Well Ohrid Macedonia is a beautiful little city on Lake Ohrid.  It is a huge lake bordered on one side by Albania.  I can see the Albanian side in the far off distance from my balcony.  It was the capital of the the First Bulgarian Empire at the turn of the 10th century.  Here is how the lake is described in Wikipedia:

Lake Ohrid is the deepest lake of the Balkans, with a maximum depth of 288 m(940 ft) and a mean depth of 155 m (508 ft). It covers an area of 358 km² (138 sq mi), containing an estimated 55.4 km³ of water. It is 30.4 km long by 14.8 km wide at its maximum extent with a shoreline length of 87.53 km, shared between Macedonia (56.02 km) and Albania (31.51 km). Of the total surface area, 248 square kilometres (96 sq mi) belongs to the Republic of Macedonia and 110 km2 belongs to Albania.  Measured by its surface area of 358 km², Lake Ohrid is probably the most biodiverse lake on Earth.  There is much more written about it if you care to look it up in Wikipedia.

The bottom line is it is an incredibly beautiful lake!  There is a very long esplanade running for what seems like miles along the shore.  I walked a couple of miles and never did see the end of it.  Saw a lot of swans along the shore though and tons of minnows so that is a good sign the lake is very healthy.

There was a Triathlon going on where I stopped.  It was athletes from all over the Balkans including Turkey.  Pretty cool stopped there and watched what was going on and got to see the winners coming across the line.  Beautiful day for it!

I have now hiked up the surrounding hills a few days to see the various sites of the old city that sit on top of the hill.  There are many old churches along the hike.  They claim there are 365 and they date from the 9th -13th century.  There is a huge fortress that was built over an existing fortress dating back to the 4th century BC.  It is the main feature on the top of the hill overlooking the city.  Today’s existing fortress is from around 950-1000 AD.

The city is pretty nice really laid back and quiet.  Maybe a little too quiet for me but I am staying for a couple weeks.  I have really liked it so far.  The people are super nice and most speak English more so than in some of the other Balkan countries.  Although most of the Balkans have a lot of English speaking people.  The food is good in the restaurants and prices cheap cheap.  Perfect!!!

I love how all of these Balkan countries over here have kept the old traditions of dancing in the plazas alive.  From the very old to very young they all participate with the traditional attire of days gone by.  People from the street join in and the dance goes on.  It is Great to see!  It is really nice to see how people with an average monthly income of 200 euro on the lower end to 500 euro on the upper are so into living life.  They are very Pleasant, Happy and Smiling for the most part.  They have this great attitude too!  Of Live and let Live to Each His or Her Own kind of life.

It is a stark contrast from the USA nowadays where so many have so much money and time on their hands.  They have nothing better to do then to be in other peoples faces for any little thing that doesn’t fit into their narrow minded lifestyle!  Sad!!!!!!!!!

The really amazing thing to me is I have been here almost two weeks now and have not seen a mosquito!  You would think in a place with a lake this big and many many spring fed fountains constantly running all over town.  That it would be a big problem!  Can’t figure it out but sure don’t miss getting bit by them!!!  This is a great little city and like all of Macedonia somewhat out of the way of the beaten down tourist paths.  Definitely worth a visit.  I will probably be back sometime in the future!

2 thoughts on “OHRID MACEDONIA

  1. Edward A Chuplis says:

    Looks like a good place to chill out. Maybe now you can lay off the nerve meds and imbibe a little. Man you are living the life !

    • Imbibing is my nerve medicine!!! It is a great little place. Probably wouldn’t have seen it if it weren’t for my friends in Serbia saying I should go there.

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