Well Polignano A Mare has been a really nice little place to see.  It’s not a very big town but it has some dramatic views from its cliffs overlooking the sea and its buildings overhanging the edges of them. 

It’s big claim to fame is it is where Domenico Modugno the songwriter that wrote nel blu dipinto di blu or as it is better know Volare was born. 

The old town is tiny but is for the most part one big pedestrian zone.  One side of the old town ends on the cliffs.  Above a cove and small beach that has a beautiful shrub and tree lined cobbled walkway coming down to it from the cliffs.  On the other side of the old town there is a long esplanade along the sea that’s goes along the edge of the cliffs for probably a mile or more.  Pretty nice view from the top! It is well taken care of and is pretty clean. 

About the only negative thing I encountered was that for some crazy reason they have asphalted most of the roads coming into it except for the pedestrian zone.  I think they tried to asphalt over the cobblestones because the asphalt is all patched up and falling apart.  To bad it was pretty ugly and sad to see.  I guess they tried to modernize things at one point.  Some politicians bright idea no doubt and it has backfired on them. 

But it is minor in the scheme of things as everything else is well kept and there is a lot of rehab of the old going on everywhere.  Maybe someday they will put the roads back to cobble who knows.  All and all it isn’t a place I would spend a long time but it has been a very pleasant stop along the way and I am glad I did.  I couldn’t choose which one of the photos of the old lady I liked the best.  They both together tell a very short story!!

Well been planning where to go from here.  I leave on the 15th 4 days from now.  I have really enjoyed this town it has been a very peaceful, relaxing stay and I am now reinvigorated for the next part of my journey. 

Antonio the guy that owns the place where I’m staying is great.  He has brought me many home cooked meals that he and his mom have made for his family.  Super nice of him!! 

I have also been here long enough now to get to know many people that I meet along the way in my daily walks.  At least by a buongiorno or arrivederci, a smile and a nod and a couple speak a little English. 

I love watching the catch come in and everyone meeting the boat to get first dibs on the best of the catch.  The guy at the produce stand I go to didn’t want to change a 20 the other day so just gave me the couple of apples I had picked and said catch him later with the money.  It has made the time spent here very worthwhile. 

Just woke up been sleeping a lot today it has been a lazy rainy day first in a very long time.  Feel a little more alive now.  Seemed like every time I woke up I was still tired.  Anyways decided to go to Bucharest, Romania after Polignano Mare close to here and then Bari to get the plane. 

Antonio the guy that owns the place here had mentioned it when I first came and showed me an airline from Bari which is real close from here and super cheap.  Wizz Airlines!  I don’t know if you get the Cheeze with it or not.  I guess maybe I just gave it to you!!!  HAHA! 

I had thought about Bucharest but figured it sounded like a cold place so put it out of my mind till the day before yesterday.  I was talking with Antonio again and he said it was very warm there and now was the time of year to go.

Anyways I forgot about it and just woke up thinking I should look.  Mainly because I didn’t like having to wait for the ferries till 11pm or 12am to leave from here to cross over to Albania.  It would mean either getting a room for the day and not staying all night or hanging around all afternoon and night with my luggage.  Plus I would have to share a cabin and I didn’t like that and it was a 120 bucks. 

Just looked and I can get a really decent daytime flight to Bucharest and be there early afternoon for like $60.  Checked out the rooms and they are good prices and the photos look great.  The flight, photos and the fact that it has a pretty big old city center made the choice for me.  So that’s what I’m going to do at least today anyways. 

Just couldn’t wrap my head around Albania.  The photos just didn’t look so good to much older modern not enough real old.  But I still might pass through it when I go back to that side along the coast.  Bucharest looks interesting and I like the mystique of the name! 

The last photo is of the very special meal I had with Antonio and his family just before I left!  One of his sons is named Aldo so Alden meet Aldo!  I will always remember it!  CHOW!!!  Monopoli a Great time was had by all!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!


