Well moved back into my usual little apartment in Cadiz a couple of days ago.   Stocked up with food and ready to enjoy the next couple of months here.  Of all my travels it is the nicest place I have ever been.  It is one of the few places in Spain to have not been slaughtered by mass development.  

To me it is like a fairy tale.  It is a small city with great things in it.  All the old still remains as it was and is in good shape.  It suits me perfect or as perfect as it can get.  

I have been thinking about getting a year long visa so I can just stay here and get a yearly rental for the past couple of years.  I just haven’t wanted to go through the hassle to get one and the time it takes.  

This year I have been thinking about it again and decided I would take the time and do it.  

Then I was reading about it which I have done a lot of and found something I had missed in past searches of info on the move.  Seems as though if I live in Spain for longer than 180 days Spain is going to want to tax me on my income made in the USA.  That turned me off to the idea right away because I do not want to be double taxed.  

I am totally unsure if they intend to do that so need to get with a professional here and figure it out before I make the move for the visa.  I just can not get the info I need on it over the internet and Spain’s government websites.  I have spent hours looking.  

I have a good friend here who has a friend who is a big time economist here in town so I am going to try and get up with him and get things figured out if I can.  My friend says this guy gives advice to companies and people who are looking to make the move here.  

He does it mostly for big companies but this friend is a friend of his and he can set me up with him.  That is if the cost isn’t going to blow my mind!  HAHA!  It will take a little while to set it up so we’ll see!  

I really really love it here it is the perfect place if I have to choose one.  It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities and the most ancient city still standing in western Europe.  It is surrounded by an old city wall and the Atlantic on three sides.  

The inside of the city is super clean and the old houses are all well kept.  The tiny narrow streets have few cars because people do not move out of their way.  So unless you need to drive through you don’t.  It is mostly delivery people that have to.  

They wash the streets every few days and people carry bottles of watered down detergent to wash where their dogs piss and bags for their shit.  It is kept impeccably clean.  

The University of Cadiz is huge and occupies many of the very old buildings here.  They are all over town.  The only problem with the university is most people that have rentals choose to rent in the winter to students and then in the summer months to tourists.  So it makes it real hard to find year round housing!  

There are a lot of beautiful little plazas and a huge park all around one side of the city wall overlooking the sea.  It is gorgeous!  There are many fountains and Canaries that have migrated from the Canary Islands.  

The main road for traffic is around the outside perimeter and an esplanade and bike lane next to the old wall that goes around the whole place.  You can see Morocco from the old lookout towers in town.  

It is way more then I have found anywhere.  It is not to big just the right size for me.  

It takes me a couple of hours every day walking around it sitting at the different spots I like and staring off at the fountains the birds and the sea.  It has 8 large plazas with landmark buildings and many smaller ones.  It has a huge market for fresh meat, fish and veggies in the center.  It also has a pretty temperate climate all year.  The beauty of the place just blows me away everytime I come.  

So long story short, I found the place just now have to figure out how to make it work.  I love the way of life here!!!  Life Is Good Dave!!!! 

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YAY!  Back in Cadiz again!  Been here 2 weeks now and the time is flying by!  I will be here for a total of 2 months.  I love it here!  My walks through the parks and plazas.  Sitting at the many benches along the way.  Staring off at the sea and thousand year old Fig trees.  The little beach and small fishing boat harbor, people, statues, beautiful architecture, many birds and the occasional cat laying in a tall bush!  

It is Spring here.  It is sunny and cool with a little rain throw in and the flowers are beginning to bloom and loving it.  The scents in the air from all the many different blooms is incredible.  Nothing like spring for the masses of flowers blooming.  

The parakeets that migrated here from the Canary Islands are doing their spring mating ritual and squawking away.  Along with many other birds.  It is a Great time of year to be here.  Although it is still cool it is warm enough to go for long walks and enjoy the many sights along the way.  

They are now preparing for the onslaught of tourists and locals that come every year for the Easter Processions.  The Processions come from all over this area of Spain.  They last the entire week leading up to Easter Sunday.  It is a pretty amazing celebration to be able to see.  

