Well Playa del Carmen has been a bust.  I wish I had some better things to say about it but I just don’t like tourist traps and this is a big one.  

There is no old part of the city with nice architecture.  There are thousands of tourists.  Only one pedestrian zone that goes for a mile and is hard to walk through the crowd.  Wall to wall businesses with very few benches to sit on.

A beach that is narrow and on the waters edge covered with grass being washed up from the sea. Unless you are in a hotel right on it.  There are very few places to get to it except side streets that end at it.  One small section in the center that you can actually sit and stare out over it.  If you come only for a week to party and carry on!  Then you will like it!!!

I for one couldn’t wait to leave!  

So the good!  I have a nice balcony to sit on and people watch.  Yes there is a beach and it is soft sand.  There are plenty of places to eat,  drink and other shops to spend your money on trinkets in.  There is some entertainment every night in the center.  It is kept sort of clean.  There is a really nice bus system to and from the airport in Cancun.  There are interesting ruins to see close to here.  You can get cheap flights to Cancun!  If you walk a couple of blocks from the strip.  You can find nice meals for half to a third less than the strip

I guess I should be more positive but it is hard for me here.  I pretty much thought it would be like this but wanted to see it for myself.  MY BAD!!!!  NEXT PLEASE!!!

I choose to do something different with my photography this time in Guadalajara.  I have taken many many photos of the sites and very old architecture of the town the last couple of years when I was here.  This time I wanted to change it up a little!

I choose these people to photograph because their faces tell a story of their life.  These are the faces of the old people like your grandfather,  grandmother, the street people and the mimes in town.  

These are the people that have had long hard lives and their faces tell their story.  I absolutely love them all they are beautiful in a very different way.

As poor as these people are they are all very kind and fun loving people!  I look at them all as beautiful in a very different way then most of us think is beautiful!    

If I live long enough I hope my face tells a story too!!!!!!!!!  Maybe it does already!!!  HAHAHA

Well as much as I really really liked Guadalajara I just couldn’t take the fumes from all the traffic and the cold nights anymore.  The temp drops 20-25 degrees at night because of the altitude and the place I was staying didn’t have heat.  I was always cold in the room except during the afternoon and the building never did warm up.  Every morning I would have to go to the closest plaza and sit in the sun to warm up just like a lizard. It was getting old and that and the fumes finally got to me.

So I am in Progreso now a little town on the Gulf of Mexico a hour and a half East of Merida.  There isn’t much exciting going on and there is not much of an old town to see.  It is basically a beach town and not much else. I knew it when I came but I decided to just get a nice place overlooking the beach chill out and enjoy the warm temps.  Till I am ready to head back to Merida for a couple days to catch my flight back to the States from there. 

It does have a pretty nice beach here and a long esplanade along it so I can get as much walking in as I want.  There are plenty of restaurants with Palaps setup for shade on the beach for those who want to dine and drink with their feet in the sand.  It does have a couple little parks in the center but hardly anyone in them.  Everyone is at the beach.  That is what everyone comes for so the little parks just kind of feel abandoned and really they are not anything special to begin with. 

I do have a nice room and big balcony to hang out on to stare off over the sea so I am good with that for the next week.  Just going to suck up the sun and the view of the sea and call it good.  I can think of a lot worse things to have do with my time till I leave! 

Did meet a friend here doesn’t talk much but is fun to hang out with.  He wanted me to come out on the boat and join his friends.  But I figured it would be a little awkward standing on the side of the boat like they do!!!! HAHAHA! 


Well I have decided to go to Guadalajara.  All the places here in Merida are booked through New Years and after.  There are a couple but they want $50+ a night not going to pay that in Mexico. 

So off to Guadalajara.  I think it will be better a little cooler but better just couldn’t find the right place here the one I’m in is booked into January.  Checked the places I had picked to stay on the coast in Progreso and now they are booked too just waited too long to book. 

So off I go again!  If I stayed here I would have had to bounce from one place to another every couple of days just figured it wasn’t worth the hassle.  Plus couldn’t find one close to the center where I want to be without paying big money and even then there were only one or two.  Not only that but Merida is really packed with people this year hard to walk down the sidewalks so many people.  I like Guadalajara better anyways so just figured the warmer temps weren’t worth it. 

Got into Guadalajara today checked into the place I stayed last year.  Talked to the guy and got a good deal and he has a room through the middle of February if I want it.  Want to look at a couple other places tomorrow and will then decide which one I will stay.  I like this place so it will have to be nice to get me to change places. It is just nice to have choices of where to stay! 

Guadalajara is really really nice and the temps are warm during the day and cool at night.  I like it much better than the high temps of Merida!  Today walked all thru the parks, plazas and wide pedestrian zones.  Seems like I never left.  Ended up in my favorite spot it is so so peaceful.  Something just seems to totally relax you the minute you walk in.  Last year I spent many hours at different times during the day everyday here just to get that vibe.  It has just got this really great feeling about it.  LOVE IT!!


If you would like to see photos from last year of Merida click the LINKS below.


Well I’m in Cancun the final stop of this trip.  It is exactly as I figured it would be a totally faceless city.  Other than the people of course like every other place I have been in Mexico.  The people here are very nice also. 

I am super glad I choose to spend only enough time here to have a day.  To relax and do enough walking to verify what I was thinking it would be.  Before getting on a plane and heading home.   

I just got back from a 2 hour 4 mile walk around town.  I had picked what I thought might be the most interesting way to go.  It was pretty much a total waste of time other than for the exercise!!!  I did not find one bench to sit at the whole trip.  The dividers in the middle of the road had some trees for shade.  But there was no walkway to take advantage of the shade they provided. 

I choose the way I went because on Google Earth.  It looked like there was a beautiful park next to the Gulf with a view across the water to the outer beaches where the high rises are.  When I got there there were barrels blocking the road in and it looked totally deserted.  Like a wasteland actually felt a little weird even being there. 

There were only a couple people for as far as I walked on it running or riding their bikes.  It looked like a big plan that never came together.  The only semi interesting thing I saw I took a picture of.  Oh well so much for Cancun!!! 

I’m sure on the outer peninsula where the the high rises are it is much nicer.  But I had absolutely no desire to go there.  It was a long ways from me and nothing but high rises as far as you could see.  I’m sure the beaches were beautiful but to me it takes more than that to make a place. 

Why anyone would want to come and spend big money and I mean big money.  In the $300 to $500 per night range to stay out there is beyond me. 

My advice is if you are coming here other than to stay at one of those fancy places is get here early in the day.  Then get a bus the same day to wherever you’re going.  Don’t waste your time!!! 

