A CELEBRATION for the Newborn Baby Girl GEORGIA!  At the Grandparent’s Nektaria and George’s house.  They are Julie’s brother Lefteri’s wife Eleni’s parents.  It is the same place where the making of the Raki is done.  Great place to have a celebration!  Unfortunately the three of them couldn’t come because Georgia is just a week old. 

There was as always enough food and drink for a small army.  The grill was in constant use all day cooking incredible grilled meats till dark.  The wine and Raki flowed like water and I don’t think anyone left without wobbling a little or a lot. 

There were about 30 people that came and we Celebrated and Celebrated and Celebrated IYIYIYI!!!!  It was another great and amazing day on the mountain!

Here’s to GEORGIA!  She has a great family and a extremely beautiful place to grow up in!!!  It has been a very great honor to me to have been able to see and be a part of this.  I will never ever forget it! 

WHAT A GREAT WAY TO CELEBRATE A NEW LIFE!  Life gets no better than this!!!!!!!!!!  LIFE IS GOOD


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