I’m in Monopoli now.  It has been terrible booking rooms here in Italy with booking.com.  Finally in a B&B to stay that is exactly how it was described. You can’t know how good that feels right now!!! 

I just can’t believe how much trouble I am having with even booking a room here in Italy.  People say they have a balcony and private bathroom in the room in the room description.  When I make the booking it is always the first thing I ask them in special requests.  It is the first time you have the chance to ask them a question. That is do you have a balcony and private bathroom in the room.  Please if you do not.  Do not book me the room. 

Then they email you OH that room doesn’t have a balcony or that room doesn’t have a private bathroom in the room that room has been booked.  They clearly state on their booking site in the description of the room that it does and when booking.com sends you a confirmation it does.  But when you hear back from the people they do not. 

Then if it is a non refundable reservation I either have to take what they have or call booking.com and hassle with them for half an hour or more to get my money refunded.  If anywhere it says under the description of the room some rooms have this or that.  You can rest assured your room is not going to have it unless you are very lucky. 

It has been a real big pain in the ass here.  Last night I couldn’t sleep I was so mad about it.  I don’t know what to do it has been a very frustrating time for me here.  Lecce was the first town I have really really liked but I stayed in two places that did not have what they said they had.  I just got tired of fighting about it.  I guess I am not doing something right. 

I think a lot of it has to do with booking.com having a lot of B&B’s now and the people not knowing how to set it up right on their site.  Because when you ask they tell you.  Also you see the people from most of these places 10 minutes and they are gone.  They meet you at the room or some at the train or bus station to take you to the room.  Show you how the keys work tell you a couple of things about the city.  Then you don’t see them till the next morning.  Sometimes you don’t see them again.  They tell you just leave the keys here or there and go. 

Very weird to me and impersonal not what I think of in a B&B.  I am saying these things so that you are very very very careful with booking a room here in Italy.  It has left a constant bad taste in my mouth since I arrived!  Make sure in special requests when you reserve the room on booking.com.  You ask if what you want is there and if not for them not to book the room.  Otherwise you do not have a leg to stand on with booking.com.  I am very very careful and do this all the time and I’m still getting taken for a ride!!!  HOPE this helps someone!!!

So I am in Monopoli a small town with a great vibe.  After Lecce and this my feelings about Italy have been boosted dramatically.  Finally a great room just how it was described and with two nice big balconies.  One in the living room and a really big one off the bedroom. 

The biggest plus of all is the bed it is super comfortable not the hard as a board mattresses I have had in most of the places here.  Perfect!  It is a little pricey a night but I don’t care if the old town is nice.  I will be here for a lot longer time than the 3 nights I booked. 

I just got in and Antonio picked me up at the train station and is super nice best of all he speaks good English.  I’m excited so now all I have do is see the town.  I don’t really feel like it now but maybe!  Now I really want to get out and look.

I had a really terrible nights sleep last night.  I was so pissed off at booking and the people renting these B&B’s not being honest about what they are listing.  I tossed and turned and got up several times just couldn’t get it off my mind.  Woke up half dead this morning going I have to get the F out of Italy.  So this is like a big relief and now I am tired but excited. 

Just got back from walking couldn’t sleep thinking about it.  It is a real real nice town.  Little but super nice old city.  There is a  harbor full of commercial fishing boats and old men fishing along the wall. 

So I’m sure the eating here is going to be good.  Not that the food hasn’t been real good other places but getting a little tired of the pasta and pizza.  Although it has been amazing.  Now I know the seafood is going to be super. 

From the harbor you walk along an old fortress wall with esplanades in between.  Then come to a couple little beaches and the further you get out of the old city there are small cliffs down to the sea.  Pretty nice! 

I will think about it tonight but am pretty sure I am up for a long stay maybe a couple of weeks or more!  I’ll see if I can work out a deal tomorrow with Antonio he seemed open to it when we talked.  He said go look at the town and we will talk more so I’m into it. 