To me it is the difference between a place putting their money back into the town.  Or some fat cats stuffing their pockets like in Veracruz!  About the only good thing about it is it has super cheap flights from most countries and that is the sole reason I am here!!!


Valladolid is a really really nice little town.  Clean until you get out to the very outer parts but not bad there either.  Doesn’t take long to get to the outer parts this place is a small place. 

It has a large park in the center very similar to Merida.  But at least they have a nice fountain in the middle no water in it but they have one.  They were working on it to get it going the day I left. 

It to has benches everywhere and plenty of nice shade trees.  Looks like the same person designed it as in Merida.  Perfect for a place this size.  The buildings in the center are well kept and it is a quiet and peaceful place to be. 

The main reason people come here is it is a short ride of about 40 minutes to Chichen Itza the Mayan ruins.  Makes a great place to get an early morning start to the ruins to beat all the tour buses there.  Which is primarily why it does so well for itself. 

It also gets a lot of business from the large number of tour buses that stop here.  After leaving the ruins to let people walk around town for a while.  Get something to eat and do a little shopping.  Before heading back to Cancun or wherever they came from. 

It’s not a place to make a holiday but it fits the purpose of a stop over very very well!  Great tiny town!

Chichen Itza is the most visited Maya site in Mexico.  It is one of the largest Maya cities and is a great morning trip to see from Valladolid.  It is a amazing and massive site.  I spent almost 4 hours walking it. 

The huge steep sided water hole in the picture is called a Cenote and was where they made human sacrifices.  It is the largest in the area. 

When it was excavated they found the remains of children and men plus gold, carved jade, pottery, obsidian and many other items.  It was because there are many of these Cenotes they had a readily available supply of water and was one of the reasons they chose this site. 

The pic with the columns is called the Temple of warriors and the columns depict warriors.  The large court was called the Great Court and a ball game that they don’t know exactly how it was played was played.  It is the largest and best preserved one in the America’s. 

The rings on the wall were used for the ball to go through in the game.  Legend has it that the winning team captain would present his head to the losing captain who would then decapitate him.  Supposed to be the highest honour won could have.  Hell of a deal.  YIKES!!!! 

A lot of this info came from Wikipedia so if you want to know more go there and have a look. 

It gets super busy after 11-12AM with all the tour buses from Cancun and other places.  So it is best to take the first collectivo out of Valladolid in the morning at 7AM.  Then by the time it gets busy you are finishing your tour and can be gone before the rush. 

It was a day well spent and nice to see such a great site.  It reminds me of the time 40 something years ago that my girlfriend and I hitchhiked from Connecticut down thru Central America. 

We got picked up on the Mexican Guatemalan border by two Canadian guys.  In a 4 wheel drive Toyota Land Cruiser and ended up going all the way to Panama with them.  We became good friends and it worked out perfect for us. 

Along the way we did an off road trip from the Pan Am highway back thru the jungle of Guatemala.  To see the Mayan ruins at Tikal close to the border with Belize.  It turned into a 10 day trip I will never forget.  The roads were so bad we had to strap ourselves in with the seatbelts and hold on to our guts the whole way. 

The roads were just mud and potholes and almost unnavigable in many places.  There were huge root systems going across the road and rocks of all kinds.  They had a winch on the front which we had to use on several occasions to get out of mud or across streams or help someone else do the same. 

There were gas stations consisting of 55 gal drums and a hand pump every so many miles almost perfectly spaced along the way.  These guys had come prepared with spare gas cans on the roof and many spare parts including axles.  Fortunately we never had to use them. 

We could only do so many miles a day because the pounding we were taking from the road being so bad was incredible.  Plus we were in the middle of nowhere and when you did finally find a village you stopped for the night.  Many times we looked at each other and wondered what we were doing out there. 

The wildlife was amazing birds and animals and every other kind of thing you could imagine.  I remember one time stopping to look at these leaf cutter ants that were large enough we could see them crossing the road in front of us way before we got to them.  There were thousands with huge pieces of leaf that they were carrying looking like sails on a boat. 

Also got to see a black Jaguar jump into the road.  Stop and look at us wondering what we were doing there and then jumping off into the jungle. 

Saw a large Tarantula spider that we stopped to see moving along this banking next to the road.  When we got out we realized it was a Wasp carrying the spider that it had killed.  It was a good size wasp but you could barely see it because it was totally covered by the spider. 

We got to see all this stuff because we were going maybe 5-10 miles an hour tops.  So had plenty of time to see things we wouldn’t have if we were speeding by.  We spent 3 days at the ruins resting and checking out the site. 

It was an amazing and incredible site with these ruins and  pyramids in the jungle in middle of nowhere.  The immense amount of wildlife was mind blowing.  Totally awesome and something I will never forget.  When we finally got back to the Pan Am we got out and kissed the road. 

Chichen Itza was a breeze to get to and I am glad because I am much older now.  I couldn’t have handled that kind of  ride now!!!

Well Merida has been another pleasant surprise on my trip to Mexico.  It is a Great city with many things to like about it. 

The many parks most of them with free WIFI and outlets for charging your devices.  The largest one in the center is huge lined with old growth trees and well shaded from the sun.  There are benches to sit and enjoy it everywhere you look. 

It is also the center for many forms of entertainment in the street and in it throughout the week.  A very enjoyable place to hang out and while away the day!  The one thing I found a slight bit disappointing is the lack of a large fountain in the center. 

I went to every park within 2 miles of my hotel and found only 2 with fountains of any kind.  Unusual from the other cities I’ve been to here.  Also there is very little in the way of statues or art objects along the way.  Not a big deal but something that is missing. 

The city is currently resurfacing, painting and repairing the old ornamental details on all the buildings in the downtown area.  I thought it was the home owners at first but it is the city.  There are multiple work crews redoing whole blocks at a time.  The buildings are all painted different colors and blend in really well together. 

It’s great to see them taking on such a huge project.  Tells you a lot about the pride they have in their city.  It is also hands down the cleanest place I have been. 

There is a sizeable police force of many different branches and some military.  But it is a lot lower key than in other places I have been.  They don’t have the constant passing by of 3 or 4 men standing in the back of pickups armed with heavy weapons and a 50 cal machine gun mounted over the cab. 

Although I am sure they have them they just try to keep it a little more sedate looking in the center.   

They also have a very active theater in the center with performances many days of the week.  There is a large farmer’s market and several nice grocery stores all close to the center.  Even the inevitable Walmart not to far from here. 