There are 4 or 5 large processions each with a hundred people or more with assorted bands playing everyday leading up to the final day.  They go from the afternoon to the wee hours of the next day and then begin again the next afternoon.  Incredible and Spectacular!!!!!

People come from all over Spain and other countries around the world to see it.  There is not a room left at the many inns, apartments and hotels in town!

There are comfortable seating areas cordoned off all along the way through the main plazas of the city to the main cathedral.  They can be reserved at a small price so you have a comfortable front row seat and a first hand view of the passing procession.  

I prefer to walk along with the processions and stop at different viewing areas to get a better feel of what is going on.  You can usually find a good spot to stop and check things out when you want.  Although talk about super large crowds it is wall to wall people.  YIKES!!!

Last year I saw a homeless guy who was frustrated trying to get through the crowd.  He was crossing the parade route and where he was going was totally blocked by people.  Probably 10-15 deep.  No one wanted to move aside.  Finally he just stuck one arm out straight and pointed his finger at the crowd.  Stared straight ahead at them and started walking towards them.  Amazingly enough they immediately let him through.  It was like Moses parting the Red Sea!!!!!!!!!! Interesting Concept and it worked!!!!!!!  Who’d a Thunk!!!!!!!!!  I got a big chuckle out of that one!!!!

Needless to say I am very very content here.  There is no place I like better!  It is the perfect spot for someone of my age to be able to just walk around aimlessly and have interesting things to see and do.  All without a whole lot of effort and getting some exercise in at the same time!!!!!!!!  Perfect!!!

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Well Cadiz is a  very very beautiful and peaceful place.   I have really enjoyed the 3 months I’ve been here.  I think I have now explored every nook and cranny there is to be seen.  I’m sure there are a few I missed but not many.  I wish the weather had been better but can’t have everything and it was unusually cold most places this year!  

The friends I met from last year Victor and Carmen have been a big part of my stay.  They are really nice and I enjoy their company.  Not to mention eating Tapas with them in the outside cafes.  The place I rent from them is perfect for me and I am quite comfortable in it.  I hope I will be back again next year but time will tell on that one.

I have thought many times since my first trip here that it would be a perfect place to live.  If I were 10 years younger I definitely would consider taking on one of the few old fixer uppers left in town.  I have always loved old houses and doing that type of thing.  I have always been good at picturing the before and after in my mind!  

As I walk along through the many streets.  I often stop and look at the old places I see and think of what they would look like if given a new life.  The problem with it now is.  You need a lot of energy to do a project like that.  I just don’t think I have it in me anymore!  Not only that but I’m not sure I want to spend what time I have left doing it.  The years go by so so so fast now!

The cool windy days when I first came gave me the incentive I have needed.  To get the long overdue work on my website done!  It was a mess and a totally frustrating project to do.  

I am glad I could step away when I needed to.  Go for a nice long walk through the many Parks and Plazas.  Checking out the ducks, stray cats, feeding the birds with my stale bread.  People watching sitting at the many benches along the way.  It really helped me come back to life.  Then coming back and giving it another go around.  Till it starts beating me again.

I have to hand it to all the people who do this kind of thing for a living.  It is one of the hardest and most complicated things I have ever done.  If it hadn’t been for all the many articles and advice I have received from others.  It would have never happened.  Thank You All!  It was just way way over my head!

The big IF ONLY is.  I should have taken the time to learn before I started.  The only problem with that is.  I didn’t know what I needed to do or learn until after two years of working on it has shown what needed to be done!  That’s the Catch 22!  It’s like most things you do in life.  Live and Learn as you go.

I am sure in most professionals eyes my website is a very long ways from perfection.  But I am only trying to have a nice presentable site.  To leave a diary and a memory of my travels behind for my new Grandson and anyone else who may stumble across it.  At this point in my life I am having a hard time figuring out what I went into the next room for!  Never mind how to write HTML!  YIKES!

