It is SEMANA SANTA here in Cadiz.  A truly Majestic event!  It is a week long Catholic celebration!  A Holy week of much eating, drinking and watching the Brotherhoods of Cadiz 31 different processions of Paseo’s passing through the streets! 

They start off at their Cathedrals and all end up at the Main Cathedral in the center.  Then go back to where they started to end their march through town.

The Paseo’s are the elaborately decorated floats that take 40-50 men to carry.  Each procession has a large group of people some as many as a hundred or more people leading the way. 
Most have pointed hoods covering their faces and are of each brotherhood’s colors representing what brotherhood they come from. 

They are pretty eerie looking!  It is said unfortunately that the KKK got the idea for their hoods from them.  Then comes the Paseo and then the marching bands playing very solemn music.  They are really pretty amazing to watch pass by.  It is a tradition that dates back to medieval times. 

Although they are Incredibly beautiful and I wouldn’t want to miss it.  They are like watching paint dry because they are so so so slow.  They stop many times to rest for a bit.  It takes them 3 or 4 hours to walk the 2500 meters or mile and a half through the narrow winding streets that they travel. 
It is a week to be remembered!!!!!!!!  Life is Good!!!!!!!!!!!!


To see more photos of Semana Santa go to: Semana Santa 2017

2 thoughts on “CADIZ SPAIN Semana Santa 2018

    • Well from what I have read and what Victor and Carmen the people I know hear have said. Is that some range from as far back as 500 years or more. They are absolutely amazing to see up close all the intricate details I couldn’t pick up from that distance with the camera. So many little tiny things you need to be right next to them to see. Awesome to see

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