So if you have an apartment to stay in.  You have a really good source for food supplies and anything else you might need.  Really if you want a nice clean, peaceful and progressive place to live on the cheap.  This place rings all the bells and whistles. 

It is only missing the sea and a malecon along it to walk on.  If it had that it would be perfect.  The sea is only 2 hours from here but too far for me.  For those that don’t care this place is hard to beat! 

Moving on to Valladolid in the morning.  Going to spend a couple nights there to see Chichen Itza which is close by.  One of the many great Mayan ruins in the area, supposedly the most visited in Mexico.  Here’s to Merida beautiful job on your city!!!


It was a real pleasant surprise riding from the Airport to the center that the whole trip in was totally litter free.  Even in the poorer parts on the outskirts there was a total lack of trash.  A huge contrast from being in Veracruz and the immense amount of trash that was blowing and laying around everywhere.

I hated watching the large amounts of it that blew into the sea and everywhere else everyday.  So I was off to a good start just seeing how clean things here are.

The people have so much more respect for what they have here and you can tell instantly upon arriving.  According to Wikipedia it is the largest city on the Yucatan Peninsula and approximately 60% of its people are of Mayan descent.

It says many historians believe it is the oldest continually inhabited city in the Americas.  It also says for a brief period around the turn of the 20th century.  It housed more millionaires than any other city in the world.  Who’d of Thunk!

All of it made from the farming of Henequen.  A Agave plant used for its fibers for everything from making huge hawsers to tie up ships to the dock, to hammocks, bailing twine and burlap bags. 

It has several beautiful large parks in the center surrounded by Cathedrals and large governmental buildings.  The old Spanish architecture is everywhere and the old millionaires houses are huge.  Most of which are now museums, office buildings and financial institutions. 

They are along this beautiful avenue.  Both sides are tree lined for shade with benches to sit at all along the way and they are extra wide sidewalks.  Beautiful is the word of the day as there are also so many smaller buildings everywhere being rehabbed and restored to their original beauty.

It is a huge contrast from Veracruz.  Great to see a very vibrant city and what money can do when spent in the right places.  Money begets money and it has brought them a large tourist population from all over the world because it is kept so well. 

I have heard people speaking in many different languages some I knew and others that I couldn’t begin to tell you where they were from.  I was sitting in the park tonight listening to them all and trying to guess where they were from.  Other than French and German I am assuming Scandinavian countries as the  blonde hair and super white and red skin from sunburn gives them away! 

The one thing I am a little surprised at is the biggest park in the center although beautiful doesn’t have a fountain or statue of any kind.  Only a large raised circle of concrete in the center with a flag in the middle.  It looks kind of stark and strange not to see a great fountain.  Like so many other Spanish influenced cities here in Mexico have.  I have found only one small park with a fountain so far. 

The assorted baskets of plants hanging from the light posts, the manicured shrubs in the park, the beautiful buildings surrounding it.  The streets paved with stone in  small, medium, and large squares and rectangles.  A pattern you would see on someone’s patio or the floor in your house.  It all reminded me of Europe.  The city does have a super good vibe and is really calm and peaceful.

Mexico sure has changed in the 40 years since I was here last!  That being said I still saw multiple blocks of sidewalk  and streets broken up one sledgehammer hit at a time everywhere.  An loaded into trucks by hand one piece at time.  At least they weren’t donkey carts getting loaded. Poor donkeys have been rescued by trucks!  YAY!  But the people are out of luck or lucky to have a job I don’t know which! 

They have been celebrating the different cultures of the World this month and next here.  They have had several concerts in the main park.  The one on Friday was music from different countries cultural dances throughout the world. 

Yesterday Sunday it was a day long festival with the streets around the park closed off and vendors of all kinds set up throughout the park and in the streets.  One side was devoted to two stages set up on opposite ends of the street.  The middle was filled with people of all ages dancing and having a good old time.  The music started around 5pm and finished after 11pm. 

They were switching from one stage to the other so that there was no pause in the music.  One band finished and the other was ready to go.  It started off with slow dance music and ended with a very lively singer and tune.  It was great!  This is a very lively and proactive city. 

This is totally off subject but the one thing that I keep forgetting to bring up is that everywhere I have been so far including here.  There has been a really large number of old VW Beetles all in different degrees of refurbishment driving around.  Kind of like living in the 70’s. 

Since moving to Guadalajara a couple of months ago to get out of the heat from the coast.  The weather has been perfect everywhere I have been.  Can’t beat it!  This City has a lot going for it!  It is a good stop along the way!  COOL!


Although Veracruz is not a place I would recommend someone come to vacation.  It does have great potential but it will take millions of dollars and many years to realise it.  That being said it does have a few things going for it. 

The long extra wide esplanade along the harbor is super nice with several long jetties extending out from it.  Plus it is a very active harbor with giant ships coming in and out all day.  The old buildings along the harbor are mostly Governmental or Naval facilities and are kept very nicely. 

Unfortunately other than the very center around the park the old buildings in the area are all in need of serious repair.  It is a Mexican family vacation spot and that to me means a lot because you get to experience what the people of the country are all about.  It is somewhere they can go with their large families and be by the water and stay cheaply. 

There are a lot of the things for kids to enjoy seeing and doing here especially the giant ships and tugs that support them.  The past two weeks the population here has quadrupled with vacationers but now is back to normal with very few vacationers or people in sight. 

It is to bad the city doesn’t have the money to exploit what they have.  The place is so poor the extent of their Christmas decorations you can see in the one photo of the park in a previous post. A Christmas tree and one building with Merry Christmas across the front that was it. 

No fireworks no nothing the parade they had I thought was going to be a big one.  They blocked off the main road through the center and people waited forever to see it.  All lined up along the route.  When the parade came through it was about 5 groups of people 3 of them advertising something and that was it lasted about 10 minutes.  I was like you have got to be kidding I waited an hour for this!!! 

I was only down in the center of town in the mornings and early evenings so there may have been festivities I missed but it’s not likely. 

Their idea of a garbage truck is a large dump truck with 4 or 5 people in the back sorting thru the trash as it is lifted up from the street over the tall sides of the truck.  A good portion of what they pick up blows back into the street on a breezy day.  There are few trash receptacles around and those that are are usually full to the max. 

Then there is everything else from the people that have a hand to mouth to ground type of attitude.  With all kinds of paper, styrofoam cups, soda bottles, plastic bags.  All blowing down the esplanade to end up in the sea it is very sad to see. 