All things considered it has been a really really GREAT time.  I am a little Sad to be leaving but Happy to be starting a new adventure! 

My time is up here in the Schengen Zone!  You only get 90 days then you have to leave for 90 before you can come back.  I am heading to Serbia to see some really good friends!  Then to Romania and Bulgaria for the summer months!  YAY!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!

The first photo below is of the giant Phoenix that Victors great grandfather designed and cast in Bronze.  He was a really great artist at the time with iron!  He made many many of the intricate old street lights, railings and the elaborate doors on the old houses in town.  Which are still here and just as beautiful to this day!

Unfortunately he had his two ironworks businesses confiscated from him by the Franco Regime.  Fortunately they didn’t kill him too!  He is very lucky because Victors other great grandfather was taken away and killed by them!  They even had the audacity to send the family a bill for the bullet!  That’s how they know he was killed!  They have never found out where he was buried.  It was a Horrible Dictatorship!!  A Very sad time for Spain!  It was of course a much longer story then this. 

The second photo is of the massive building the Phoenix is on.

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Made it to the ripe old age of 70!!!  Pretty amazing in my book!  Never thought I’d make it to 60 let alone 70!  I’m In the beautiful city of Cadiz, Spain for my birthday!  Couldn’t think of a place I would rather be.

I feel very very gifted to have been able to see and experience what I have so far in life.  I have no regrets about getting older.  The regrets I do have from the past were all a part of learning.  My biggest regret is not having known what I know today many years ago.

I look forward to many exciting new adventures in the future and all that life has to offer!!!!  There are many many many things in life to be Thankful for! 

You do not have to look very far to see them and to see how much better off you are then others!  Just waking up in the morning is one of the best ones!

One of the others is being able to take a photo like this of this very beautiful old lady from Monopoli, Italy.  She was so full of life just made you smile inside!  If I can have the smile she has when I get that old I will be fine with that!!!

Take Time To Smell The Roses and Don’t Eat Yellow Snow!!!!!!!!!  I am Endeavoring to Persevere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!  Dave

It is SEMANA SANTA here in Cadiz.  A truly Majestic event!  It is a week long Catholic celebration!  A Holy week of much eating, drinking and watching the Brotherhoods of Cadiz 31 different processions of Paseo’s passing through the streets! 

They start off at their Cathedrals and all end up at the Main Cathedral in the center.  Then go back to where they started to end their march through town.

The Paseo’s are the elaborately decorated floats that take 40-50 men to carry.  Each procession has a large group of people some as many as a hundred or more people leading the way. 
Most have pointed hoods covering their faces and are of each brotherhood’s colors representing what brotherhood they come from. 

They are pretty eerie looking!  It is said unfortunately that the KKK got the idea for their hoods from them.  Then comes the Paseo and then the marching bands playing very solemn music.  They are really pretty amazing to watch pass by.  It is a tradition that dates back to medieval times. 

Although they are Incredibly beautiful and I wouldn’t want to miss it.  They are like watching paint dry because they are so so so slow.  They stop many times to rest for a bit.  It takes them 3 or 4 hours to walk the 2500 meters or mile and a half through the narrow winding streets that they travel. 
It is a week to be remembered!!!!!!!!  Life is Good!!!!!!!!!!!!


To see more photos of Semana Santa go to: Semana Santa 2017

Well had a great time at my sisters house was real good to see her, Tigger our cat and all my old friends from my neighborhood and hers.  Quite a few good parties were had by all!!!!!  The month went by super fast!  Time seems to move by in the blink of an eye now. 

Just got back to Cadiz on the 7th.  Great to be back!  It was a super long trip 30 hours Yikes!  Half the time was sitting waiting in the airports in Miami and Madrid!  The rest a shuttle to Miami the two flights and a train ride to here.  I was exhausted by the time I got here.  It has taken 3 days to start to feel normal again!  Never had jet lag before this time I did for sure! 

A little damp here today but suppose to clear up soon.  That is what March is here it’s their spring.  I don’t mind as long as it is not cold.  It is so good to be back!  Went out and stocked up with food and drink yesterday morning.  So I am in and ready to to live life in Cadiz.  I am exhausted from the trip and ready to lay back for a while. 

