts about where I go!  Unfortunately after thousands of years of learning we have still not learned to live together in peace!  DON’T LIVE IN FEAR LIVE LIFE!!!!   LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!

There is no GLORY for the many young people and others from around the world.  That are choosing to be with a bunch of perverse men, cowards and low life’s instead of living life! 

You are expendable like the toilet paper they wipe their ass with and the innocent they hide behind.  You are joining terrorist gangs of maniacs and cowards not warriors.  They are not capable of fighting like real men but have to resort to killing.  By hiding behind the shirt tails and skirts of innocent men, women and children to further their cause. 

These men respect no one not even their family.  You can be beheaded at the drop of a hat. 

GLORY would come from protecting those that are being slaughtered not participating in their deaths.  You will not be remembered in a GLORIFIED manner!  But as a despicable person and people will spit on your grave. 

It is a cause that is right out of the dark ages.  Even their ancestors are hiding their heads in shame and disgust!  They have taken the Muslim religion desecrated it and turned it completely around.  To justify their madness to spread fear and hate. 

For those of you looking forward to or expecting to get 30 virgins in heaven!!!  No amount of virgins in their right mind would have you!  Except by force.  So you would be living no different then here on earth!!! 

What kind of GLORY are you going to obtain from being with a bunch of insane chicken shits.  Who are a dying breed of HYENAS!  That know no other way of living except to kill.  They are barbaric bullies in this world.  That we have never met and are only capable of doing what they do because they run in packs.  And pick on the unsuspecting, weak and innocent among us. 

When they don’t have safety in numbers they run like HYENAS with their tails between their legs!  What GLORY can come from such a useless and despicable cause.  They are a cancer and are the scum of the earth!!! 

If what you want is GLORY stand up and fight like real men saving the innocent!  That will get you all the GLORY you could ever want! 

Remember this You can run but you can’t hide forever!!!  Live Life not Death!!! 

It is a very hard and incomprehensible state of affairs we are in!!!!!  FREEDOM LIVES ON FOREVER!!!!  LIVE  FREE  OR  DIE!!!!

Well the last few days I have been trying to wrap my head around which way to turn.  I know most everyone’s opinion is that I should leave!  I don’t really feel unsafe.  But I can’t say that all the news isn’t making me uncomfortable. 

The terrorist attacks although terrible haven’t bothered me much.   Other than the fact that they are horrible but because they are so isolated.  It is different then this new issue and it is totally something else altogether! 

If I go back and stay with my sister although I love her.  I will just be sitting around with my thumb up my ass.  With nothing to do for a while till I figure out what’s next.  Plus I will have lost a bunch of money because the place I am staying and paid for till the end of August. 

The place isn’t likely to give me a refund and I will lose the cost of the flight back.  I can make up for the room cost by staying at sisters.  So I guess it is really just the extra cash of the new flight back. 

I wasn’t concerned at all but have since begun to wonder if I am doing the right thing staying.  Or am I just being stubborn and unwise?  The last few days have been especially hard on me.  I am very confused as to which way to go. 

I can’t say that the seed of worry hasn’t set in and it will be very hard to remove.  Because everyday it seems like more stuff going on to worry about.   

I am concerned because of the language barrier.  I can’t get info from anyone here other then vendors or hotel owners that speak English enough to get by.  I did talk to a few today but they are here to make money and if you leave they are out so it is really biased. 

I’m not used to giving into fear but at the same time.  I can’t live with it over my shoulder all the time either.  Tough decision!! 

The thing that really got me the other night was those F16’s coming in across the the night sky.  From a red dot the size of a laser pointer on the horizon.  To being just above the ground over your head in seconds.  Afterburners shooting flames out the rear as long as the planes themselves. 

The horrendous noise that rattled the windows.  And made my ashtray bounce on the table on the balcony.  The shots and explosions in the background.  It was pretty intimidating and if I hadn’t been drunk I might have pissed myself!!! 

Talked to the landlady today and there is no chance of a refund can’t blame her.  She hasn’t had my place for rent so she would end up losing and I have her best room.  No big deal. 

In case I had to I had several escape routes planned out.  But I’m not the young guy I once was!  Now it is only in my heart the other part is gone! 