People all over the world have a hard time going a few steps even if there is a trash receptacle to put it in next to them.  I see it all the time people leave stuff at the bench they were sitting at and a container to put it in is a few feet away.  Why I don’t understand but they come to these beautiful places everywhere and trash them. 

It is especially true in the third world countries but common everywhere.  Here they just don’t have the cash to pick it all up or contain it.  The Mayor embezzled or stole it all.  You can see that at one time long ago it was a very beautiful place to bad because now it will take many years of repair to make it right. 

Hell there are parts of the sidewalk falling into the underground with holes you have to walk around right in the busy downtown area.  Probably 1/2 of the electric meters on the sides of the buildings are either gone or just hanging off the wall. 

There is a new area just north of the city called Boca Del Rio that has the high rises and probably nice beaches but I prefer staying in the old city to me that is the city not being around face less high rises on the outskirts. 

The only reason I am still here is my room is perfect the best one I have had.  I can sit here and have plenty to see and do.  Always something going on.  Plus I have been sick for almost 3 weeks from whatever I got on the plane rides here.  I am just now over it.  It was a bad one. 

The weather has been perfect with a beautiful breeze most of the days and very little rain.  The biggest thing being it is a quiet peaceful place.  It is such a great change from Mazatlan’s noise.  So this room really turned out to be a great safe haven!  Time is wasting away I leave the 10th of Jan for Merida!dsc_0002

Loneliness is something we all have to deal with at certain points in our lives triggered by one thing or another.  Although being a single full time traveler is what I believe at this point in my life is the right thing to do. 

I didn’t choose it to be alone.  But because I am, the one way I have found to overcome it is being out there in the world with people living life around me. 

This time of year being alone and the loneliness that comes from it is a very hard thing to deal with.  The Holiday season that is meant to be spent with family and friends passes you by once again.  What family of mine is left is spread out 1000’s of miles apart.  All in a different direction.  Making it almost impossible to all get together. 

As much as you try to ignore this feeling of being alone it is impossible to do.  Everywhere you look you see families sharing this time together.  Enjoying the companionship of each other’s company.  Celebrating, laughing, smiling, talking and holding each other close. 

It makes it very hard knowing that you are missing these very important times in life.  Although in choosing this way of life and placing myself where I can constantly observe people passing by.  I at least get to feel by virtue of others some of the things I miss. 

It just isn’t the same as having your own loved ones to share it with but it is better than having nothing.  Many times during the year I have wished that I had someone in my life to share and enjoy these adventures with.  But it is like wishing for anything!  Would it be nice yes! Is it going to happen who knows! 

At my age the chances get slimmer every year that passes!  It will always be one of those things that looks greener on the other side!  Life is full of surprises!!!  Never say never!!!   Life Is Good!!!  Dave

Veracruz is the oldest, largest and most historically important Port cities in Mexico.  It was founded in 1519 and was a big find for the Spanish as the area turned out to have a huge abundance of Gold and Silver. 

In the late 1600’s it was wealthier than Mexico City.  Now the place is almost bankrupt because the Mayor embezzled all the money and they now have a million dollar reward for his capture. 

It is about two thirds of the way down the East coast on the Gulf of Mexico. 

It does have a fair amount of nice old buildings but other then the heart of the old city and along the waterfront it is not well kept.  Of course the Mayor has got the money and is on the run.  So that is part of the reason. 

I have been here 6 days now got something on one of the planes coming as usual.  So have been a little sick took stuff for it and thought it was gone yesterday.  But it came back strong last night all congested and stuffed up. 

Went to a Pharmacy this morning and got some antibiotics for it.  They weren’t supposed to give them to me except with a prescription.  But because the Doctor they would have sent me too was out of town till after the holidays.  They gave them to me anyways gotta love it!!! 

Switched hotels once.  The first one was nice but the road going by it was loud.  I had had enough of that in Mazatlan to last the rest of the trip and beyond. 

The new place is very quiet and is along the malecon and Shipping harbor.  I am across from a small jetty where the Pilot boats and tugs that guide the ships in anchor.  On the other side still along the malecon there is a small stretch of beach and long jetty. 

I have a corner room on the first floor with wall to wall windows on the two sides and a balcony on one.  It’s real nice!!! 

There are vendors that set out most of the day on the one side with the balcony so I can sit there and people watch to my heart’s content.  The other side I sit by the window and play on my computer or just stare out at the ships coming in and out. 

So it really hasn’t been that big a deal being sick.  I go for a walk in the morning and then can come back here rest and watch the world go by. 

It is a real busy harbor it says one of the busiest in Mexico.  Most of the cars they make in Mexico go out of here.  The ships that carry the cars look like big floating cast iron bathtubs. 

It is not a particularly touristy place except for Mexicans from around the area.  I like that because it is more like being in Mexico.  Than a tourist trap and the prices are kept lower because of it. 

There is plenty for me to do walking around the malecon and jetties.  Watching the boats and the people so I’m good here for a while!  At least until after the holidays when the prices come back down and it will be easier to move on after that. 

This is the hardest time of year to go or find a room because everyone in Mexico is going to visit family.  Plus the tourists that are coming are looking for the same thing.  So I made sure to reserve this place till after the New Year. 

The price doubles for Christmas and part of New Year’s week but that is just the way it is.  I have gotten off cheap till now.  It will be my big splurge for the Holidays and I am very content here!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!dsc_0003-1dsc_0001-1

Few hours after I took the other of this spot
Few hours after I took the one above of this spot

dsc_0001-2dsc_0001-4dsc_0005dsc_0002 dsc_0007-2 dsc_0011-1 dsc_0017 dsc_0020 dsc_0021-1 dsc_0028 dsc_0030

My take on Mazatlan is it is just an OK place.  By that I mean I was glad to see it but I probably wouldn’t come back. 

I say that for many reasons.  First of all let me say that the people here as in every place I have been in Mexico so far are very warm and friendly.  I have never felt any fear of any kind while here. 

In explaining I will use the big mountain with the communication towers on It as the separation from North to South.  I didn’t walk more than 3-4 miles in either direction so that is the area I am talking about. 

The South has a very beautiful waterfront with a rocky coastline and many nice rock outcroppings in the sea.  To the North there is a very beautiful beach and you look out at 3 pretty nice little islands.  There is a malecon that runs for 21Km or 13 miles along it.  It varies along the way from 10 -15 feet wide and runs along the South end and goes to the North. 

It is plenty wide for walkers but it also has a lot of bikers because the street traffic is just too busy for them to ride there.  So you have to pay attention and walk in somewhat of a straight line.  Because you can’t hear the bikes coming up behind you and you are liable to get hit.  If you weave too much back and forth. 

