So I found a nice spot to rent on my return to Chania.  I am sitting here on my balcony overlooking the Aegean sea with my tunes cranked up listening to the blues. 

The balcony is big enough for a dining room table and I’m 50 or so feet in the air.  Plus I have another small balcony on the back side still with a water view.  What’s not to like about this. 

Went down to talk to Katerina the landlady tonight.  But she had some guy who was like these two cats that were in heat in the street.  And the male trying to mount up the female every chance he got.  And the female wasn’t having anything to do with it. 

So came back up to my room poured another drink.  And am sitting here really enjoying life and all it’s pleasure’s.  I have this place for a week. 

Today I found another place for a month.  Katrina is booked up.  Plus she couldn’t do me this place as cheap as she gave it to me.  Any how I would have paid up.  But like I said she’s booked up at twice what’s she’s charging me. 

Katerina is so sweet everyone that walks by she is greeting and going into the street to hug them.  The other day a couple of women friends one was  pretty old with a cane came by.  She was out there in the street dancing with them.  I don’t know what about but they were all having fun. 

This morning I go down to have a coffee because she always wants me too.  And then I have to have cheese, bread and pound cake etc.  And then fruit to take back to the room. 

She greets me all upset I guess she had rented this room I’m in to some people.  They were pissed because she put them in another room.  Hell she gave me the best room in the place half of what she was getting from them. 

So of course I said I didn’t care if I had to move.  That I was just happy she gave it to me it in the first place so cheap.  She was almost in tears because she felt like she was messing me up moving me to this room. 

I actually like it better because I don’t have to climb 3 flights of stairs to get to it.  And the kitchen is bigger.  I would never say that to her because she was so excited to give me her best room. 

She is so full of life and feelings I think she is 70.  Tonight I think her husband has come to spend the night they have a house in the country and he works there and her here.  Of course she has to stay here and him there. 

I saw a picture of him and it looked like him who came.  Because she ran out and greeted him and was all excited.  Simple people with nothing that will give you everything for nothing in return. 

I tried to get her to take more after getting to know her but she will have none of it.  And looks at me with a mad face if I keep up about giving more.  She just says I wanted to do and that’s it.  Pretty amazing to me what a sweetheart!!!acordiancafe dsc_0011-2 dsc_0020 dsc_0030 dsc_0104-2dsc_0013dsc_0011-3dsc_0010dsc_0005-3100_0823100_0809-2

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