I have found a few places in my travels this year and years gone by that if they had been on the sea would have been perfect like Lecce here and Granada in Spain.  But seeing as how they weren’t there isn’t much I can do about it. 

I am definitely a sea person and this little place has it.  It is the only thing that keeps things constantly changing for me and has this super special vibe all its own.  You can come close with other things but the sea has the mother of all vibes going on! 

Monopoli may not be the best place I have ever been but it is really really nice and I really need to come down from all the searching.  It has worn my ass out and there isn’t much left!  I have to pull hard on my belt to keep my pants up now.  I just sooo need a rest from it.  The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be any more kind of thing! 

Talked with Antonello I can stay to the 15th and he gave me a much better deal. YAY!!!!  He has the room booked after that or I would have stayed even longer.  At least now I can stop and relax and get my thoughts together on where to go next.  I was getting very tired changing places every few days.  Guess I am getting old and do not like to move every 3 days anymore. 

I was very happy to find this place it is a really great room with big balcony and nice people.  The old town is small but very nice.  So I am good for a while.  Now it is time to relax and enjoy it!!!  PLOP PLOP FIZZ FIZZ OH WHAT A RELIEF IT IS!!!!  You have to be old to remember that saying!  HAHA

Well finally a city to write home about.  They say it is the Florence of the South.  The best thing about it was the immediate great vibe it had and what a beautifully preserved old city it is!!! 

It is not on the sea but a little inland from it.  I guess 5 is my lucky number as this is the fifth place I have been here.  This place is what I have been expecting to see in Italy. 

The old town’s so well preserved I have not seen one building that looks like it is going to fall down anytime soon.  The buildings and plazas are impressive in size and content and are everywhere amongst the tiny narrow streets. 

You really know you are in an old Roman city it just has that feel everywhere.  The main buildings of interest are massive.  So big they look like they almost don’t belong in such small quarters. 

The old city is pretty much all a pedestrian zone with only delivery trucks and people that live here suppose be able to drive thru.  Most streets are so small there is no room to park even a small car so most people have scooters or bikes.  It makes it a great get away from the the honking horns of other cities.  I don’t think I have heard any in the days I have been here walking around in it. 

The people are more relaxed and much more willing to smile and acknowledge your presence.  Just that alone is a huge plus for me.  It has been a real pleasant stay for me.  I was able to walk for several days thru the winding streets getting lost amongst them and enjoying every minute. 

Although it is walled in for the most part it is easy to get yourself turned around because the streets wander thru it in so many different directions. 

One of the biggest buildings and attractions the basilica di santa croce which is said to have taken 100 years to complete was being revitalised and was scaffolded off with curtains.  The front of the building had a full size photo of what the place looked like covering the scaffold.  I had to get within 50’ of it to realise it was a photo.  It made me look twice before it dawned on me that that was what it was.  Pretty cool way of doing it.  Just wish I had been able to see it because the photo was incredible of it. 

You can look it up online if your interested.  Real nice!  It is said there are 22 churches in Lecce.  That’s an incredible number considering its size!  There were a couple of other large buildings also being preserved so it is an ongoing thing for them and it shows!  The 3 days I will have been here were just enough to have seen the lion’s share of it. 

If I hadn’t already booked a place somewhere else.  I probably would stay a little longer.  At least now I can say that what I expected to see is here I just didn’t make the right choices of places to go until now.  Hopefully my picks in the future will reveal more of the same. 

I know if I were to go to some of the famous big cities I’d find plenty to see there.  Those places are easy to figure.  I never have been one to take the easy route.  You would think I would have learned by now but I haven’t. 

I’m just not into putting up with the high prices and all the flag waving tour groups.  One of these years I’ll come in early March and do just that but until then.  I am looking for what I want to see in out of the way places like this.  I guess that is why it is so hit and miss.  Let’s hope I hit a few more before I have to leave for Croatia , Montenegro Etc because my 90 days will be up soon. 