There are really nice bronze statues along the way although like I said in a previous story they are  painted.  Most with bronze paint and it is peeling off.  Go figure! 

To the South you have the older quieter part of the town.  It is only a two lane road running through it so it is much quieter just for that reason alone.  It has some nice old colonial architecture along the waterfront and inland a bit.  The places inland some have been restored but most haven’t and are in desperate need of it. 

The old town center around the Cathedral has a very small park and a few nice buildings around it.  The only thing is that is about it for the old part.  Unless I am missing something and I could be.  The rest was probably built in the 60’s or something like that.  The buildings have no style and most things desperately need fixing up.  They are pretty run down. 

The city as a whole is just plain run down.  Some say that is why the cruise ships stopped coming and with that they have lost a lot of the money they could have used to fix up the place. 

The esplanade to the North has a 4 lane road or highway going along the side of it with a divider and palm trees separating it.  It is extremely busy and unbelievably noisy from 6AM to 3AM or after on the weekend. 

Every bit of public transportation is blasting music along with the kids in there cars.  People hanging out of them drinking and screaming.  The advertising trucks blaring their spiel.  Huge flashing signs being towed behind pickup trucks with messages and advertising blaring music.  It was kind of fun for the first week but after that it got old fast. 

I always get a place with a balcony on the first floor up.  So I can see the esplanade and the people walking by good.  Big Big mistake here!!!  If you are going to get a room along this end of town I would suggest you get one at least 4 or 5 floors up so you can hear yourself think.  I can take a lot of noise but this is incredibly loud.

One really nice thing is and I was reminded just now while writing this.  I had to stop and watch the fireworks going off.  They do shoot off a lot of really nice fireworks along this strip of beach.  I guess sponsored by the the high rise hotels because the North beach is where they are. 

The place doesn’t have a lot of public bathrooms but there are some restaurants you can stop and pay 5 Pesos to use one.  One thing I don’t get about it is the further along the coast you go by the high rise hotels.  Stairs are few and far between to get down on the beach from the esplanade.  It is pretty high up from the beach so you need stairs and there just are not many and very far apart. 

If I were staying at a hotel across from the beach.  I would not be happy to have to walk such a long ways just to get down on the beach.  Doesn’t make sense!! 

There is one bright spot for the road along the malecon and that is that on Sundays and some Saturdays they shut it down in the morning to traffic.  So runners or bikers or both get to race along it.  Yesterday they had probably a thousand bikers racing.  The line of racers was over a mile or more long.  They must come from all over to do this race. 

Last weekend they had the big race with the fireworks after it.  Pretty Cool!  I’ll say one thing for sure the Mexican people are really really into running and biking.  Many of the towns I have been in do the same thing.  But this place because of how long the malecon is makes it the spot for these kind of sports.  

There are quite a few nice palapa style restaurants on the beach to eat at with your feet in the sand.  They are closer to the North end about 1/4 mile from the hill with the tower’s on it.  If you’re coming to party and I mean really party then this place is for you!  There is nothing you can do here that will turn any heads it’s all been done before.  If you are coming for a peaceful time at the beach then I suggest you rethink your plans. 

It isn’t now but I can see that when it is tourist season this place will be like the extreme sports of partying!!!  I haven’t been here then so that is just my guess judging from what is happening in the present!  But I think it is probably a good one!!! 

I’ve got a little more than a week to do some more exploring so I may have to take back some of the things I have said and I will but I doubt it. 

So today I get up and look out on the bedroom balcony to see the baby pigeon that has been there since I came.  When I first came I was spending some of my time in the morning cleaning the pigeon shit off of this balcony.  I got tired of it and was shooing the pigeon that was on a ledge above the slider away. 

It was very persistent about coming back so I got up on the rail and looked and there was a pretty good size baby.  I stopped shooing the mother away and just didn’t use that balcony.  Well it wasn’t long before the mother coaxed the baby off the ledge and it flew down to the balcony.  It had been there the past week or so with the mother feeding it and coaxing it to fly off. 

Yesterday I noticed it was starting to get the hang of flying.  There was a strong breeze and it would jump up and flap its wings for a while then land back on the balcony.  So anyways this morning I come into the living room and opened up the slider and look out to see if I can see the baby. 

I was thinking because I didn’t see it from the bedroom he had finally flown off.  I looked down and there in the road was a dark flattened blob with the only identifiable thing being a flattened wing on top.  I was instantly bummed big time!!!  I knew it was the baby.  SHIT!!! 

As gross as this story is I had to do it so that at least it will be remembered in some little way.  Poor little guy never had a chance living next to this road!!  SAD BUT TRUE!!!! 

Well the update after spending the last week exploring most of what there is to see here.  Is that if I were to ever come back it would be to the Paseo Olas Altas section of town it is only two lanes of traffic and much less traveled.  It is also the oldest nicest part of town. 

It has a rocky coastline with little beaches here and there and many statues along the malecon.  The few parks they have are very small and fill up easily.  So I would imagine in the prime of the season you would have a hard time finding a place to sit and relax. 

All and all not a bad little town just leaves a lot to be desired.  It is not somewhere I would come back to!dsc_0044-2dsc_0007-2 dsc_0010 dsc_0022 dsc_0033 dsc_0035 dsc_0037 dsc_0046 dsc_0047 dsc_0048 dsc_0051 dsc_0055dsc_0001-2dsc_0010-2dsc_0007-2dsc_0016

So finally got out and started my walking again.  I have really missed doing it but while I was putting the site together.  I would have spent the whole time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong with it!! 

Walked South along the malecon for quite aways checking it out.  It was a nice walk and a few little hills.  There was a lot to look at as far as ocean.  Little coves and lots of different size rock formations pretty nice.  A total different area then where I am. 

I am where the nice beach starts and heads North along the coast and High Rise Hotels.  Along the walk they had a few nice bronze sculptures but for some reason most were spray painted a bronze color.  Why I don’t know because you could see where the paint was wearing away they were already real bronze.  Beats me why they did it.  Unless someone sprayed graffiti on them and they figured it was easier to do that then remove it.  Hard telling looks dumb!! 

Anyways it was real nice to be walking again without thinking about the website. 

Got a flight on the 13th of Dec for Veracruz the pic’s look real nice and places are dirt cheap so I decided to go for it.  Hope it turns into another Guadalajara looks like from the pic’s it could.  At least it has the  potential. 

Just had another spaghetti dinner boy is that pork good in it.  Could have sworn it was the cheaper fattier hamburg that I like to make it with.  Never read the label till I went to cook it.  Good mistake!  Saved one more portion and froze it.  Found the Mexican equivalent to parmesan last time I went to the market so that was an improvement too. 