Even with the multiple exit strategies down.  Including all the different routes, Trams, Buses and Ferries schedules.  I would have still needed the energy after I got to the borders to make it out.  That takes youth and I just don’t have it in me. 

Although I probably would have made it happen if I had too.  I just decided I didn’t feel up for that kind of an adventure anymore!  PISSES ME OFF but it is what it is.  The old boy just doesn’t have it in him any more! 

The final straw was the rounding up of thousands of people even slightly or remotely involved from so many sides of society.  And talk of reinstating the death penalty. 

The talk of a mass cemetery to be named for those involved.  So they could forever be deemed as traitors and the unfaithful.  So people could spit on their graves. 

Now there are a few in the government saying the USA knew about it.  As much as I have tried to put these issues aside as terrible as they are.  They have become to overwhelming for me to deal with.  And it has become impossible to live with.  Without the fear of more to come. 

As much as I do love my place on the top of the city.  And being able to watch the world pass by in so many different ways.  It has become overwhelming with too much uncertainty for me. 

It is not the peaceful and tranquil place it once was for me!  I feel like I am giving up for many reasons but a lot of it is fear.  I hate that most of all.  It is a little embarrassing to me for that reason! 

I have decided to leave and have booked my flight back to Miami! 

I can’t say how bad I feel about the direction the world is taking.  Of terror, hate and fear! 

What is going to be left for our children if we keep on this way?  Thanks for being part of this adventure NEXT!!!!  Dave

I have been following the news of course and they are saying that Erdogan the president is rounding up all kinds of people. 

I have been walking throughout the city everyday and have seen nothing of that sort of thing going on.  Although I’m sure there is truth in it.  It is just not visible to me even slightly. 

No signs of massive police movements of any kind.  Other then there are a lot more of them and they are heavily armed.  But they are protecting tourist areas as far as I can see. 

I can say one thing it has decimated the tourist industry here that so many need to survive on.  When I walk down the streets and alleys past all the hoteliers, restaurants, rug, spice, candy, nut shops and clothing and fabric bazaars.  There are thousands of these little places. 

I see great sadness in the eyes of the once happy shop owners.  Knowing that what they count on for their main income of the entire year has been destroyed.  With no chance of coming back anytime soon.  They sit outside their doors on little wooden stools or on benches nearby. 

With nothing to do except hope that one or two of the few remaining tourists will come in.  And purchase something so they can feed their families and pay their help.  Not all are affected as greatly as those in the tourist trade but it trickles down to all in someway or another. 

I have spent many hours walking around to different areas everyday.  It is the same everywhere!  Sadness so great when after looking at you to see if you will come in.  And you pass them by they hang their heads in their hands.  SAD VERY SAD.  That so few can do this to so many! 

Today things seem to be somewhat back to normal in the old town and people are out and about doing the tourist kind of things.  Those that are left anyways. 

If I feel it necessary to leave I will but at the moment things seem to be quieting down so I will stay.  I understand what all my friends are saying to me but the people here are behind him. 

We see things a whole lot differently in the West then people here do.  So who am I to say they are wrong.  If they want to live their life this way it is their choice not mine. 

On Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 11:21 PM: Jason wrote

Sounds like there was an attempted coup in Turkey just now – keep your head down! Might be time for a change of scenery, I hear SE Asia is beautiful this time of year.

On Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 11:35 PM, David wrote

Thanks for the info not much out yet as far as news.  I hear no commotion and I am pretty much next to the main Sultanahmet Square.  But it might be on the Asian side.

On Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 11:54 PM, David wrote

The president is in Ankara.  I can’t see the bridges they say the army has taken over from here but I hear no disturbance of any kind.  Do here a helicopter flying around but they are always doing that.

On Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 11:59 PM, David wrote

They did raise the tax on booze and cigarettes this week don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

On Sat, Jul 16, 2016 at 12:06 AM, David wrote:

There were a couple of choppers going by just now one with lights which sounded bigger and one with no lights heading toward the bridges.  Still no sounds of gunfire!