Today I will start my walking again I think just woke up but the sun’s out!  Still pretty wiped from trip!  Well by the time I washed up and was ready to go for my walk a big cloud came over and it is now raining like a Cow Pissing on a Flat Rock!!!!!!  HAHAHA OH Well so much for the walk for now! 

Sun comes out again went out for a quick walk to a park I like.  Saw big black clouds coming so headed back to the room just got in and it started to pour rain and hail stones! Just made it YAY!  Needed that walk it felt good to get out in the fresh air!  Even if it was short lived. 

Well today I woke up to a beautiful sunny day got my ass up and ready and out to take advantage of it.  Did my usual old walk all over through the parks and plazas that are my favorite.  Still sunny and I feel great really needed a nice long walk and a sunny day!!  It brought me back to life again!

This afternoon after they finished cleaning up the rooms for the next round of guests.  Victor and Carmen the managers of the place I stay and her sister came up and spent some time hanging out talking and laughing.  It made my day!  LIFE IS GOOD!

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I’m in Cadiz, Spain the oldest town in western Europe.  The same spot and apartment I was in in the spring.  I love it here!  I’m here at Victor and Carmen’s place.  The young couple that run the place for a guy from Madrid.  It is great to be back! 

I even looked at a couple of places to buy and rent long term this past week.  I don’t know about buying but the vacation rents here are high except for this place.  Even they are high in the main season and early fall.  I have slowed down a lot this year so that is why I was thinking about it.  Less moving and more long term stays.  It is a super town!

The old town where I am is pretty big takes up the whole peninsula.  There are really no bad areas and plenty of places to walk and enjoy life.  It’s another great place!

Victor and Carmen wanted to buy a place and we’re just getting to the position of being able to afford it.  But a couple of really big Germain real estate conglomerates came in this summer and bought every cheap place in town.  Prices went from 40k -70k to them being over a100k and most closer to 200k now.  There are still a couple cheap ones but they need tons of work. 

It really sucks for them and me.  Hate seeing things like that happen.  The English and Germans did the same thing in Portugal and ruined it for the people living there too.  Likewise in Central America with the Americans and Canadians.  So Bummer Dude!  I was thinking about buying here but now the cost I think is more than I want to spend.  I really really like it here so I may bite the bullet and do it. 

On the other hand it will take away my freedom again!  I am not so into losing that now that I really have it for the first time in my life.  No worries, no big problems is great for me so lots to think about.  Victor said the taxes are crazy high!  It costs them over a $1-2 thousand to get a driver’s license and the income taxes etc I guess are outrageous.  So we will see.

Long term rents are fairly cheap like many for under $500- 700 a month and quite a few to choose from.  I could apply for a 2 year visa but it is a pain in the ass and all has to be done in Miami.  So multiple trips back and forth to there.  It would mean hanging in Florida for a couple months and I don’t think I’m into that anymore.  I am just figuring life is too short now to be hanging around in a place I would rather not be. 

I really don’t need to get a long term visa if I don’t buy a place here and expect to stay all year.  I can do what I am doing with 90 days in and 90 days out of the Schengen zone by going to the Balkans.  That way I can work around the whole visa thing and not need to worry about getting the two year one.  The only time I would need that is if I wanted to stay longer than 90 days in a row in the Schengen zone or the whole year. 

Next year I will come to Cadiz first then I want to go to Serbia to see a couple friends I met in Chania.  Then check out a  couple of places in northern Romania that I didn’t get to go to.  Because they were booked up in August when I wanted to go this year.  If I leave Cadiz in June it is the perfect time to go.  Because it is cool there then and there should be plenty of places to stay. 

Also never got to the Ukraine.  There are a couple places there I want to see.  So the pre plan plan goes something like this.  First Cadiz then to the Belgrade area of Serbia to see my friends.  Then to the north of Romania after leaving there to find a place to stay for August ahead of time.  Then to the Ukraine from there. 