Things are settling down now so that’s good.  Been here 18 days driving myself crazy making the website and now have two more weeks left to explore.  Worked out good!  Getting back to walking to day felt almost as good as finding a bathroom just before you piss yourself!!!


 Well tonight I hear some fireworks go off and go out on the balcony to have a look see.  Usually on the weekend and middle of the week a couple of hotels shoot off a dozen or so fireworks and that is what I was expecting. 

But when I got out and looked they were going off along about a two – three mile strip along the esplanade.  Which forms a sort of half circle around the harbor.  It was amazing how long it lasted and how many were going off.  I kept thinking it was the grand finally and then they would just keep on coming over and over again. 

I don’t think I have ever seen that many at one time before.  Really really cool all reflecting in the sea!!!!  This article I pulled up online says there were 10,000.  If you want to read about the event here it is:

The Festival of Lights dresses Mazatlan´s boardwalk with an impressive array of fireworks, searchlights and laser beams that grab everyone’s attention as colorful lights shimmer on the ocean.

The Festival of Lights started in 2007 as a new attraction for Mazatlan, making it even a more unique destination. It was born as a gesture of gratitude for the Pacifico Marathon’s Organizing Committee, and to offer participating athletes an awe-inspiring event to remember. We were able to pull it off thanks to the involvement of the State Ministry of Tourism, our City Government and all the hotels that are members of our Hotel Association.

Today the Festival of Lights has become an official event held in conjunction with the Pacífico Marathon, to offer tourists a wonderful evening at the end of a day full of sports activities.

Over 10 thousand fireworks explode in an infinite number of colors. Disney-style rocket fireworks that climb up to almost a thousand feet, roman candles, chrysanthemum bouquets, flyers and many more. 

Mazatlan and Pacífico Marathon´s Grand Fiesta. Lots of stories have been written throughout the Pacifico Marathon´s 42 KM and 192 meters, and thousands and thousands of participants have run, trotted or walked Mazatlan´s spectacular streets. The Pacífico Marathon´s Grand Fiesta is a local tradition that people look forward to year after year, and they make this event their very own Sports Mardi Gras.

Through the years, many activities and events have been added to the Pacifico Marathon´s Grand Fiesta, such as the Race for Joy, the Carbohydrate Dinner, the freeing of baby sea turtles and the Elite 5k race, as well as one of the most relevant events, the Festival of Lights.

Runners attending this event enjoy a very well-rounded program, which starts on the last Saturday of November with the 10K race for disabled athletes, including those on wheelchairs, crutches, or who are legally blind, and closes with the magnificent Festival of Lights event right after the Elite race award ceremony.

Fireworks are fired from different points along the entire boardwalk, hundreds of fireworks that light up Mazatlan’s sky in a huge color spectacle for the delight of young and old. Among Sunday´s activities, where participants enjoy the Pacific Ocean scenery, are half-marathon races for athletes on wheelchairs, crutches and those that are legally-blind, 42Km and 21Km races and the Race for Joy.

During its 15th edition, participants ran to the beat of live traditional Sinaloa Band music, where musicians were placed at 2 Km intervals. Both runners and spectators enjoyed the competition in a festive, musical atmosphere, one that motivated runners to make it to the finish line. Consequently, this year´s Marathon is referred to as the Band Music Marathon.

Mazatlan my first couple of nights!  So I have to say one thing about this place.  That is they have every means of transportation imaginable!!! 

First of course they have the regular cabs which are meant here for longer distance travel and are normal. 

Then they have the open air cabs that look like an extended and widened golf cart or a Volkswagen Golf I think it is a little of both.  They have a surrey top and a scalloped edge hanging down.  It is how I got from the bus station to here. 

They hold 5-6 people and maybe another squeezed in and most have their music blaring and people drinking and partying this time of night.  During the day they still blare their music but don’t have as many people partying.

Then they have the pickup trucks they hold 8-10 people or more and have bench seats and also have a surrey top with scallops around the edge.  They ride up and down the strip and all have their music blaring and people partying, drinking, screaming and carrying on. 

Next comes the single and double level buses with no top or a surrey top and they hold probably 20 or 30 or more people and enough open space in the back that people can dance, they are also screaming, drinking and are having a good old time and of course music blaring. 

Not only that then mixed in with all this craziness you have the Municipal, State and federal police riding up and down some with their music blaring all with their lights flashing!! 

Also the military gets in on the act with trucks loaded with men and a 50 caliber machine gun mounted over the cab going back and forth but no lights flashing and lower key.  None seem to bother anyone! 

Then there is this crazy girl really not bad looking but really really crazy!  That walks around with this little skirt on always with half her ass hanging out and you figure it out from there.  She sits on the wall next to the esplanade flailing her arms and legs back and forth talking to herself. 

She has this 5 gallon bucket that she carries with her and dumps out on the esplanade every once in awhile and then proceeds to pick everything up and puts it back in.  Then she leaves the bucket on the wall and disappears down the esplanade. 

She then comes back in an hour or so later to dump it out again and start all over. I can’t really tell what’s in it because it is dark but they are all small pieces of something. 

Then there is also this really really crazy tall super skinny guy.  I mean like concentration camp skinny with a womens summer dress on about 5 sizes too small for him dancing and prancing around and singing at the top of his lungs.  Crazy as it might be to me!  To each his own I always say!

I’m sitting here watching from my balcony.  Let me make this perfectly clear it is not me.   Just for those of you who might want to make a smart ass  comment.  ED!!!  Besides if I were going to do it I would have chosen a dress with more lively colors!!! 

So if you want a cheap night out here you buy your booze hop on a golf cart, truck or bus and ride up and down one of the longest esplanades in the world and really tie one on!!! 

Kind of like South Beach or Sunset Strip on steroids!!!  It is really quite the scene never a dull moment!!!  Gotta Love It!!!  LA VIDA ES BUENA!!!dsc_0028dsc_0002-3 dsc_0008-1

Guadalajara has been a real real nice surprise seeing as how I never planned on coming here. 

I was just burnt out from all the heat this year and this place had the perfect temp.  So I came here till the coast cooled down. 

It has been an amazing place there are mostly Mexican tourists on the weekend.  The rest of the time it is just a perfect place to see what Mexico and its people are really all about. 

I am truly amazed at what a good feeling this city has.  The families the children everywhere and big families at that all just enjoying life in every way. 

