Well wish I could say Constanta was a big hit too but it isn’t.  I have a really super nice room and balcony and the breakfast here is great.  Along with the owners.  So really wish it was! 

The breakfast reminds me of the ones I used to get in Greece.  The town on the other hand leaves a whole lot to be desired.  What little old town is left is pretty devastated and in really poor shape.  There is a lot of work going on to improve things but it has a long long way to go before it ever amounts to much.  I don’t think I will ever see it in my lifetime. 

The beach is nice but you have to walk a long ways down a stepped walkway to get to it.  Plus the town in general isn’t kept to clean and there is a lot of trash around.  I think it’s a case of lack of money. 

There is another section called Mamaia a little North of here that is supposed to be nice but is all modern semi high-rises along another long stretch of beach.  So I guess the bottom line is if you are coming for the beach and the beach alone then you’re in business.  If not I would look elsewhere!  Sorry Constanta just my opinion!  Next stop Varna, Bulgaria in the morning.

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