Guadalajara has been a real real nice surprise seeing as how I never planned on coming here. 

I was just burnt out from all the heat this year and this place had the perfect temp.  So I came here till the coast cooled down. 

It has been an amazing place there are mostly Mexican tourists on the weekend.  The rest of the time it is just a perfect place to see what Mexico and its people are really all about. 

I am truly amazed at what a good feeling this city has.  The families the children everywhere and big families at that all just enjoying life in every way. 

The center historical part is where I am and 2 blocks from all the attractions.  I am sure or at least I think the rest is probably a lot different.  But where I am is more than I could ask for at the moment.  I will be back for sure!!! 

One other plus is they have plenty of public restrooms.  It will cost you about 5 Pesos.  The only problem is for someone who knows no Spanish it could be a little intimidating! 

That being said I get along fine and it is easier to learn more Spanish for me because you have too!  I’m loving it!!!  It has been funny because I have people all the time ask me to speak English instead of Spanish so they can learn from me. 

Kind of an interesting twist on things they help me I help them.  It was strange today I met an American couple at the hotel and when I was done talking to them. 

The girl at the desk here at the hotel asked me a question in Spanish.  It was a very simple question and probably one of the first things I learned in Spanish.  I drew a complete blank from my mind having switched back to English.

Later after my mind switched back to Spanish.  The girl and I had a big laugh about it because she knew.  I knew what she was saying and I just was totally a blank.  LIFE’S GOOD!!!  Daveimg_20161105_111025954dsc_0038dsc_0037dsc_0045img_20161105_111717124_hdrdsc_0041dsc_0044-2dsc_0014-1dsc_0013-1dsc_0005-1dsc_0006-2dsc_0009-3img_20161025_114913955dsc_0006

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