On Jul 16, 2016, at 12:10 PM, David wrote:

Holly shit now we have fighter jets screaming by!  I saw 3 red spots on the horizon like laser dots.  The next thing I know is there are 3 F-16’s over the top of me only a couple hundred feet above the ground full afterburner.  The flame coming out the rear was as long as the plane and the noise was enough to hurt your ears.  I wouldn’t have had the chance to walk from the table on the balcony to the sliders coming out.  From the time I saw the 3 red dots to the time they were over the top of me.  My ashtray on the table was bouncing and the widows and doors were shaking in the house.  OH OH they are coming around again!  Damn!

On Sat, Jul 16, 2016 at 12:21 AM, Jason wrote:

Lights out, shades closed and head down. Oh and sleep tight 🙂

On Sat, Jul 16, 2016 at 12:23 AM, David wrote:

I’ll give it my best shoot but it sure is putting a dent in my Vodka

On Jul 16, 2016, at 12:35 PM, David wrote:

Plenty of fly by’s now but no bangs. It’s going to be hard to sleep with all the noise from these jets they are flying low and fast really really fast!!

On Sat, Jul 16, 2016 at 12:55 AM, David wrote:                                                                                                                                                                           

Saw the first ship go thru the strait guess it must be OK.  Think I can hear gun fire a long ways away but not sure could be fireworks!  Who knows they will figure it all out and tomorrow is another day.  I am fine and if you don’t hear from me for a while it is because they have shut off contact with the outside not because I am in any danger.  This is a military thing not a people thing.  Everyone should be fine! I am about to go to sleep it is 1am if I hear banging I will get up that’s all.  Jets have stopped their fly by thing for now!  Tomorrows a new day!  I hope!!! 

So my adventure and day putting up what Julie said would be a corral for their sheep.  My picture of a corral and hers turned out to be two totally different things!!  In my mind I pictured a pen because she said it was to hold their sheep in. 

Her father picked me up in the morning and off we went and drove up into the mountains to a little village.  We stopped at a house it was Julie’s brothers wife’s family.  We waited there and had coffee and some had shots of RAKI.  I refrained while waiting for everyone else to come.  There ended up being a lot of people to help.   

We loaded a bunch of fence on 4 or 5 trucks and everyone into the trucks.  And headed down a rough dirt road further into the mountains.  I’m thinking well this isn’t going to be a very big coral.  By the amount of fence we loaded this will be a piece of cake. 

We stopped on the top of the mountain because that is where the road ended.  You could see the Cretan sea off in the distance it was so high.  I’m wondering how we are going to build a corral here because there was no flat place. 

Everyone gets out and heads down this path and at the end there is this huge pile of 20′ long lengths of fence.  And a big pile of rebar alongside a path cut down the side of this mountain. 

I then realized this was going to be no small pen!!!  To make a long story short we ended up building a fence around this whole side of a mountain.  From the top to the gorge down at the bottom and back up again!!!  It was so steep you could hardly stand up.  I YAI YAI YAI YAI !!!! 

I thought I was going to have the big one before I finally got back up to the top again.  My hands were bleeding from all the cuts from the fence and blistered.  From tying so many pieces of wire around the fence to the rebar!  OH GOD WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO THIS TIME. 

But it all ended well and I did make it back to the top albeit very slowly!!!  We stopped for a couple of beers at the house we started at. Then headed to Julie’s house for the big meal she was making.  With the 2 sheep and 2 lambs they had killed from their farm. 

I never saw any sheep so don’t even know where they were!  On a different mountain no doubt!  I didn’t ask either. 

We headed back into town but not before stopping along a orange orchard to fill bags full of oranges.  Then turned over rocks picking up escargot for the meal.   

The party after the day on the mountain was great!   These photos are of the men after many gallons of wine have been drank.  And I mean many at different tables singing these songs.  That they sing at feasts like this.  It has happened every party just forgot to say. 

One starts and then it goes around from table to table.  Each taking his turn in a very trance like song or so it sounds to me anyway.  They all sing like they are bringing the sound from deep inside.  And most sing it with their eyes shut most of the time pretty cool stuff!!  I didn’t know what they were saying.  It  just felt really really good to hear!!  It was amazing and is something I will never forget. 