One thing for sure it was like a big relief came over me the minute I arrived here.  I slept really good last night and was up an at them early this morning ready to get on with my adventure. 

I’ll tell you one thing I miss is my memory foam mattress at my sisters.  I don’t know what it is but all most all the places I have stayed at have been newly renovated along with the mattresses.  But they like them incredibly firm here and I wake up every morning feeling like an old horse. 

Well this place just shows to go ya that if you look long and hard enough you will find somewhat what you are looking for!  In this game close counts!!!  Thank you for being here Lecce!!!

Brindisi is a port town where ferries leave for Greece and Albania.  It is a mishmash of very old and new buildings all kind of melded together in the old town.  Some sections have more old others more new.  The old town is somewhat interesting and can pretty much be covered in a few hours walking it. 

The esplanade along the sea is what I am now considering to be Roman stark!  I stopped here for a couple of days as I was passing by it heading South to Lecce.  I wanted to see if it would be worth stopping again on my return trip or just to pass it by and head north to other places.  I will choose the later and pass it by. 

It’s not bad but like I said after two days walking I have pretty much seen enough to make a decision.  I think the main reason tourists come here is to catch the ferries of which there are many. 

Glad I saw it glad I’m leaving.  Not enough to keep me entertained!  Not many places have been lately!  Hope I find one soon I am really tired of bouncing around but life goes on.  Just have to keep trying never say never. Time will tell the tale!  Out of here in the morning!


Taranto turned out to be one of the better stops so far in Italy not because of the town but because of the really nice couple I met Magda and Marco at the place I stayed! 

The day I arrived it was early afternoon and when I got there they were just sitting down for their Sunday meal.  They invited me to join them and it was the best meal I have had since coming to Italy. 

A pasta bolognese and a stuffed meatloaf roll with smoked mozzarella and like a prosciutto in the middle.  It was fantastic!  A little wine that her father made and a lot of conversation because they both spoke or understood English somewhat.

It was my first chance to sit and converse with anyone since I got here so it turned out to be a great afternoon.  They had recently opened the B&B after a lot of hard work renovating this very old building. 

They are both engineers and did a fantastic job of designing and renovating it.  It has a great view out over the harbor from the house and my balcony and is to the side and back of a very old cathedral.  The view straight to the harbor and the fishing boats.  Perfect setting! 

It will probably be the highlight of my trip to Italy as meeting Victor and Carmen was in Spain.  It is what I come to these places for to meet new and interesting people like these two couples are!!!! 

They are in the very old part of Taranto.  A little island in between the old newer part like 1970’s and older and the port side where ships come in to load and off load cargo etc.  It is a very small island and has the very narrow streets and ancient look that I like.

That being said there is a massive amount of work needed restoring these old buildings as many are about to fall down.  If not for the city shoring some up until they are bought and rehabbed they would be lost forever.  Magda and Marco are at the beginning of that renaissance to rebuild the old and preserve this place. 

It looks a little shabby now but the potential is huge once people start to see what can be done by what this couple and others are doing.  It has unbelievable potential there are amazing views around the whole island. 

The other side from here was the wealthier part of the island and so the homes were better built and have managed to be maintained a lot better.  The island is only a few blocks wide and maybe 4 or 5 times as long to begin with. 

I think if Italy itself were in better shape financially it would already have been done.  It is just too nice not to have it happen.  What a waste it would be!! 

I only stayed for 3 days because it has a ways to go and will take a few years before those great things come about.  It was to say at the least a most interesting place to see!  I saw a lot of beauty to be had in these old buildings. 

The last night there I met a friend of theirs Rossella she was just as sweet and nice as Magda and Marco.  I wish my new found friends the best of luck with their new adventure. 

They made my stay a very memorable one!!!!  Thank you Magda, Marco and Rossella you guys are great and just what the city needs more people like you!!!