Then back to Varna Bulgaria until August it is one of my three most favorite places in Europe so far.  Then hopefully to a place I find to stay in the spring in Northern Romania for August.  That is if I find one seeing as I don’t really know if I will like the area or not yet.  Then maybe to Varna or Chania and probably back to Cadiz in the fall. 

Really all the places I was in this year the weather was perfect.  Except for August getting too hot everywhere.  The heat really gets to me now and takes away from me being able to walk around as much as I do.  I just decided to wait it out in Bucharest this year.  The temps are perfect here now so back to life as normal with lots of walking around and enjoying the days!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!


For more photos of Cadiz go to: Cadiz 2017

Well I am in Rota Spain for a couple of days.  The place I am staying in Cadiz was booked solid for these two days back when I booked for the month.  With friends of Victor’s and Carmen’s for a wedding party. 

So I decided it would be nice to come here for something different to do.  I took a ferry from Cadiz to here it takes about 45 minutes and was a nice slow and leisurely trip along the coast to here.  It has a nice harbor here where the ferry comes in and is lined with a huge amount of sailboats and fishing boats.  Pretty nice first impression. 

The town itself and the houses are all really well kept.  I think other then the really old places most of the houses are from the the 70’s but with nice design and very well done.  Very clean everywhere. 

It is more of a tourist town for people from Europe and beyond who want to relax and play in the sea.  Many English speaking folks so if that is a plus for you then you are good here.  It has a really long beautiful beach and promenade all along it.  It kind of reminds me more of Portugal than Spain with all the white stucco houses.  There are some semi high rise buildings along the beach but older ones and not very high.  All seem to be done in good taste instead of just thrown up for resale. 

I have a very tiny room that is very nice and is well kept.  It has a big cathedral style window with a big marble shelf that I can stand up and lean onto too look out at the small plaza below.  It was cheap so I didn’t worry about having a balcony although I would have liked one they were twice as much.  The plaza has a few benches and is lined with trees on both sides and is mostly used by people who live around it.  Real nice! 

So I was leaning on my window looking out and there was a cat running around going crazy and playing in the plaza below me.  Jumping and climbing up and down the trees.  I gave him the cat call don’t know how to write it but what you do to call a cat kind of like a kiss but louder. 

He came running over on the plaza below me and has been trying and trying to get up to my window to see me.  Why I don’t know unless he figures I have something to feed him.  He was climbing up what I thought was a power line on the side of the wall.  But turned out to be just a seam in the wall where two walls meet on the side of the building. 

I didn’t see anyway for it to be able to too but he or she managed somehow to get to the window 10’ below me.  He was like I am going to do this.  Now he is just sitting on the window sill meowing and looking up.  HAHAHA it was funny!!! 

So I woke up this morning and looked out the window and there was the cat staring at me from a large strip of fancy decorated molding with about a 1′ wide flat surface on top.  It goes around the building about 20’ up the wall and comes from the front around to within 15′ of another strip that starts 3’ under my window.  He was on the strip that comes around from the front.  Have no idea how he got up there but there he was. 

He couldn’t reach me because of the 15′ gap between the two strips.  He just sat there and looked at me then started rolling over and playing like he was on the ground I thought he was going to roll off.  He stayed for the longest time it was still dark so couldn’t get a photo.  When it got light enough and I got my camera out he was gone.  What a crazy cat. 

So tonight I decided if he came by I would go down and pet him.  He did come by but when I called to him he just looked at me and kept walking.  I guess he figured he tried twice and couldn’t get to me so decided it had better things to do and was over it and kept walking!  Story of my life!!  HAHAHA!!!  As you can see it doesn’t take too much to amuse me!! 

So anyways it is a pretty nice town and if you are coming for the beach it is a nice one.  Nice and wide.  It is nowhere I would care to stay for any length of time because there aren’t many real old places although most are pleasing to the eye and not just thrown together.  It also lacks benches and real nice plaza’s to sit in.  There are some but they are stark with few plants and benches and more for open aired restaurants. 