It was just this really really amazing day and lasted into the evening with an amazing bunch of people!  If only I could have understood all that was said it would have been the icing on the cake!!! 

So today it is back to my walking, swimming in the sea and trying to recoup from the party.  When I jumped in the sea today.  The salt from the sea made me almost yell when it hit my hands and all the cuts and blisters on them.  After I got out they did feel better so I guess it was good for them!!!!





So forgot I was going to give you a little history of the place and surroundings where I am staying here in Chania.  On the island of Crete.
The house was a part of a Venetian Palace from 1200 AD and the hill it is on overlooks the harbor and the surrounding sea.  It is the highest spot in town.  It is what was part of the first settlement on Crete.
Kydonia as it was called was the third largest city established by King Minos of Crete between 3650 and 3000 BC.  At the bottom of the hill are the remains of that settlement.  It is a World Heritage Site. 
Chania I think is the nicest town on Crete and I have been to all of the larger ones.

So I am back at the first place I stayed on Crete because the lady offered me a good deal if I stayed a week.  This is my first night back. 

So I am passed out from all the Raki I’ve been drinking and it is 2am.  I hear this weird sound like scraping or tapping on my bathroom window.  It woke me up and so I got up to take a piss and I hear it again on the window. 

Now I’m 3 floors up so I’m wondering what kind of animal is out there.  So I open the window and here’s this pretty little woman sitting on the ledge of the window.  

I’m going what the fuck in my mind and wondering what Greek God sent me this.  I figured I was seeing things.  Then I look down and I see two guys on the top deck 10’ below.  On the house that adjoins this house. 

They are telling me the landlady left the key to their room in the room and they had no way to get in.  Because no one was letting them in from the rooms on the ground floor.  And they couldn’t get a hold of the landlady. 

One was the neighbor and the other this girls boyfriend.  So I’m standing there naked looking at this girl and she is looking at me trying to explain.  HOLY SHIT AM I DREAMING OR WHAT. 

So I tell her I have to put some clothes on and then I come back and let her in.  She says have a good vacation and thanks a lot and goes out the door to their room!  Pretty crazy HUH!!!!  Life’s good and it keeps getting better!!!!

So I have arrived in Chania Crete and this is the second place I am staying.  I am sitting on my balcony overlooking the sea it is dark. 

I am looking down over this little bar restaurant down below me.  I see this really really really huge Saint Bernard and a beautiful women walking down the esplanade. 

She comes over and takes a seat on one of the tables next to the outside wall of the place.  There are two rows of tables all set up with tablecloths and dishes etc. between her and the esplanade. 

She orders a drink and is just hanging out chatting on her phone and relaxing having a peaceful night out.  She has a  ¾ “ rope wrapped around her wrist attached to the dog.  And the dog is just laying there quietly. 

Along comes 3 stray dogs down the esplanade.  They are barking and carrying on at every passing dog and owner like it is their territory.  They get opposite the lady with the Saint Bernard and decide they are going to harass her and her dog too. 

Big mistake the Saint Bernard leaps up dragging the lady and all through the tables that are set up going after them.  There are tables overturned and glass everywhere.  Whoa what a mess! 

The poor women finally gets control of the dog and the strays go screaming off down the street. 

She brushes herself off like nothing ever happened and comes back to the table where she was sitting as it is one of the few left standing. 

The waiters in the restaurant are all out cleaning up the mess.  She sits down orders another drink and carries on with her night out.  PRETTY CRAZY!  like out of a movie!!!

For more Photos only of Greece click GREECE or GREECE 2

So I am sitting at the airport in Miami waiting for my flight to Greece.

It is going to be a long wait because I had to take a shuttle from Port Charlotte to here.  And the fight isn’t for quite a few hours.

I’m walking around all over the airport killing time.  So I’m sitting watching all the people arrive for their flights.  In the door comes this really good looking women she walks by me.  And as she is walking by someone else comes in the door.  This very strong breeze comes with them. 

It blows this women’s light mini skirt that she has on up over her ass.  I just happen to be looking and at first I thought she was naked.  But then realized I could see the thong coming out of the top of the crack of her butt. 

She didn’t even try to pull it down just kept walking and once she was out of the breeze it came down on it’s own. 

