Guadalajara is great!!  The weather is perfect and It’s great sitting on my balcony watching all the people of all walks of life going by. 

The monster trucks because they are doing a huge construction project in the middle of town.  The many buses driving like madmen.  Then there’s the horse and buggies with the tourists mostly Mexican tourists going by. 

Quite an amazing variety and very entertaining some would think noisy!!  And it is!  I think entertaining!!!  Music from the various music stores and restaurants on the street some live some not.  Vendors setting out a colorful cloth on the sidewalk to display their goods on. 

Then you have the homeless setting up every night in front of this one place.  A little ways down the street from here.  They spread out their pieces of cardboard and blankets and bring all there stuff.  Some of it piled high on carts and just bed down on the sidewalk.  Never a dull moment!! 

There are such extremes between one class and the other but it takes a combination of all.  To make the world go round!  I like to call it vibrant!!  Gotta love it!!! 

Update the girl that spread the colorful cloth out with her stuff for sale was selling shawls.  I’m thinking she is way too late.  Because after 10 o’clock there is very little pedestrian traffic.  But low and behold the wind picked up and she made multiple sales in a short time from couples walking by.  The girls being cold from the wind who would have thunk!!! 

It absolutely amazes me how every aspect of making a buck is covered here!!  I am surprised daily at the ingenuity of these people!!



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