It kind of makes you feel like they didn’t put benches because if they did you wouldn’t sit in the restaurants.  It is the same in all the pedestrian zones few benches to sit and people watch except the one next to the beach it has a bunch.  It would be worth staying maybe a week at the most for me but real nice nevertheless.  Mainly because I know there are better places!!!



Well after Cadiz Marbella was a big let down!!!  It was built up to be this very trendy high class spot on the Costa Del Sol.  Said to be the most expensive and beautiful place on the coast. 

I found the expensive part to be true!  But other then that it was just another faceless city that was ruined by the building of high rises!  Plus the destruction of all the old along the waterfront. 

What little of the old city that is left.  Is full of very nice little places on narrow little alleys.  All with balconies of flowers hanging over the tops and sides of the wrought iron railings.  It is a must to see if you are here  because it is about all that is worth seeing. 

The rest of it the parks, plazas and the esplanades along the sea all seem to be very stark and sterile and not very peaceful.  Although the plaza’s have some statuary and are nicely tiled with marble they left out the greenery to go with them. 

The parks are not well kept most of the fountains if there were any were not working and look like little thought went into building them.  Plus they were just plain dirty.  Just feel like they did it just to say they had one and then forgot about them. 

The esplanade is not bad and it is long but there are so many people on it it is uncomfortable to walk on.  People walk in groups six to eight wide not wanting to spread out to let people coming their way get through.  It was almost annoying walking along it. 

I felt no charm at all about the town other than the old section.  It was a totally commercial environment slaughtered with places for the tourist to spend their money.  Other than the old town and the tourist area along the water it was not well kept at all and it was run down looking. 

It had beautiful mountains surrounding the city inland.  But all you could see was an occasional glimpse of them through the very narrow openings in the high rises.  Trouble is there were very few openings at all.  The high rises were so close together and then most had buildings behind them. 

I did have a nice room in the old section with a nice balcony that was one of the few pluses of my stay!  Moving on there are too many other nice places to see to stay here!


I went out with Victor and Carmen the young couple who manage this place this afternoon.  We went to a Tapas bar and had something to eat and drink sat in the sun and enjoyed each other’s company.  Then went to the new town and stopped in another sidewalk cafe along the beach. 

Had a couple of more drinks and enjoyed the rest of the late afternoon it is now 8pm.  So it was more than the afternoon.  It was great they are two really nice people!!!  It was a real pleasant change of pace from my normal ritual. 

They have their hands in all kinds of things from tour guiding to teaching young Swedish kids Spanish and Spanish living in the summer.  They also manage apartments and a few other things.  Nice to see that they are so very enterprising and very nice people.  Mellow laid back full of Life, Laughter and fun to be with.  Perfect afternoon! 

They are having multiple parades of churches carrying the golden and silver pasos with the statues of Christ and Mary etc with bands and huge processions of people following.  They all start out in the afternoon and end back at the church they started at in the wee hours of the next morning.  Pretty long event. 

There are 5 or so different ones everyday about an hour apart when they start and all go along the different routes hundreds of people involved.  Like the first one starts at 3pm and ends at 2am before it gets back to church.  Long Long procession!  Pretty cool! 

Thought we were going to sit at a table and watch them come by but there are two cruise ships in town.  So the place was slammed with no place to park or sit so we went to a couple of places out of the way to sit. 

The processions last all week with different ones everyday so tomorrow I will walk down and watch.  They are supposed to be incredible.  All gold and silver and life like statues.  I looked it up.  The following came from Wikipedia:   

Spain is known especially for its Holy Week traditions of Semana Santa. The celebration of Holy Week regarding popular piety relies almost exclusively on the processions of the brotherhoods or fraternities. These associations have their origins in the Middle Age, but a number of them were created during the Baroque Period, inspired by the Counterreformation and also during the 20th and 21st centuries. The membership is usually open to any Catholic person and family tradition is an important element to become a member or “brother” (hermano).

