In Nessebar, Bulgaria now.  It is an ancient city and called by some the Pearl of the Black Sea.  It is has something like 40 churches dating from the 5th – 17th century in different states of repair in this small area. 

Today I spent about 3 1/2 hours walking around the perimeter of the old town where I will be staying tomorrow.  It’s real nice here even the new town where I am now is not that new it is early 1920’s – 30’s.  It is all in nice condition stucco and red tiled roofs typical of the Mediterraneum even though it is the Black Sea real nice.  Super clean! 

The old town is something I have never seen before.  All these old wooden houses that are stained black or blackish brown some with ground floors of brick and mortar.  Are very typical of very early Bulgarian architecture.  Pretty interesting to look at. 

Real touristy during the day a lot of tour buses come into town so it is a very busy place.  I think after 5 pm they probably leave I’ll know when I move over tomorrow. 

Nice restaurants all along the waterfront and above on top of cliff looking out over the sea.  Ton of ways to walk around.  Inside the town it is a little hard on the feet because they have stone type cobbles stones that are very uneven.  After walking around for a few hours everyday on them you wake up in the night with cramps in your toes and the balls of your feet but that is just part of it.  Pretty COOL not the cramps but the stones!!  HAHA!

Well been here for a week now the best part of which has been sitting on my balcony staring off over the sea.  It is a really big balcony with table and chairs and the room itself is nice.  The hotel is on the top of the cliffs in a semi quiet part of the old town.  I get to watch the city lights of the Sunny Beach resort across the way at night and the many fireworks that go off from one or the other of the many hotels there.  LOVE IT!!! 

It is really nice lots of narrow streets and pedestrian zones to walk about.  The one minor disappointment is it doesn’t have many spots with benches to just sit and people watch.  Most of the space that is not occupied by a building is occupied by restaurants with outdoor seating leaving very little room to even put one.  All along the upper cliff walk it is the same way.  There are a ton of restaurants don’t know how they all survive. 

I thought when I came to look the first time it would be touristy but didn’t realise just how much.  There is a constant flow of buses all day long from all the coastal resorts near by.  It makes it a lot less appealing to me!  If it weren’t for the fact my hotel is in a quieter part of town and I love my room and view so much I would have probably left by now. 

The trouble is this time of year anywhere you go in Europe that is nice is going to be overrun by tourists it is just the way it is.  I think  everyone in Europe has month long holiday times now.  Anyways that being the bad everything else about it has been great so it is a minor trade off!!! 

It’s funny there are a half dozen young kids that live down below from me.  Their mom and dad own the restaurant across the street and a small gift shop and I think a few other things here.  Their dad must be or someone must be on the balcony that I can’t see shining a laser light onto them and around the street. 

The kids are chasing it just like a cat would swatting it off themselves and trying to step on it in the street.  Real different way of life here.  They aren’t inside glued to the TV at 11pm  they are outside enjoying the night chasing a laser beam.  Interesting concept wouldn’t you say!  Makes me smile inside and out!!! 

The people in the photos run the place where I am staying and the names are in the right order!  SUPER NICE PEOPLE!!!  I am in Love with Bulgaria what a great country!!!


4 thoughts on “NESSEBAR BULGARIA

  1. I was going to say, that sunset picture is breathtaking… what a beautiful town. Love the stone and wood buildings. Love to see your balcony!

    • The balcony is the nicest I have had this trip. Big spacious and a drop dead gorgeous view day and especially at night with all the lights along the coast. Doesn’t get much better then this. Heading out in morning really going to miss it here! Hope all is well at the lake and the water is warm enough to go in now!!!

    • It is actually two photo’s one of the sunset on top and one of the city lights below. But when I added them to the site they blended perfectly into one. I was surprised myself how amazing they turned out together. Can’t tell they are two different photo’s. I Love it! I did manage to make one photo out of them so I can get it made into a framed photo after seeing how amazing it looked!

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