Well I am in Plovdiv now!!  It was 32 here yesterday didn’t get much done just not used to that kind of heat.  Today the morning was cool so left out earlier to do my walk about!  Good thing it is hot again this afternoon but not as hot as yesterday!  

There is a lot of history in Plovdiv it is supposedly the oldest city in Europe 6000 BC and third oldest in the world!  The city now sits on the ancient ruins that are 12 meters or 39 ft below ground level of the present day town.  There are many areas that have been excavated around town to reveal the ruins beneath it.  

It has the oldest watchtower and longest pedestrian zone in Europe.  Also had the oldest American educational institution outside the USA in 1860.  The American College of Sofia which has now moved to Sofia!  The watchtower is the simple looking tower in the photos

The city is called the city of 7 hills.  One has been demolished for building material for the new town and there are three hills surrounding the old city itself.  There is a very old city part and a newer old city part as well.  Both are pretty well preserved at least along the pedestrian zone and the architecture is pretty ornate on some buildings.  It also has the new city which is much bigger. I did not make it there I’m not interested in the new parts of cities.

There are ornate bronze drinking fountains all through town and the water continually flows from them and is excellent.  Also many benches to sit at!  That scores high on my want list in a place!  All and all It’s a nice place.

Climbing all the hills is kicking my ass but I guess it is good for me! HAHA.  Glad I came to see it.

Will be here for a week then to Varna my favorite!!!!  The sea has always been such a big part of my life a place can not be as nice in my book without it.  All though in saying that there have been a few places that were.  I just love love love the sea.

The people I am renting from came over with their children this afternoon and part of the evening.  They brought a beautiful big bowl of Bulgarian salad which is similar to a Greek one and a bottle of ice cold Vodka.  I had a few beers on hand and we sat around and talked, laughed, drank, ate and had a great time. We finished the Vodka the beer and the food and now I am trashed and Happy to have been a part of their lives.  

It was a great time.  I am so so so glad I met them it made my trip here wonderful!  They are special people and I am going to miss them.  There is nothing more in life I would rather be doing!  I am humbled by it!  Life is Good dave

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