It is time to harvest the grapes and make Raki here in Chania.  The grapes have been harvested now and made into wine.  The mash from making the wine has now been fermenting for a few weeks to make the Raki. 

Julie took me to taste the first batch coming from the still.  We went to her sister in laws families house high in the mountains.  There of course was a big party to celebrate the event. 

Unfortunately her husband Kostas was unable to come because he was busy harvesting the olives on their farm all day and then had to milk the sheep after all that.  They have 200 sheep.  IYIYI what a lot of work!  They are both very hard workers.  Good thing they are young.  They are also just as hard partiers.  The Greeks love to celebrate everything any chance they get.  They are such happy crazy fun loving people.  I Love them all. 

She also asked Bernhard a really nice Austrian man who is also staying at her place to come too.  He is jolly, happy and full of life!  We have become friends since we met here.  It has been nice to have someone to talk too and share some Raki with.  It was a really great great time of course and there was a ton of food and drink all afternoon. 

I got very very drunk because I forgot that when the Raki comes straight from the tap it is much much much stronger.  I passed out in my chair and fell over twice.  BAD BAD BAD!!!!!  Julie and Bern had to help me get into the car and up the stairs to my room.  She stayed a little bit to make sure I was going to be alright then went home.  I of course remember none of that part! 

They all thought is was very funny when they came to check on me today.  I am paying dearly for it now.  HAHAHA!!!  After all these years I have never learned how to pace myself.  Chances are looking slim to none that I ever will.  CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY!!!!

4 thoughts on “CHANIA CRETE Making Raki

  1. I refuse to believe you partied too heartily…oh wait I forgot who you are. Good thing I wasn’t there, my drunk ass would have woken up on the street, no way somebody is taking me up a set of steps. That being said, you are in a fantastic place on all planes. Julie and her family have adopted you, they’re going straight to heaven.

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