Well my first day back in Chania has made me feel like I never left.  Nikos the 80+ year old man and close friend down the hall from me made a big lunch for me as a welcome back.  Julie the lady that owns the place I am staying, Eleni her sister in law with her about to be born new daughter and two other guests that were staying in the room next to me came. 

It was a SUPER GREAT time and made me feel OH SO WELCOME and glad to be back with such GREAT friends.  It meant the world to me both literally and emotionally.  My only regret is not being able to speak the language that I would so love to be able to do.  It didn’t hurt a thing though Julie speaks great English and the others spoke a little we all laughed and carried on for the afternoon. 

Julie brought me three huge containers one of Greek yogurt, one of honey and the other of a Greek cheese Mizithra. That tastes something close to feta and yogurt combined and has a texture in between the two.  All that she and her husband Kostas make from their sheep in their village near here. 

She also brought what she considered a meal for me tonight.  It of course was a monster plate that will take me three days to eat.  It is just the way it is here and I LOVE it.  I couldn’t have asked for anything else as GREAT as what they did for me.  It has totally made my day and made me smile ear to ear!!!!!  LIFE IS GOOD REAL GOOD!!!


6 thoughts on “CHANIA BACK AGAIN

  1. Hey man you look as happy as the proverbial pig. Told Fred B about your site and I said the pics are amazing and it’s well written. I might jump to Rome for a week in winter. We’ll be hooking up soon, but I won’t bet where.

  2. Hey buddy, love seeing the pic of you! You look great! Happy and relaxed. It must be nice to see some familiar faces, and enjoy some good food and company.
    I can’t believe your grandson is standing on his own… Where does the time go?!
    I agree three months in one place allows you to make friends, see everything and unwind a bit before moving on.
    Not much new here. Spent some time in south Carolina in October and now getting ready for what is being forecasted as a miserable cold winter.
    Hugs and stuff,
    Sandy and Chris.

    • Hi Sandy been a while thought of you guys the other day and what you were doing. Jeez you guys don’t look like you are going to have a very good year in the weather end of things. Everyone says spring and summer sucked too. Let’s hope they make a mistake about what the winter will be. Hugs and stuff back at you. Say hi to Chris. Dave

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