Well my first few hours in Naples.  I am all ready to leave!!! 

I am on the corner of a Y on a very busy street and one that is smaller but just as busy.  So far it has been nothing but listening to cars honk their horns and drive like crazy people at 5 mph. 

Where the two roads fork off people are going nuts many starting to go up the little street to avoid the main street traffic.  Then changing their minds and weaving back into the main road cutting others off. 

People walking needing to get across on the crosswalks have to step in front of them and pretend they don’t see them.  Or just stare them down and use hand gestures if they don’t slow down.  Just to use a crosswalk that cars are suppose to stop for. 

All this to get across the road and then when they start across they drive around them and thru them if they can and they never do stop.  I have heard more horns in the last hour then I have heard all year put together. 

This is not what you would call relaxing and I will be leaving as soon as my 3 nights are up.  It is a sheer disregard for those around you everyone giving each other the finger as they drive by trying to fit 3 where 2 should be. 

Scooters all the time driving thru and back and forth among them with 3 people and dogs on them.  They all miss each other by inches all the time.  It makes me dizzy watching them. 

I’m really really surprised someone isn’t killed every 5 minutes.  It is the same walking seems like people would just walk over you if you don’t move.  It is like they don’t even see you even dragging a suitcase you have to take a hard line while on a walk and stick to it. 

They jam the people on the buses so that you can’t put a knife between them.  My suitcase was a nightmare to get on and then off the bus.  No one wants to move to let you on because it is so overcrowded it is just plain insanity. 

There was one moment of niceness when another old guy reached down and gave me a hand pulling it up and through the crowd onto the bus.  All the time yelling at them to back off.  Once on I was worried about pickpockets because that type of situation is when they get you.  Should have never gotten on!

I’m not into it at all especially after coming from such a laid back spot as Cadiz.  Really really glad I didn’t stop in Rome I’m sure it is exactly the same maybe worse because it is lot bigger.  To me it is just not worth seeing the antiquities of the past when the present is so screwed up. 

Did I already say this I am not into this at all!!  Plus I got a room with a private bathroom just out the door because the place had a really good rating.  Figured I would give it a shot.  I’m not liking that at all either.  Just to much of a pain in the ass everytime you want to piss or get a glass of water and I do that a lot. 

So that is what my first few hours have been like.  Other than the 4 hours I passed out after spending 15 hours on 2 planes and 4 buses getting here YUK!  I’m hoping it is better in the morning but it doesn’t look promising!!!! 

11PM traffic has slowed down quite a bit and is not as crazy.  Not as much honking either but just watched someone trying to cross the road at the crosswalk they still don’t stop and it is very hard for her to get across because now they can drive faster.  What the HELL!!!! 

Didn’t even leave the room today just didn’t look inviting!!!  I will give it my best shot in the morning but then again I may sit here and plan on where I am going next!!!  Gotta go with the flow or change it and move on!!!  Couldn’t get out of here fast enough!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!

2 thoughts on “NAPLES ITALY First few Hours

  1. Kent & Dana Boden says:

    My dear friend, When you asked me for my oppinion about Marbella and Naples I mailed you exactly what I read now in your stories. But, but I can`t belive you didn`t stop in Rome eternal city and one of the places that you must seeeee. I wonder where are you now? From Naples you had to go to Amalfi coast and visit Positano, Sorrento and beautifull islands Capri and Ischia. Please be carefull because Naples is not the best place to go around and alone especially as an american tourist. This part of Italy is not easy to travel without car, and even then happen funy things. Your traveling should be fun. Italy is place to enjoy: piano, piano, eat best fresh food with good wines not to stress yourself. Good luck with moving on.

    • Thanks for all your input it helps me to decide. I did not go to Rome other than airport because this is not time of year to go. Way too many tourists. I will stop someday when I arrive in early March to see it. I did give it a lot of thought though it is definitely a must see for me just not now. Thanks for the help Dave

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