Well with all the rainy days here in Cadiz.  I have accomplished what I have been trying to do to make a simple link between two words on a page in my website.

After hundreds of hours over two years time reading watching videos and calling Tech support.  Then putting it down for a while after getting too frustrated.  They make it look so easy when you see and read the instructions.

The thing of it is if you aren’t aware of all the terminology then it is meaningless.  Also most figure you are aware so many things you should know are skipped over.  Finally found a video today by a lady and the light bulb came on.  That combined with the many other things I read and looked at.  YAY! 

Whoever figured this HTML stuff out is way way way beyond my capabilities.  If you have ever seen a HTML page you will know what I mean.  CRAZY stuff!  At least now I know a tiny tiny little piece.  I’ll take a hammer and saw any day over this stuff. 

But I have finally figured out how to insert links on pages.  So that it makes it easier to navigate the long pages from one to the other and back to the top in my website.  Seems like it has taken forever.  Even after figuring it out yesterday.  When I tried to do the same thing today it didn’t work. 

Could have been because I was half or more in the bag when I finally got it late last night.  At least I slept good knowing I did it.  So I messed with it from early morning today to mid afternoon and figured it out again.  I was doing two little tiny things wrong! 

After I got it in my head I finished the one page I was working on in 30 min maybe less.  Now hopefully I can complete the rest of the pages in coming days.  Probably do another page tomorrow just to refresh my mind again!  YIKES it was a big learning curve! 

So if you want to see what took me all this time to do you can see my fancy work in Nicaragua.  Hopefully the other pages will be completed soon.  Doesn’t look like much for after two years of on and off trying. 

All I did was make it so you click on a town at the top of the page and it will take you right to the town instead of having to scroll down to get there.  Then I put in TOP at the end of the photo’s of each town to get you straight back to the selection of towns at the top again. 

I think it is the hardest simplest thing I have ever done!  HAHAHA!  PS the other pages are now completed!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!   Below is a guide from what I have learned hope it Helps Someone!!!                                                               


 (The LINK) using TEXT

<a href=”#1″>LEON</a>


(A) (IDENTIFIER is a number or anything else) (Example #1) (B) (LINK NAME) Name or Number in text wanted to link) (example LEON)

 The Link can be made much easier using the Link button at the top of your Visual edit page it is the Chain symbol.  Simply highlight the word you want to make the link to then click the Chain button and type in the # sign then the IDENTIFIER (A)in the URL box.  Then hit ADD LINK. BAM your done and it doesn’t move or add spaces or anything extra which can be a problem in a header with lots of Text you want to LINK   


 <a NAME=”1″></a> 

(ID) (A)

(A) IDENTIFIER a number or anything else) (Example 1) same as IDENTIFIER at top of page but without the hashtag in front of 1) The Number or whatever you use for the Identifier must be the same in both links.  Using a number is easier if you have a lot of links for the Identifier.  You just use the next number up to give them a different Identity every time.  That way you don’t need to spend so much time typing

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  1. Wow Iā€™m very impressed…..that brain is still active! Good job šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰

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