The center historical part is where I am and 2 blocks from all the attractions.  I am sure or at least I think the rest is probably a lot different.  But where I am is more than I could ask for at the moment.  I will be back for sure!!! 

One other plus is they have plenty of public restrooms.  It will cost you about 5 Pesos.  The only problem is for someone who knows no Spanish it could be a little intimidating! 

That being said I get along fine and it is easier to learn more Spanish for me because you have too!  I’m loving it!!!  It has been funny because I have people all the time ask me to speak English instead of Spanish so they can learn from me. 

Kind of an interesting twist on things they help me I help them.  It was strange today I met an American couple at the hotel and when I was done talking to them. 

The girl at the desk here at the hotel asked me a question in Spanish.  It was a very simple question and probably one of the first things I learned in Spanish.  I drew a complete blank from my mind having switched back to English.

Later after my mind switched back to Spanish.  The girl and I had a big laugh about it because she knew.  I knew what she was saying and I just was totally a blank.  LIFE’S GOOD!!!  Daveimg_20161105_111025954dsc_0038dsc_0037dsc_0045img_20161105_111717124_hdrdsc_0041dsc_0044-2dsc_0014-1dsc_0013-1dsc_0005-1dsc_0006-2dsc_0009-3img_20161025_114913955dsc_0006

These guys have been carving amazing things out of solid blocks of stone for a long time now. 

They are in one of the parks surrounding the main square.  And have been carving on these chunks of stone since I got here.  It has been a lot of fun watching the progress.  Looks like this week will be the end of it.  They are almost done with what they are making. 

Just looked back I have been here almost 3 weeks.  So they have been working on these pieces 7 days a week 12 hours or more a day for all that time. 

You have to see it to believe it but except for the very beginning 10%.  It is one little chip of stone at a time.  It is a very, very slow process.  Makes you wonder about all these amazing places all over the world built and carved from stone.  There must have been thousands and thousands of stone carvers. 

I am very glad I was able to see it happen on a daily basis!!!   It will now make me realise when I see these magnificent places just how much time and thought went into them!!! 





I am Happier than I have been in my whole life knowing that I have finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up.  This is exactly what to me life is about. 

My mind is filled with stimulation and experiences everyday.   From sitting, walking and observing the many different and exciting things that are happening around me.  I have never been so content to while away the day in this way before. 

It brings great peace of mind to me!  I am absolutely loving being a part of all this life around me even though I am just an observer.  I am seeing it today and everyday. 

The children chasing the pigeons and playing in the fountains in the park.  Climbing the steps and hanging off of everything with no regard for their well being.  Only loving life carefree and fancy free and going for it.  Everything a new and exciting experience for them! 

I think there is a lot to be learned from the children.  Because they are truly free of having to worry about what the future holds and the animosities that we all develop as we grow older. 

The many mimes, musicians, singers and artists some good some not so good all trying to get a jump on life and make a buck.  Without them we wouldn’t have the many pauses along the way and the constant flow of music as we walk.  They are also free in their own minds but not to the same degree as the children.  It is truly what was meant by the saying to stop and smell the roses. 

All though I truly wish I would have done this many years sooner you can’t look back and I am doing it now.  It has become a driving force in me to get up every day and experience all these great and wonderful things.  That if you look for you will see. 

I try to make the utmost of everyday never knowing whether it will be my last.  If it is I will know that it was my best!  Life is a wonderful thing live it!!!!! 

After writing this I had this huge urge to go out on my balcony and scream out to the city.  YAHAHAHA!!!!  AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!! 

For those that know me you know how loud that can be!!  I woke up the homeless Bummer Dude!  I wish I could have done the howler monkey but I just don’t have it in me anymore!!!  HAHAHA! YEA HA!!  LIFE IS GOODimg_20161022_105306070dsc_0027dsc_0048dsc_0115img_20161021_185355324img_20161030_182254708_hdr-1img_20161019_185424824_burst000_cover_topdsc_0050dsc_0043dsc_0001

So this is my quiet place!!!  You get this sense of peace the minute you step onto the marble walkway around it. 

I have my favorite benches to sit at and if one is taken I have a standby.  I don’t know what it is about the place but it just cries out peacefulness.  I spend a lot of time here sitting many different times during the day. 

It is like if you close your eyes you could fall off into a very restful sleep!!!  There are always a couple of old guys like me doing just that sitting head down restfully sleeping no cares no worries!!! 

The park ROTONDA DE LOS JALISCIENSES ILUSTRES is dedicated to some of Jalisco’s most notable figures in the name of art and science.  That have worked to benefit society.  Guadalajara is the capital of the state of Jalisco. 

There are 28 great people from these different fields that have their images portrayed.  In full size bronze statues surrounding the perimeter of the block that the park is in.  It was built in 1952. 

It is a really really special place!!!  Lot’s of Peace exudes from it!!! dsc_0029 dsc_0033 dsc_0105 img_20161028_113356847

Well went to the dentist today to get the two fillings put back in that came out when I was at my sister’s place.  Or when I was in Europe can’t remember. 

I’m sure that damn dentist I had do the lousy upper teeth for me did it by pulling at them to see if they were OK.  Son of a bitch!  Just can’t trust them in the states to not make more work themselves.  He told me if they came out I would have to have an implant because there wouldn’t be enough tooth left. 

This dentist I found here was great looked at the spot this other guy said I had a cavity and said there was none.  Said there would be no problem replacing the filling. 

I had just walked in off the street after checking out a couple places.  I liked this one because the girl out front spoke perfect English and was nice.  The Dentist could understand and speak to me if I spoke slow. 

So anyways I waited for one person ahead of me.  An hour later he had filled the two teeth perfectly.  You can’t even see a little bit where the filling meets the tooth and it is the perfect color of my teeth. 

He was great took his time no assistant did anything he did it all.  Perfect and it cost me $40 for the two.  I can’t believe it but it happened. 

I had been putting it off and putting it off so last night I picked out the places and ended up there couldn’t have been better if I planned it!!!  I really, really, really dislike dentists this one was great!!

Guadalajara is great!!  The weather is perfect and It’s great sitting on my balcony watching all the people of all walks of life going by. 

The monster trucks because they are doing a huge construction project in the middle of town.  The many buses driving like madmen.  Then there’s the horse and buggies with the tourists mostly Mexican tourists going by. 

Quite an amazing variety and very entertaining some would think noisy!!  And it is!  I think entertaining!!!  Music from the various music stores and restaurants on the street some live some not.  Vendors setting out a colorful cloth on the sidewalk to display their goods on. 