Some major differences between Spanish regions are noticeable in this event: Holy Week sees its most glamorous celebrations in the region of Andalusia, particularly in Málaga and Seville, while those of Castile and Leon see the more sombre and solemn processions, typified by Semana Santa at Zamora and Valladolid. This is a religious holiday.

A common feature in Spain is the almost general usage of the nazareno or penitential robe for some of the participants in the processions. This garment consists in a tunic, a hood with conical tip (capirote) used to conceal the face of the wearer, and sometimes a cloak. The exact colors and forms of these robes depend on the particular procession. The robes were widely used in the medieval period for penitents, who could demonstrate their penance while still masking their identity. These nazarenos carry processional candles or rough-hewn wooden crosses, may walk the city streets barefoot, and, in some places may carry shackles and chains on their feet as penance. In some areas, sections of the participants wear dress freely inspired by the uniforms of the Roman Legion.[1]

The other common feature is that every brotherhood carries magnificent “Pasos” or floats with sculptures that depict different scenes from the gospels related to the Passion of Christ or the Sorrows of Virgin Mary. Many of these floats are art pieces created by Spanish artists such as Gregorio Fernandez, Juan de Mesa, Martínez Montañés or Mariano Benlliure. Brotherhoods have owned and preserved these “pasos” for centuries in some cases. Usually, the “pasos” are accompanied by Marching bands performing “Marchas procesionales” a specific type of compositions, devoted to the images and fraternities.                                                                       

Pretty impressive I have seen smaller ones in other places but this one here has different ones every day this week.  Pretty cool stuff!  Brought my camera never thought to take a picture of us together.  Typical of me these days.  Will try to get some of the parade tomorrow.  Friday going to Marbella.  LIFE IS GOOD!!!!




Our Lady of the Palm

November 1: Our Lady of the Palm, Cadiz, Spain (1755)

The Church of Our Lady of the Palm preceded by some time the miracle which made it famous. There is no exact record of why it was named that way.

The miracle for which it is best remembered took place during an earthquake and a tidal wave on the first of November, 1755. There had been an extremely strong earthquake on that day that was reported to have been felt throughout all of Europe. Cadiz is a seaport of Spain exposed to the Atlantic Ocean and was directly in the path of the tidal wave said to be more than 90 feet high. The recently reported tsunamis in Asia pale in comparison to that wave. Lisbon, with 275,000 inhabitants, was said to have lost 90,000 people and had 85% of its buildings destroyed from the wave. The water penetrated as much as 8 kilometers inland, mainly striking Portugal, Spain and Africa.

The townspeople of Cadiz were in terror and were on the point of abandoning the town when two unidentified men – thought later to be the patron saints of the city – closed the water gates and urged the people to go to the Capuchin Church of Our Lady of the Palm. Here a Mass was in progress. The priest calmly finished the Mass, seized a banner with a picture of Our Lady on it, and went out into the street where the wall of water was already advancing upon them. He planted the banner in the street almost in the shadow of the great wave and called out in a loud voice, “Thus far, my Mother.” The water advanced as far as the banner, and then miraculously stopped its forward progression, even though up until that point it had destroyed everything in its path. Then, as the priest walked boldly forward toward the wall of water with the banner in his upraised hand, that gigantic wave receded from him and turned away from the face of Mary to return placidly to the ocean.

An anniversary procession was established, along with a confraternity of Our Lady of the Palm. With the exception of 1837, when there was a Civil War, the procession was held annually. The rosary was recited along the route of the tidal wave, and prayers of thanksgiving said.

Many years after the first miracle, another storm caused the people to remember Our Lady of the Palm. Ships were wrecked in the harbor of Cadiz, and the ocean was impassable. The people demanded a procession of Our Lady of the Palm, though it was out of season, and when the procession was finished, the storm abated.

*from The Woman in Orbit and other sources


Cadiz is a really really nice town and it has a super good vibe about it.  It is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain.  It is also one of the oldest still surviving cities in Western Europe. 