Well I hate to have to say this because it is the last thing I would have expected to have to say.  Italy just doesn’t have anything so far for me to justify staying and paying the high prices for everything.  The places I have been have just been OK at the most. 

Plus I am running out of affordable options!  I have been so discouraged I’m am going to have to find a pretty nice place to change my attitude towards it!  I just don’t get a warm cozy feeling here. 

Other than a couple of really nice people I met that owned the places I have stayed it has been real lonely.  It is very hard to get a smile and unless you speak Italian they could care less about you.  They make it pretty obvious that all they want is your money and don’t expect them to be friendly for it in the least. 

Unless of course you are going to stay and spend more.  Most just slap your change on the counter and don’t even look at you!  Pretty much sucks been trying to figure it out but am getting tired of trying.  It’s not even close to what I had heard or expected when I came. 

I must have picked all the wrong places.  Right now I am just very confused about it.  Not at all what I expected.  Just having a hard time getting back on the right track it has been one thing after another since I’ve been here.  I’ve spent all my time figuring out what the next move is. 

People say go to the North but that is even more expensive.  I’ll figure it out but Damn what a pain in the ass it is right now. 

You know when I go somewhere I try to fit in with the people even if I can’t speak the language here.  I don’t know whether it’s the economy being so bad and everyone hurting or what.  I can only get a few to respond back at least with a smile.  I have never had so many people pretend I’m not there when I try to ask a question about anything.  I mean what the hell.  I’m wondering if I am in a different Italy then people have talked about. 

I am trying to look for the good but am having a hard time finding it.  I do manage to get a few smiles from the women and men because I do try hard to fit in.  But for the most part it’s like pissing in the wind.  They just don’t seem to want anything to do with you. 

I guess when people come here they come with a lot of cash to spend on vacation and there are plenty of people who will be nice as long as the cash is following.  But if approached in the way I come to see them they don’t want to be bothered.  It’s like who the hell are you wanting to talk to me!!  Very weird to me! 

I must be missing what I am supposed to be seeing!  I just don’t know if I have given it my best shot yet hate to leave with a sour feeling about it.  Keep hoping the next spot will be better.  I’m not going to waste a whole lot more time though!!!  I’ve got a couple more stops booked.  So I have to go to those places but after that we will see!! 

To end this on a positive note the train rides through the countryside, the mountain valleys and along the mountain streams have been great.  You get to see places that even if you had a car you wouldn’t see.  The miles and miles of spring flowers everywhere, grape vines, olive trees, fields of artichokes It was nice to see.  The trains are fast and on time and go just about everywhere.  It is actually easier to find a train then a bus to go places.


Well Salerno is a nice little place not one I would come back to but ok for a short visit.  It has a beautiful setting on the sea surrounded by mountains in the distance.  It has a nice esplanade along the sea and a large section a full block wide of planted greenery and pathways between it and the main road and buildings.  

There are plenty of benches to sit at although most are cement so not to comfortable.  In the cold and windy weather I have been having since I arrived here.  There is also a WC about midway for us old folks. 

There is another wide pedestrian zone a couple of streets up into town from the sea that goes from the train station to the end of the old part of town.  It goes thru the commercial part of town and is packed with people shopping. 

I didn’t see one bench to sit at the whole way guess they want to keep you shopping not sitting.  I usually go up one or two narrow streets above it and try and find something different to look at and discover. 

Walked thru a lot of the old town the last two days so got a good feel of what it is about.   Didn’t do as much as I would have liked to because everything is steep and hilly after the first few blocks by the sea.  It takes the energy out of me fast.  The old town is small enough to see a lot in a couple of days. 

The old buildings are nice and I like the way there are a lot of small alleyways going every which way.  With arches that connect the the houses on one side with the ones on the other side.  It’s like going through a maze. 

The place I’m staying at is nice and on one of these alleys.  I’ve been tired lately 3 days at a place never lets you get settled before the next move.  Said I wasn’t going to do that this time but other than Cadiz!  I just haven’t found anything close to wanting to stop at for a while since. 

