Well finally back on the road again.  Went home to my sisters place to see her and my cat.  It was great to see them both she spoils the Hell out of him.  He has more toys and places to hang out than Carter Has Liver Pills!!!  If you remember that saying you are old!!  My sister and I  surprisingly get along great in our old age.  Here’s THANKS to her for letting me stay.

My former neighbors and still friends had a party for me and also a Super Bowl party the following week with many of the same people a good time was had by all and I really enjoyed seeing them all.  It was great to see everyone although I didn’t get out quite as often to see them this time.  Did get out for a couple of nice dinners with friends of my sister’s and mine.

This time all I wanted to do was get my normal once a year doctor stuff done and my taxes and hit the road.  I did get a lot of my older travel photos loaded on my site.  It took me almost 3 weeks to do.  There are so many it is hard and slow to load so now I am going to have to do it again differently to make it easier for people to see them.  I’ll do it a little at a time as I go.  Good rainy day thing to do.

I just couldn’t relax until I could leave again knowing that this is exactly what I should be doing.  Took me all my life to figure it out so now everytime I stop I feel like I’m wasting what precious time I have left. 

I’m now in Faro, Portugal.  YEY!!!!  Portugal is just as I remembered it beautiful!!!  It has a really peaceful comfortable feeling about it and the people are very friendly.  The little stone decorated sidewalks and pedestrian walkways everywhere with different beautiful designs.  The tables from the restaurants set up on them to hang out and eat, drink and people watch from.  The small to large parks everywhere with plenty of benches to sit and while away the day.

The Storks nesting and having their young from the top of every tall structure in town.  The houses with ceramic tile on the outside instead of paint.  It is a thing here in Portugal to have ceramic tile on the outside some towns have more than others.  Lisbon was full of them. 

The orange blossoms are blooming and the air is heavily scented with it everywhere you go.  It’s like I never left!  They are my fondest memories of years past when I came to Lagos and Lisbon 4 years in a row.  It is the only place in my travels that I have returned to that many times. 

Saw a lot of town today but was still pretty tired so didn’t go too far but what I did see was pretty nice.  Faro has a nice feeling about it just like Lagos did.  It is not to big but is a nice size to stay for a while.  Have to spend more time looking around.  Probably be here for at least a week maybe more. 

I went to bed last night not long after I got here like 8pm or close to it and slept like a rock got up in the night very little it was a long two days getting here.  Can’t remember when I have gone to bed that early.  Took a fairly long walk around town today came back and took a 2 hour nap.  I had a good dinner 2 grilled pork chops, fries, rice and a beer for 7 Euro about $7.50 so I’m good with that. 

The place, room and bed I’m in is nice but balcony is a little small.  It does have a fridge though and is steps to the center.  Looked at half a dozen other places today found one with a nice big balcony but the room was real small and didn’t have a fridge.  So am thinking I’ll give up the nice balcony for the fridge and bigger room.  I mean what can you ask for for 25 Euro.  Big decisions HUH!

I’m about 2 blocks from the harbor that looks out over a huge protected marshland behind and along it.  It is considered one of the 7 natural wonders of Portugal. 

The weather has been gorgeous.  Almost as warm as Florida hot in the sun cool in the shade.  I walked quite a ways today and took photos.  I’m a little stiff from all the walking because I didn’t walk at my sister’s house and now it’s paying me back.  It won’t take me long to get back into shape just a getting old thing! 

I met this really beautiful women today she was passing out flyers for a restaurant.  We talked for an hour or more just having a good time laughing and carrying on about our lives.  She is 35 and has traveled all over the world for work and is just one of those truly bubbly people that you seldom meet.  It was great I loved every minute of it.  To bad I am 69 and she is young enough to be my daughter.  Her father was younger then me. 

I was sitting in the park later and she saw me there and came and spent another hour talking to me there.  It made my day!!!  She had the prettiest eyes and biggest smile.  Her name was Thelma and she was definitely a Thelma and Louise type person totally crazy and full of it. 

Somehow I am totally attracted to those types but I am smarter than the average bear and stop short of the jumping off the cliff thing!!!  A good time was had by all!!  You now know what park I will be in tomorrow!!!  What the Hell she made me crazy!!! 

Kind of like the 3 Swedish girls in the photo’s of Nicaragua I think they felt safe with me because I was old and they were just at ease with me and totally open.  They wouldn’t go anywhere without asking me to come with them.  Made all the young guys jealous and me happy as a pig in shit!!  So much for that!  

Went to the same place I ate last night nice big old jolly guy owns the place.  It’s a little out of the tourist zone.  Walked in and as usual he had a friend or two hanging out at the little bar shooting the shit with him. 

He called me over right away and handed me a small piece of hard bread with some kind of stewed pork inside that they were eating and drinking wine with.  It was really good and I went and sat down at the table.  He came over and said he had some really nice fresh fish today so that is what I had.  It was great and the same price as the last meal

After the meal and during he was talking to me in Portuguese and English switching on and off.  He calls me Trump now to bust my ass.  After the meal he brought out the Portuguese equivalent of Raki out and poured me a drink it was fire water alright.  Then he poured me what he called his special one and it was fire water too but real real tasty.  I asked if I could buy some and he said maybe.  I guess I have to go back a few more times to get there with him!!!  Gotta Love It!! 

Well woke up this morning Sunday at 4 am to the sound of the kids coming out of the bars.  Forgot how late the bars stay open here but was reminded this morning!!!  Still passing by beers in hand shouting and carrying on at 8am what a difference 15-20 years make when I used to be doing the same thing!  LOVE MY LITTLE PLACE HERE IN PORTUGAL!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!!  Dave

5 thoughts on “FARO PORTUGAL

  1. Dave, nice story…nice way to start a vacation. Will difinitly have Andreas read it since he will be in that area at the end of the summer.
    Enjoy…Enjoy…ENJOY!! Love Kristel

  2. Edward A Chuplis says:

    Fantastic ! Your blog makes me want to jump on a plane tomorrow. Fargo looks great
    Good think all those young women can’t read your lecherous mind. Lick your fingers…
    See you in about a month !

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