Well Salerno is a nice little place not one I would come back to but ok for a short visit.  It has a beautiful setting on the sea surrounded by mountains in the distance.  It has a nice esplanade along the sea and a large section a full block wide of planted greenery and pathways between it and the main road and buildings.  

There are plenty of benches to sit at although most are cement so not to comfortable.  In the cold and windy weather I have been having since I arrived here.  There is also a WC about midway for us old folks. 

There is another wide pedestrian zone a couple of streets up into town from the sea that goes from the train station to the end of the old part of town.  It goes thru the commercial part of town and is packed with people shopping. 

I didn’t see one bench to sit at the whole way guess they want to keep you shopping not sitting.  I usually go up one or two narrow streets above it and try and find something different to look at and discover. 

Walked thru a lot of the old town the last two days so got a good feel of what it is about.   Didn’t do as much as I would have liked to because everything is steep and hilly after the first few blocks by the sea.  It takes the energy out of me fast.  The old town is small enough to see a lot in a couple of days. 

The old buildings are nice and I like the way there are a lot of small alleyways going every which way.  With arches that connect the the houses on one side with the ones on the other side.  It’s like going through a maze. 

The place I’m staying at is nice and on one of these alleys.  I’ve been tired lately 3 days at a place never lets you get settled before the next move.  Said I wasn’t going to do that this time but other than Cadiz!  I just haven’t found anything close to wanting to stop at for a while since. 

Hope the next spot Taranto is better it does look it but you never know till you get there.  I can usually tell by the time I walk to where I’m staying whether or not I will like it.  After all these years of doing it I am very finicky and I know exactly what I am looking for when I go to a place. 

You can tell a lot from the vibe and the surroundings.  It usually takes me 20-30 minutes walking thru the town to get to the places I stay at.  So it gives you an idea right away. Not always but most of the time.

I thought about going to Pompeii because it is close by.  But decided I didn’t want to make the trek to see more ruins.  They all look the same after you have seen as many as I have.  I know Pompeii is different but I have seen it many times on documentaries not the same as in person but sometimes better.  I guess I am just getting lazy! 

If it is close to my place then OK but to spend the day going and coming back from a place right now is not appealing to me.  I am trying to find a spot to spend some real time and relax!!  I am a little worn out from all the travel this year.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  LIFE IS GOOD!!!

8 thoughts on “SALERNO ITALY

  1. Love the scenes…beautiful tile work, balconys (would love to see inside those apartment), all very picturesque. Thanks!

    • The place I had had been done over inside. They really did a great job putting the new in and protecting the old that was there. I have stayed in a lot of these old places that people have done over this year. For the most part all have done a real nice job of it!

  2. Edward A Chuplis says:

    Never went to Taranto because people said it was very dirty. You’re not missing much by leaving Pompeii off your list. It was to me a touristy Naples. Smaller places in the interior were the best in my view. If you visit Florence, I think you’ll like it. We rented a small apartment off a square, a 15 minute walk to the Duomo district and really got a taste of the town. Lucca is about 40 miles away and is an ancient fortressed town, I really liked it. Neither is by the sea, probaby not your cup of tea! You’ll find a place you like and there’s always Chania for bit of respite.

    • I looked into going to Florence but the price for a room is way over what I have to spend it is different if you can split the tab but the tab is all on me. May be someday in the early spring when prices and tourists are less.

  3. Kent & Dana Boden says:

    Good decision not to go to Pompeii. I was there because it was on my way but it was not worthed. Vesuvius one of the most cathastrophic volcanic eruptions in Europian history and there is not much left to see. It was much nicer on the top of the Mount Vesuvius with enormous views.

    • I’m sure the views were great it is a very beautiful coast with all the mountains leading down to the sea!I just wish I could say the same thing about the cities along it! I’m sure the little villages along it are more picturesque and would be nice if I was traveling with a loved one but by myself I prefer towns or cities of around 100000-150000 people. There is more to see and do for me in them and I don’t feel so much alone that way. Dave

      • Edward A Chuplis says:

        I’ve got zero trouble traveling alone,being moderately deaf doing it most of my life makes it easier I guess. I’m not a loner as you know but I enjoy being alone. I had a great time in Yokohama and the majority of the time Sean was flying. I made a friend there that really helped me but I still enjoyed plenty of alone time. Telling you to get comfortable by yourself is feckless at best.
        As far as Florence, go there when it’s not high season, no ocean but the art and architecture will blow you away.

        • I am so discouraged so far in Italy. I’m am going to have to find a pretty nice place to change my attitude towards it! I just don’t get a warm cozy feeling here. Guess I have picked all the wrong places!!! I must be missing what I am supposed to be seeing!

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