I wish I could have stayed a little longer but such is life.  The only thing about it that I thought was to bad was the fact that big development did get to sneak in and change the look of the most important part before they caught on.  That being the very farthest point of land in town.  I like to call it the point because that is what it is. 

Unfortunately they managed to throw up a few nondescript semi high rise buildings most about 12 stories tall so they stand out above all the other older places.  Most of old are 5-6 stories.  All done for the tourist trade taking up most of the two sides of the point.  At least they are well kept and a few did add nice touches to help them blend in. 

Fortunately the area in front of the harbor was spared but they came pretty close to it!  BUMMER DUDE!!!!  Really really to bad!  But for the most part like I said in the last post at least they caught on before it was all gone.  It has happened to so much of Spain it is a shame.

Spain was a poor country for years and big money took advantage of them just like in so many other places!  It would not stop me from coming back though!  It is one of the few places in my travels I would not hesitate to return to. 

A great vibe, beautiful esplanades along the sea.  Many parks to sit in filled with exotic plants supposedly brought back by Columbus.  Lots of statues, a great market and lots of green Canaries flying around! 

Everything you could ask for is close by groceries, booze and cigarettes what more could you ask for!!!  They also have some nice beaches if that’s your thing.  A small one in the harbor of the old city and bigger ones in the new town just outside the old city walls. 

It’s funny here people that let their dog out to piss always follow with a jug of water to wash down the area they pissed in.  Interesting!!!  VERY NICE!!!  YAY!!  Cadiz

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Well I had a really shitty day going to Seville.  Started out me getting to the bus station in Albufeira and finding out they had changed the clocks ahead last night and I missed the bus. 

I was so pissed finally got tired of waiting there and took a bus back to Faro.  It was along the way of the bus to Seville and figured I could figure out something else on the way.  If not still catch the late bus. 

Well that didn’t work either so I spent the day waiting for the late bus to Seville.  I guess I should have been glad there was one.  It was cold and rainy and no heat in the bus stations.  I was frozen by the time I got to Seville. 

I just got into my new place in Seville it is beautiful.  Brand new everything in a beautiful really old building two small balconies one in bedroom and one in living room.  Right in the heart of the old town all the sights minutes away!!!

A elevator brings me right to the room when the door to the elevator opens you are in your room.  The door to the elevator is the door to the room.  Pretty cool PERFECT!!  It has a code you have to enter into it before it takes you to the room.  So no one else pops in uninvited. 

They really did a nice job mixing the old with modern things.  I am very happy after a terrible day waiting for buses!!  It was almost worth it getting here and having such a nice place to stay!! 

Well I can’t really give a good opinion of Seville.  I only stayed for three days and 1½ of those days it rained.  The place I was staying in was booked after that and the prices jumped through the roof because of the festivities leading up to Easter. 

I guess Seville really puts on quite a show and people come from everywhere.  Places are booked up months in advance and those that are left go sky high with their rents. 

It is a very beautiful city in the old part of town but the greatness seems to be spread far and apart.  In between it is fairly modern.  I haven’t really had a chance to see to much of it except the greatest parts.  So I have to think about it. 

It’s like there are really fantastic and incredible things and then not a lot else around it.  It’s really nice but I am not sure how great it really is.  That would take much more time to see. 

The main attractions are stunning that’s for sure they really are totally awesome a couple of them.  Yes there were a lot of old buildings nicely decorated but few and far between that were stunning.  For one of the richests cities in the New World I guess I expected more. 

Even the main bus station which is huge in the Plaza de Armas where buses come in from the West and South.  Was totally run down and very hollow.  It was definitely a get in and get out of kind of thing.  So I left kind of wondering what I missed. 

I really didn’t have too much of a desire to stay even if I could have.  From what little I saw I think Granada and Valencia have a lot more incredible examples of architecture. 

Like I said and I will say it again.  I just didn’t have the time to see it.  So I can say I am in no position to make even the statements I have made.  They are more of gut feelings then explored and tested ones. 

Although in the time I had I walked so much every bone in body hurt and I was as stiff as an old horse the day I left.  All the things I have read about it were great so I just must have missed it!


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