So I am in Monopoli a small town with a great vibe.  After Lecce and this my feelings about Italy have been boosted dramatically.  Finally a great room just how it was described and with two nice big balconies.  One in the living room and a really big one off the bedroom. 

The biggest plus of all is the bed it is super comfortable not the hard as a board mattresses I have had in most of the places here.  Perfect!  It is a little pricey a night but I don’t care if the old town is nice.  I will be here for a lot longer time than the 3 nights I booked. 

I just got in and Antonio picked me up at the train station and is super nice best of all he speaks good English.  I’m excited so now all I have do is see the town.  I don’t really feel like it now but maybe!  Now I really want to get out and look.

I had a really terrible nights sleep last night.  I was so pissed off at booking and the people renting these B&B’s not being honest about what they are listing.  I tossed and turned and got up several times just couldn’t get it off my mind.  Woke up half dead this morning going I have to get the F out of Italy.  So this is like a big relief and now I am tired but excited. 

Just got back from walking couldn’t sleep thinking about it.  It is a real real nice town.  Little but super nice old city.  There is a  harbor full of commercial fishing boats and old men fishing along the wall. 

So I’m sure the eating here is going to be good.  Not that the food hasn’t been real good other places but getting a little tired of the pasta and pizza.  Although it has been amazing.  Now I know the seafood is going to be super. 

From the harbor you walk along an old fortress wall with esplanades in between.  Then come to a couple little beaches and the further you get out of the old city there are small cliffs down to the sea.  Pretty nice! 

I will think about it tonight but am pretty sure I am up for a long stay maybe a couple of weeks or more!  I’ll see if I can work out a deal tomorrow with Antonio he seemed open to it when we talked.  He said go look at the town and we will talk more so I’m into it. 

I have found a few places in my travels this year and years gone by that if they had been on the sea would have been perfect like Lecce here and Granada in Spain.  But seeing as how they weren’t there isn’t much I can do about it. 

I am definitely a sea person and this little place has it.  It is the only thing that keeps things constantly changing for me and has this super special vibe all its own.  You can come close with other things but the sea has the mother of all vibes going on! 

Monopoli may not be the best place I have ever been but it is really really nice and I really need to come down from all the searching.  It has worn my ass out and there isn’t much left!  I have to pull hard on my belt to keep my pants up now.  I just sooo need a rest from it.  The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be any more kind of thing! 

Talked with Antonello I can stay to the 15th and he gave me a much better deal. YAY!!!!  He has the room booked after that or I would have stayed even longer.  At least now I can stop and relax and get my thoughts together on where to go next.  I was getting very tired changing places every few days.  Guess I am getting old and do not like to move every 3 days anymore. 

I was very happy to find this place it is a really great room with big balcony and nice people.  The old town is small but very nice.  So I am good for a while.  Now it is time to relax and enjoy it!!!  PLOP PLOP FIZZ FIZZ OH WHAT A RELIEF IT IS!!!!  You have to be old to remember that saying!  HAHA

2 thoughts on “MONOPOLI ITALY

  1. Thanks Sandy! Your right you have to take the bad with the good unfortunately. Really it hasn’t been that bad just was building up on me. Just need this place to stop for a while and recharge my spirits. I wouldn’t give it up for anything. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Hugs for you too!

  2. What a beautiful town! I agree, the sea is magical. So glad you have found a place to hang your hat for a bit and just enjoy. I guess I forget about the hassle of arranging all of your accommodations and travel arrangements. The disappointments that go along with that side of travelling. Love Love LOVE these tiny seaside villages. As I’ve said before, I see the world through your eyes, Dave. Hugs

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