Well I hate to have to say this because it is the last thing I would have expected to have to say.  Italy just doesn’t have anything so far for me to justify staying and paying the high prices for everything.  The places I have been have just been OK at the most. 

Plus I am running out of affordable options!  I have been so discouraged I’m am going to have to find a pretty nice place to change my attitude towards it!  I just don’t get a warm cozy feeling here. 

Other than a couple of really nice people I met that owned the places I have stayed it has been real lonely.  It is very hard to get a smile and unless you speak Italian they could care less about you.  They make it pretty obvious that all they want is your money and don’t expect them to be friendly for it in the least. 

Unless of course you are going to stay and spend more.  Most just slap your change on the counter and don’t even look at you!  Pretty much sucks been trying to figure it out but am getting tired of trying.  It’s not even close to what I had heard or expected when I came. 

I must have picked all the wrong places.  Right now I am just very confused about it.  Not at all what I expected.  Just having a hard time getting back on the right track it has been one thing after another since I’ve been here.  I’ve spent all my time figuring out what the next move is. 

People say go to the North but that is even more expensive.  I’ll figure it out but Damn what a pain in the ass it is right now. 

You know when I go somewhere I try to fit in with the people even if I can’t speak the language here.  I don’t know whether it’s the economy being so bad and everyone hurting or what.  I can only get a few to respond back at least with a smile.  I have never had so many people pretend I’m not there when I try to ask a question about anything.  I mean what the hell.  I’m wondering if I am in a different Italy then people have talked about. 

I am trying to look for the good but am having a hard time finding it.  I do manage to get a few smiles from the women and men because I do try hard to fit in.  But for the most part it’s like pissing in the wind.  They just don’t seem to want anything to do with you. 

I guess when people come here they come with a lot of cash to spend on vacation and there are plenty of people who will be nice as long as the cash is following.  But if approached in the way I come to see them they don’t want to be bothered.  It’s like who the hell are you wanting to talk to me!!  Very weird to me! 

I must be missing what I am supposed to be seeing!  I just don’t know if I have given it my best shot yet hate to leave with a sour feeling about it.  Keep hoping the next spot will be better.  I’m not going to waste a whole lot more time though!!!  I’ve got a couple more stops booked.  So I have to go to those places but after that we will see!! 

To end this on a positive note the train rides through the countryside, the mountain valleys and along the mountain streams have been great.  You get to see places that even if you had a car you wouldn’t see.  The miles and miles of spring flowers everywhere, grape vines, olive trees, fields of artichokes It was nice to see.  The trains are fast and on time and go just about everywhere.  It is actually easier to find a train then a bus to go places.


4 thoughts on “ITALY So Far

    • It already has both Lecce and Monopoli have been great. I just made a good deal with Antonio for 11 more days here in Monopoli would have done more but he has it booked after that

  1. K. Aschauer says:

    Sorry to read you are not satisfied with Itay. Geee! I really do not know what to say because we have good mmeories of all of our tours to Italy. Even Pompeii was just wonderful and I read someone else didn’t care for it either.
    We have 10″ of new snow…..had hoped to have a cook-out this weekend but doesn’t look too good! Monday is a holiday here.
    Hoping you find a nice place to stay and a smile from someone is, Kristel

    • I guess because everyone likes different things on their trips. I look at it differently than most because I am looking for places to stay for a month or two. Not just a week or two it makes a big difference. A place might be fine for a short stay but for a long stay you would be bored after a little bit. You like mountains I don’t because I get worn out easy climbing up and down streets. I like being by the sea others like being inland it is all in what floats your boat. If you are in more touristy places more people will speak English but you will also have to pay a price for that. When you go for a vacation you have usually have saved up money just for that. I don’t I have to live on a tight budget because I do this all year. All these things make up my opinions of places.

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