Well I have decided to go to Guadalajara.  All the places here in Merida are booked through New Years and after.  There are a couple but they want $50+ a night not going to pay that in Mexico. 

So off to Guadalajara.  I think it will be better a little cooler but better just couldn’t find the right place here the one I’m in is booked into January.  Checked the places I had picked to stay on the coast in Progreso and now they are booked too just waited too long to book. 

So off I go again!  If I stayed here I would have had to bounce from one place to another every couple of days just figured it wasn’t worth the hassle.  Plus couldn’t find one close to the center where I want to be without paying big money and even then there were only one or two.  Not only that but Merida is really packed with people this year hard to walk down the sidewalks so many people.  I like Guadalajara better anyways so just figured the warmer temps weren’t worth it. 

Got into Guadalajara today checked into the place I stayed last year.  Talked to the guy and got a good deal and he has a room through the middle of February if I want it.  Want to look at a couple other places tomorrow and will then decide which one I will stay.  I like this place so it will have to be nice to get me to change places. It is just nice to have choices of where to stay! 

Guadalajara is really really nice and the temps are warm during the day and cool at night.  I like it much better than the high temps of Merida!  Today walked all thru the parks, plazas and wide pedestrian zones.  Seems like I never left.  Ended up in my favorite spot it is so so peaceful.  Something just seems to totally relax you the minute you walk in.  Last year I spent many hours at different times during the day everyday here just to get that vibe.  It has just got this really great feeling about it.  LOVE IT!!


If you would like to see photos from last year of Merida click the LINKS below.


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