Hope the next spot Taranto is better it does look it but you never know till you get there.  I can usually tell by the time I walk to where I’m staying whether or not I will like it.  After all these years of doing it I am very finicky and I know exactly what I am looking for when I go to a place. 

You can tell a lot from the vibe and the surroundings.  It usually takes me 20-30 minutes walking thru the town to get to the places I stay at.  So it gives you an idea right away. Not always but most of the time.

I thought about going to Pompeii because it is close by.  But decided I didn’t want to make the trek to see more ruins.  They all look the same after you have seen as many as I have.  I know Pompeii is different but I have seen it many times on documentaries not the same as in person but sometimes better.  I guess I am just getting lazy! 

If it is close to my place then OK but to spend the day going and coming back from a place right now is not appealing to me.  I am trying to find a spot to spend some real time and relax!!  I am a little worn out from all the travel this year.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Well looking back at the last two opinions I’ve given on the places I’ve stayed.  I feel like a downer so sorry about that!!  I would much rather have been able to say they were great. 

I’m just not into the big cities or the glitz.  Should have known better!!!  But thought I would give them a try.  In big cities everyone is in a hurry like any big city in the world.  Everyone pretty much keeps to themselves and either looks the other way or straight ahead never acknowledging anyone else is there. 

I stopped to ask this fairly young guy something about direction today and he never looked or acknowledged I was even there let alone talking to him.  Didn’t think he heard me at first asked again same response nothing.  ASSHOLE!  Not what I’m used to in smaller cities that’s for sure! 

Walked for 3 hours today took 5 photos 3 of them were of the same thing.  That about sums up what I found of interest to me here. 

Don’t get me wrong the buildings are really nice and very old but because of the mass amount of dirt they have accumulated thru the years.  They just look and are dirty and for some reason feel cold and very governmental with straight lines and totally uniform.  I don’t know how else to explain it. 

They are everywhere so there is no lack of the old.  It’s just after seeing them for a while they all kind of look the same.  I’m sure there are many things I missed because in 3 hours you can’t get that much area covered especially in an old city this size but it was enough for me. 

I did cover a fair amount of ground though because there was very little sitting and watching people go by.  I was on a mission to see the city.  Not just the tourist attractions of which there are many.  I will go and spend another few hours tomorrow but my expectations aren’t high. 

What monuments, cathedrals etc I did see today were just kind of ok but not spectacular in any way.  I guess really it is  just a different type of architecture then I am used to.  It is kind of minimalist or something like that.  I did really see the beauty in it but it was different.  It was hard or cold not warm at all. 

I just couldn’t get that same feeling from it as other places.  Where so much work has gone into decorative and beautiful features and clean not filthy with dirt.  I guess the dirty part was the prevailing factor.  I’m sure if I looked beyond the dirt it would be a very different point of view for me. 

The only problem is because of the mass scale of the buildings.  It would take a hundred years to pressure wash the place to bring it back to the beauty it once was.  Just my opinion and I’m sure some will love it. 

It is a World Heritage city and has the largest historic city center in Europe.  It is also one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in Europe.   Although a lot of places have that same claim to fame.  It also has one of the most important Ports in Europe plus many other cudos so who am I to be the  judge.  Just not my cup of tea! 

You have to remember I am looking for some place I might be interested in settling for a while.  I would like to find 3 or so places to spend a few months at a time instead of spending all my time looking and in trains, planes and buses.  I am not just looking for a place to spend a week or two having a good time!  Even if I was this is not the place to do it! 

Well for the first time in Europe I had money taken from me.  I do not know if it was when I got on the busy sardine packed crowded bus when I arrived or what but it is gone.  I have no way of proving or even knowing what day it disappeared. 

