Well as much as I really really liked Guadalajara I just couldn’t take the fumes from all the traffic and the cold nights anymore.  The temp drops 20-25 degrees at night because of the altitude and the place I was staying didn’t have heat.  I was always cold in the room except during the afternoon and the building never did warm up.  Every morning I would have to go to the closest plaza and sit in the sun to warm up just like a lizard. It was getting old and that and the fumes finally got to me.

So I am in Progreso now a little town on the Gulf of Mexico a hour and a half East of Merida.  There isn’t much exciting going on and there is not much of an old town to see.  It is basically a beach town and not much else. I knew it when I came but I decided to just get a nice place overlooking the beach chill out and enjoy the warm temps.  Till I am ready to head back to Merida for a couple days to catch my flight back to the States from there. 

It does have a pretty nice beach here and a long esplanade along it so I can get as much walking in as I want.  There are plenty of restaurants with Palaps setup for shade on the beach for those who want to dine and drink with their feet in the sand.  It does have a couple little parks in the center but hardly anyone in them.  Everyone is at the beach.  That is what everyone comes for so the little parks just kind of feel abandoned and really they are not anything special to begin with. 

I do have a nice room and big balcony to hang out on to stare off over the sea so I am good with that for the next week.  Just going to suck up the sun and the view of the sea and call it good.  I can think of a lot worse things to have do with my time till I leave! 

Did meet a friend here doesn’t talk much but is fun to hang out with.  He wanted me to come out on the boat and join his friends.  But I figured it would be a little awkward standing on the side of the boat like they do!!!! HAHAHA! 


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