Then you have the homeless setting up every night in front of this one place.  A little ways down the street from here.  They spread out their pieces of cardboard and blankets and bring all there stuff.  Some of it piled high on carts and just bed down on the sidewalk.  Never a dull moment!! 

There are such extremes between one class and the other but it takes a combination of all.  To make the world go round!  I like to call it vibrant!!  Gotta love it!!! 

Update the girl that spread the colorful cloth out with her stuff for sale was selling shawls.  I’m thinking she is way too late.  Because after 10 o’clock there is very little pedestrian traffic.  But low and behold the wind picked up and she made multiple sales in a short time from couples walking by.  The girls being cold from the wind who would have thunk!!! 

It absolutely amazes me how every aspect of making a buck is covered here!!  I am surprised daily at the ingenuity of these people!!



So this town is much nicer than the last!  There is a whole lot more going on. 

Tonight they had an old time Lawrence Welk type of band set up in a little pavilion in the park a few blocks away from here.  The old Mexican folks were dancing the waltz and having a good old time.  Thought of Mom she loved him.   

There was another event across the street.  That had been going on all day from early morning with a bunch of exercise bikes maybe 50.  People rode them all day with music blaring with three leaders in the front.  Calling out moves and carrying on with them.  It went on till dark. 

Then some clowns came in near by in a stepped down like circular concert area.  And started to put on a show with the kids in the audience pretty cool. 

Last night about every 1/2 hour or so a different place around town.  Shot off a dozen or so really nice fireworks till midnight or so.  They have a lot going on here all the time! 

There are all kinds of mime’s set up around the malecon.  Most are really clever and good at it.  There are also many really beautiful sculptures. 

There is the sound of the Old Cathedral bells a couple of blocks away.  I love the sound of the old bells!!!  It is things like this that keep my mind active and at peace.  All within a few blocks of me! 

I’ve found a couple of really nice places to eat so all set there.  There are also plenty of places to use the toilet if you have to it will cost about 5 Pesos. 

One thing that is not so good about PV is that the beaches in town have two rivers flowing into them.  If I were coming mainly for the beach and swimming.  I wouldn’t want to be closer than a half a mile from them on the North or South side of town. 

In these third world countries there is just too much stuff you don’t want to know about coming down them. 

I was going to leave tomorrow but will stay another day or two.  Because last week wore me out jumping around till I found this place.  If it weren’t so damn hot I’d stay longer.  Maybe I will come back when it does cool down in another few weeks. 

But Guadalajara sounds good with highs in the low 80’s and cool at night!  Going for the gusto!  Davedsc_0084dsc_0002 dsc_0004-1 dsc_0005-1 dsc_0007-3 dsc_0012-1 dsc_0015-1 dsc_0026-1 dsc_0032-1 dsc_0034-1 dsc_0036-1 dsc_0042-2 dsc_0050-2 dsc_0053 dsc_0056 dsc_0076 dsc_0079

I have been in Puerto Vallarta a few days now and this was one interesting part of it.  In the last couple of days after changing multiple hotels and taking the local buses.  For .35 cents versus the cabs for $6.  It has been a real trip!  

The buses are probably the ones we rode when we went to school 50 years ago.  And were sold down here for transportation.  At least they look the same.  There are a few newer style ones but they don’t come out till later in the evening.  I guess for the tourists but for the most part they are ancient. 

They cruise thru town like a bat out of hell and God forbid anyone steps out in front of them!  They even run the crazy taxi drivers off the road! 

Anyways it makes for an interesting trip over these beat up old cobblestone streets.  Along with the noise from the bad mufflers and the shaking and the rattling.  You have to wonder not if.  But when they are going to fall into pieces in the middle of the road!  You just have too grab a hold.  Go for the ride and hope your head doesn’t hit the roof!! 

Some people pay good money for this type of thing at amusement parks.  But here it is all about getting from here to there cheaply!  Gotta Love It!  HA HA HA

Well on my way to Puerto Vallarta in the morning.  Was going to go by bus but it turns out to be a two day trip.  That’s a little much in a bus and only half of what it is to fly so fly it is.  It is supposed to be a pretty scenic trip by bus though. 

As it turns out my first impression of Puerto Escondido was right as I thought when I first arrived.  It just didn’t look good.  I just didn’t think at the time I was giving it a fair chance. 

The place is nice but a little run down and dirty. Except right on the street where I am and south of here in the places along the beach. 

I like my room alot and have a beautiful balcony to people watch from.  So that’s a big plus. 

If all you’re looking for is a quiet little town with a beautiful beach it would work out just fine.  If you are a suffer you will love it there are huge waves.  The people are really really nice. 

Things are fairly cheap not dirt cheap but reasonable.  Nice big Breakfast with coffee and tip $4.  Dinner seafood or steak etc with beer and tip $10, Beers $1.25.  There are some nice places on the beach to eat at. 

For me it is worth a couple weeks not much more.  I am looking for a bigger town or small city.  With a nice malecon to walk a long and benches along the way to stop relax and stare off at the sea.  Some shade from some trees would help! 

An old part of the city with some kind of decent architecture to wander around in.  Just more to do then laying on the beach or walking along it.  Puerto Escondido just doesn’t have those things.  It does have a very small area with a malecon south of here on the beach. 

I like being in the main town.  I haven’t been much for laying on the beach in a long time just too hot for me. 

Right now I am having second thoughts about my plans to go to South America mainly Cartagena.  The place I think would be perfect for me.  But the temperature there is what I have been dealing with in Florida the past couple of months.  I think it is just going to be too hot. 

Even here it is too much for me it’s about the same as Florida and Cartagena is hotter.  So my plans are now looking like I will head North along the coast to Puerto Vallarta and then to Mazatlan. 

The further north I go this time of year the cooler it will get in a couple of weeks.  So between the two of them I should be able to find a place to settle for the winter.  T

he problem with the heat is I have a hard time breathing and you have to do everything first thing in the morning.  Or you’re strapped inside or in the hotel pool the rest of the day until dark. 

You’re drenched by the time you finish a walk even first thing in the morning.  If there is no breeze at night it is just as hot till 10PM or later.  Not that I’m looking to do a real lot after the morning.  But right now it is too hot to sit out on the balcony in the afternoon in the shade. 

It’s my last night and the street is closed to traffic.  The vendors are setting up in the street as they do every night.  What few tourists that are here now will all be out walking along and checking out the goods.  I will miss this part of being here! 

It would also help a lot if you speak some Spanish as very few speak much English here. 

I guess I am getting finicky in my old age.  And am very specific about what I want to deal with and have available to me.