I am sitting there thinking that if this is how the trip is going go it is going to be a good one!!!  Being 68 it doesn’t take much to make my day!

As I sat there the other night in a melancholy moment slowly shedding tears and breathing deep and letting it all out. 

Thinking of all the people that have touched my life in the few short years I have been here.  And all the great times we have had together.  It made me pause to wonder if what I’m doing is the right thing. 

But only momentarily as memories are the only thing we can carry with us as we go.  And new ones are as important as the old.  I am sad to leave but happy to begin and I hope in the future we will meet again.  If not!  

Know that I will remember you and hope that you will remember me.  Life’s too short and I’ve got to live it to its fullest and I totally intend to do that.  The outcome may or may not be what I’m looking for but it is a new beginning for me.  The end of an old. 

It is an adventure that I can not let pass me by.  To me life has always been an adventure and to stop now would be my ending.  I’m not ready to do that. 

Life comes and life goes it’s the way it is.  We have no say.  Maybe if I stay one step ahead of the grim reaper.  I will get one more day of life. 

I wish you all a good journey and may we meet again!  YA HAH HAH HAH HAH!  I’M FREE

Well I started selling and getting rid of things in September of 2015.  It is now complete and took much longer than I thought.  It is now the 1st of February.  It has definitely been a case of easier said than done. 

All my life I have wanted to travel the world  and have done so in small increments of months at a time both for work and play.  Now is the time to go for good! 

I have spent 67 years of learning, hard work, dedication, accomplishments and many setbacks.  All this to achieve what was expected in life by my parents.  And others and for me to be able to say that I have achieved the American Dream. 

Because I am a habitual worrier, anal about everything being done to perfection.  And very aggressive once I start on a chosen path.  it hasn’t been easy but has made it very interesting. 

The only problem is now that I have been able to achieve it I realize it is not what I really have wanted out of life.  It’s not the possessions, toys and other material things I have accumulated that count. 

Fortunately in going for the dream the sideline benefits.  That came from all that hard work trying to get there.  Was what I was really looking for. 

The people I have met.  The travel and the adventures I have had along the way.  Have turned out to be what made it all worthwhile.  I have been very fortunate in my life to have experienced so many diverse and crazy adventures.  And have no intention on stopping and settling for less in my future plans.

It has been a challenge and sometimes sad to liquidate all my belongs.  And start off on a totally new adventure at my age.  Because things don’t come as easily as they once did. 

Seeing things that you have collected and treasured for years go for peanuts at yard sales.  And Craigslist.  Giving things to friends to leave a part of me with them.  And then bringing all the excess left over stuff to the Homeless Shelter.  Or the local animal shelter for rags. 

Pretending that you don’t live in your house having to clean it constantly and up keep everything.  So that when it shows to potential buyers it looks bigger, better and cleaner than it ever has. 

It’s pretty mind opening as to what the value of what you thought you had is and what you actually do have.  I just can’t sit here surrounded with a bunch of material things and be content with them.  Or just be comfortable it isn’t working. 

Everything I thought would be hard to let go of I felt better when it was gone.  Every apprehension I had was gone once I did it.  Every move I made in the direction I wanted to go I have felt good about.  There has been very little looking back. 

It’s a big world out there and we live in such a small part of it.  It’s there to be explored, lived, felt and enjoyed.  There are so many adventures to be had if you look for them.  And some you wish you hadn’t but that’s all part of it. 

That is why I am doing what I am doing life’s to short.  As so many say but so few do anything about. 

There have been a lot of not so big words.  like stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights involved.  I’m hoping going forward I find all the big words when I do this.  like Peace, Tranquility, Freedom, Happiness and Love.  But if nothing else I do know the one word I will find for sure is ADVENTURE.  And to me that’s the biggest word of them all!! 

The house has sold and all my belongs are gone.  In April I’m heading out! 

I now have a small backpack with a camera, small laptop and a cell phone.  That I have never connected along with a small suitcase.  We will see where life takes me from here. 

I’m going to endeavor to persevere, kick ass and take names.  Till I can’t.  Hopefully I go out fast in the end.  And I will never have to settle for less.  Dave