Went to Kostas and Julie‚Äôs new cabin today.  It is not finished yet but it is close to being done.  Just needs the finishing touches!  LOVE IT!!! 

Julie picked us up in the afternoon.  Along with Nikos the 86 year old man in the room down the hall from me.  He is like their grandfather he has been here so long.  Kostas dad Manousos and me plus the 3 children.  We all headed off to the mountain for the day in this tiny little car packed like sardines.  There was not one inch of space left.  HAHAHA 

It is a cabin they are building on the mountain so Kostas her husband can stay there all day and tend to the sheep and that they can use as a little getaway.  He and his brother Nikos have to milk 200 sheep 3 times a day on two different mountains.  The cabin is on one of them.  It is so he does not have to travel back and forth to their home in town to eat and rest.  It saves them a lot of time and money for gas etc. 

Plus this time of year he, his brother Nikos and his mom Despoina need to be there all day to harvest the Olives on top of milking the sheep.  It gives him and them a place to sit and eat and relax or lay down a few moments.  It takes about 45 min to drive there on winding roads. 

The house is a combination cabin and sheep shelter.  The upper floor is for them to live in and where they make the cheeses and yogurt.  Underneath the upper floor is for the sheep and where Kosta’s feeds them and milks them.  Julie spent all afternoon cooking for us and then again when Kostas his mom and brother came in from collecting olives at the end of the day.  She is a great cook and the food was delicious as always! 

Then Kostas and his brother had to go back out and milk the sheep.  Kostas’ dad the children and me did a little side trip down the dirt road and gathered oranges, lemons and limes to bring back while they were doing that.  They didn’t get done until well after dark.  What really really hard workers they are.  IYYIYI! 

Pretty cool place and what a fantastic view over the mountains and valleys.  It was a great time!  Loved every minute of it!   Just one more day here I will never forget!!!  This is one place life makes the world go around not money.  I am honored to be a part of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!

2 thoughts on “CHANIA CRETE Kostas and Julie’s New Cabin

    • Thank you Linda I feel honored to know them and be a part of their life. It is very special to me and something I will never forget!

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