I have been using my credit card to buy stuff and had some cash in my pocket for small stuff.  So hadn’t opened up my wallet to get money till today 3 days  after getting here.  They left me 100 US and 20 Euro.  Weird that if it was a pickpocket they put my wallet back with some money left. 

I had my hand on my pocket on the bus because I was worried about just that, being pickpocketed.  But they are slick and it could of happened.  There were a lot of distractions on the bus from the rocking back and forth to the crowd pushing and shoving. 

I have other thoughts on who got it too but I won’t go there.  They did not take my credit cards so that’s a Good thing.  I would be in trouble if they had. 

Oh well such is life.  I guess I should feel lucky they left me anything.  HAHA! Another learning experience I think it is called the law of averages!  My own fault for keeping it all in one place I knew better!!  Learned that years ago just got lax about it.  Never ever do that!!! 

Now someone is sitting around counting my hard earned money and their easy take.  Just remember this in any big city or anywhere in the world you are not back on the farm any more!!!  MY BAD!!!  Out of here in the morning!  Not a good start to my Italian adventure!  Shit!!!  Dave


Well my first few hours in Naples.  I am all ready to leave!!! 

I am on the corner of a Y on a very busy street and one that is smaller but just as busy.  So far it has been nothing but listening to cars honk their horns and drive like crazy people at 5 mph. 

Where the two roads fork off people are going nuts many starting to go up the little street to avoid the main street traffic.  Then changing their minds and weaving back into the main road cutting others off. 

People walking needing to get across on the crosswalks have to step in front of them and pretend they don’t see them.  Or just stare them down and use hand gestures if they don’t slow down.  Just to use a crosswalk that cars are suppose to stop for. 

All this to get across the road and then when they start across they drive around them and thru them if they can and they never do stop.  I have heard more horns in the last hour then I have heard all year put together. 

This is not what you would call relaxing and I will be leaving as soon as my 3 nights are up.  It is a sheer disregard for those around you everyone giving each other the finger as they drive by trying to fit 3 where 2 should be. 

Scooters all the time driving thru and back and forth among them with 3 people and dogs on them.  They all miss each other by inches all the time.  It makes me dizzy watching them. 

I’m really really surprised someone isn’t killed every 5 minutes.  It is the same walking seems like people would just walk over you if you don’t move.  It is like they don’t even see you even dragging a suitcase you have to take a hard line while on a walk and stick to it. 

They jam the people on the buses so that you can’t put a knife between them.  My suitcase was a nightmare to get on and then off the bus.  No one wants to move to let you on because it is so overcrowded it is just plain insanity. 

There was one moment of niceness when another old guy reached down and gave me a hand pulling it up and through the crowd onto the bus.  All the time yelling at them to back off.  Once on I was worried about pickpockets because that type of situation is when they get you.  Should have never gotten on!

I’m not into it at all especially after coming from such a laid back spot as Cadiz.  Really really glad I didn’t stop in Rome I’m sure it is exactly the same maybe worse because it is lot bigger.  To me it is just not worth seeing the antiquities of the past when the present is so screwed up. 

Did I already say this I am not into this at all!!  Plus I got a room with a private bathroom just out the door because the place had a really good rating.  Figured I would give it a shot.  I’m not liking that at all either.  Just to much of a pain in the ass everytime you want to piss or get a glass of water and I do that a lot. 

So that is what my first few hours have been like.  Other than the 4 hours I passed out after spending 15 hours on 2 planes and 4 buses getting here YUK!  I’m hoping it is better in the morning but it doesn’t look promising!!!! 

11PM traffic has slowed down quite a bit and is not as crazy.  Not as much honking either but just watched someone trying to cross the road at the crosswalk they still don’t stop and it is very hard for her to get across because now they can drive faster.  What the HELL!!!! 

Didn’t even leave the room today just didn’t look inviting!!!  I will give it my best shot in the morning but then again I may sit here and plan on where I am going next!!!  Gotta go with the flow or change it and move on!!!  Couldn’t get out of here fast enough!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!